The Farmer Wants a Wife premiere

Put on your best RMs and turn up the collar of your blue shirt – it’s time for some city chicks to realise farms are a long way from the nearest nail salon and skinny latte. It starts at 8.45pm but MKR does not finish til 9pm, so I expect many of you will be recording or watching it on catch-up TV. Let me know what you think.



  1. The farmers:

    Matt, Cattle Rustler, 25 yo. WA. Has a lot of teeth.

    Adam, Dairy Famer, 25yo. VIC. Owes his own property + three dalmatians.

    Julz, Crop & Livestock Farmer, Single Dad SA + 7 yo daughter River.

    Lance, Cowboy, QLD. Nope, nope, nope.

    Jed, 37, Oyster Farmer, SA. Studied Law. (Yeah, so shy that they have to date on national TV).

    Lachlan (re-badged Farmer Lachie), Pretending to be heart broken and lonely. Did the producers think Lachlan looking down while mentioning the ‘break-up’ with Clare would be appealing? It made him look sleazy. The little white dog is back.

  2. Lance loves referring himself in third person. He makes my skin crawl.

    Didn’t see enough of the girls to differentiate but enough to determine that they were told to wear their hair down and totally inappropriate footwear and clothing.

    Lance’s bunch are a group of very old looking forty-somethings. Can’t determine if it was the ciggies or the sun that has done the damage.

    • Yes I thought they look as if they haven’t had the easiest lives (which is a nice way of saying they “are a group of old looking forty-somethings” but if they are lovely people they’ll look more attractive as the show progresses.
      Lance on the other hand, I doubt will begin to look more appealing – skin crawling stuff.

  3. Juz, if you want me to recap Farmer, just let me know. I can’t promise bells and whistles but I can kick start eps. I can email recaps to you.

    I will have to watch straight from the telly because I will be recding IAC and MKR.

    Keep in mind I am 3 or 4 hours behinds so recaps will be late.

  4. I really like that the girls on this look like normal women and not super models. And the farmers seem to be choosing them based on connection rather than looks.

    • More looks like she is going for luncheon on the lawn rather than the farm!

      I forgot about this.. too busy watching the last ep of Downtown Abby!! Ohh can we have a Downtown Abby thread?

  5. So no takers thn Eliza? Oh oh, Jed is already getting diplomatically dropped.

    I will go for Jed because he works on water, and because he is Beverly Hillbilly. I could be a “Ying to his Yang”. They are all dorky.

    • It’s like they tried to choose the most unattractive guys possible.. Maybe they will all become more attractive through their personality.. bar one though, already. Guess if I HAD to pick one, it’d be the Bundy one.. Ok, just looked them up and his name is Adam.

      Woah, can’t believe Matt is 25. He looks a good 10 years on me, but is younger than me… :/

      • The oyster farmer should have stopped the cameras rolling, and gone off to speak with the one that was leaving, and talk with her alone, if he was that keen.

        No wonder he’s single – put up a fight for what you want!

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