Survivor starts Thursday

Season 32 of Survivor starts this Thursday (although it was actually filmed before Season 31: Second Chances). As with the previous season, the location is Cambodia. Go! is showing it from 8.30-10pm on Thursday – thank goodness in recent years they’ve realised Australian fans want it fast tracked. The official title is Survivor: Kaoh Rong (as if we’ll remember that) and it’s another rehash of Brains, Brawn and Beauty (as seen in Cagayan, which had wonderful casting in Tony, Spencer, Woo, Tash, Kass etc). Hopefully there will be no Brains chucking the precious rice on the fire this season.



    • I think on Rob Cesternino’s podcast the comment was made this guy is even taller than Cliff, the basketballer who was on Cagayan. I wish they’d stop having these professional sportspeople, though – unless they have a genuine interest in the game. Same goes with the rest of the cast. Don’t want a White Collar/Blue Collar/ No Collar snoozeathon.

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