Amazing Race

The current Amazing Race series is showing on the new 7Flix channel, while episodes from about four years ago are screening on various Seven channels.
Chat here if you’re watching – guest recappers welcome.



  1. This Amazing Race started differently. They are all social media stars so they all got messages from Phil while still at home & had to fly to Mexico to meet him there. Some teams seemed to know each other & were quite friendly & helped each other out. Wonder how long that will last. We’re 3 episodes behind the US. The 4th episode aired this morning our time. Hopefully if 7flix are going to be airing it from now on, they will do like GO do air air it here the night it airs in the US.

  2. I generally don’t wait for channel 7’s shenanigans in terms of airing TAR, so I download the episodes immediately after they air in America. So I’d like to join the conversation about TAR because I love the show, but I’m about 4 episodes in, and I’d be spoiling everybody.

    I will point out, though, that no Racer named Tyler has ever lost the show. Not a one. Every single Tyler who’s entered the Race has gone on to win the darn thing. I don’t know how this one ends, but my money’s on Tyler and Korey. Tyler’s don’t lose.

      • Season 9, BJ and Tyler.
        Season 10, James and Tyler.
        Season blind date, Tyler and Laura.
        And the first Australian season was Nate and Tyler.

        Tyler’s don’t lose. I’m standing by it.

  3. It seems rhat TAR premier for the social media teams is starting on GWN at 11.30 today. I will try my best not to miss it every week as it gets hidden in the guide.

  4. Gggrrr. So I am looking for TAR on my guide this week and can’t find it. Anyone know when it’s on? 😭

    • I’m finding a few online guides are a bit screwy with schedules at the moment. The public holiday has wreaked havoc with scheduling.Your TV guide has it tonight and the following Tues.

  5. Anyone got any favourites yet. I was sorry to see last week’s couple go. I liked them. Now my favourites are the fun couple; with the funometer.

    • Not sure which couple that was Daisy, but Bret and Chris are my frontrunners now (although I am not sure if they can win – it depends how the challenges pan out). After that, I think Team Fun are next. I like the two couples I haven’t seen before (Colin/Christie, Victor/Nicole) and then probably Leo/Jamal. That makes Tyler/Korey last, but that is by no means a long way last. In fact, I think I will enjoy the last weeks as I will be happy with any of them winning.

  6. I think you will find that when Tyler & Korey competed in an earlier episode of TAR, they didn’t win. In fact, I dont think they made the final three??1!!

  7. Brought this across from another thread, when Juz asked about Bret and his teammate. I didn’t realise you were all chatting here…

    “Yes, they have a had a scare with a non elimination early on, but they are still in, and doing better than I have seen them before. I love them as a team, because they are not super-fit gym junkies, have some phobias, make some poor decisions, and yet always fight to the end and are nice to the others.

    We also still have “Team Fun” (Bec & Floyd), Tyler & Korey, Nicole & Victor, Colin & Christie, Leo & Jamal and Reilly sisters.

    I have to qualify this by saying that I didn’t realise the latest showing was a double ep, and the recording cut out, so there is probably one team gone but I don’t know yet who.”

    Update from the above: The sisters were gone from the chopped off ep – yay!!! But then they repeated the second of the double ep this week – confusing.

    Not many non-TAR teams left now. There is also no-one left that I can’t stand. I have read online that Colin and Christie weren’t very popular previously, but I don’t mind them, even if they are a bit new-agey. The only other team I hadn’t seen before are the BB-team Victor and Nicole. I really like Victor, he is very grounded, Nicole not so much, but she is not repellent in any way.

    I have enjoyed the challenges this season. They seem to be more balanced this time with more that are not just about being physically fit. It does seem, though, that whatever the task is, Becca has done it at some time in her short life!

  8. Yay, this week we saw a return of the airport shuffle (not all teams being able to get the same flight and having to jockey to get places), a part of the show I was really missing. I don’t like too much of it, but occasionally it is nice to see a team rewarded for taking initiative in thinking laterally about their transport. I don’t mind the producers using the “bring everyone back to the start” event sometimes, but I like variety. Doing that too often penalises the teams who have earned a head start.

    Sad about the boys, but they really shot themselves in the foot. If they could just stop double-guessing themselves and stuck with the coin challenge, they would have made it eventually. All the changing mucked them up.

    The promos for next week show a challenge that is one I remember from long ago – pole-vaulting over a ditch. I remember this one because I think it was one of the ones where Phil had to go to the team after dark to tell them to stop. Always funny.

    As an aside, did everyone notice that the flights were scheduled to arrive in the early hours of the morning. Explains why we didn’t see any footage of them arriving. They must have put them in a hotel, and then released them according to the time between their arrivals.

  9. I didn’t realise you were all chatting about TAR over here! My most fave reality tv show of them all 🙂
    Daisy its season 31. Be careful doing too much searching for it this week however as the finale upon us.
    Its sad that now because of the budget the teams rarely book their own flights these days so you don’t get the airport shuffle, but I would rather that, than no more seasons of TAR.
    i listen to a few podcasts ans they commented on the almost every leg “bunching” as it is often refered too, their consenus was that teams that will do well, will do well with bunching or not.
    I was really sad for this weeks Philiminated team, but if they had just checked the eggs properly before they left the pole vaulting.
    Oh and Fijane, in their first season Colin (and Christie by extension) were very unlikeable but I don’t mind them now. For the finale, I’m hoping Afganimals get booted 4th, and Tyler and Korey win the whole thing.

    • Great to have another to chat with, Erin.

      I didn’t realise that the airport stuff had been scuttled by finances. I thought that people might have complained about “unfairness” or something like that. I agree, I would rather have the show with the minor annoyance, than not at all.

      I also didn’t like to see this week’s team gone, but it really was just not their day, just like Bret and Chris last week. Small errors and decisions did them in. But after this episode, the afghanimals dropped to the bottom of my list. I don’t mind u-turning, it is part of the game, but the gloating and superiority got to me. It is a pity that their mistake wasn’t more serious.

      Victor is my favourite competitor at the moment, but I am not sold on Nicole.

      The canal boat finale was a lot of fun. I never knew that places like that existed, and it was funny seeing the locals getting frustrated with the teams. I am not very keen on travelling overseas, but that is one place I would love to go to.

    • Thanks, Erin. We will definitely try again. Every time we leave one apartment and move to the next, it’s like TAR because our apartments are always in the old towns which are the centre of cities. You never know what to expect and there is always some “adventure”.
      We will see if we stream S31.

  10. Great to chat with you too Fijane 🙂
    Yes I only heard this about a year ago, but its been happening for 7 or 8 seasons i think. They used to be allowed to purchuse flights and back up flights then TAR staffers would attempt to get refunds for tickets never used. I do miss the airport shuffle sometimes but it could also take up half the episode would i would prefer to see where they are traveling too!
    Yeah, I really didn’t enjoy afganimals U turn attitde, especially when the Nic/Vic vote didn’t amount to anything anyways, and they all HAD to vote. I’m sure they wouldn’t have been impressed if C&C came after them for voting for them. Side note, that u turn vote was done poorly, they should have had to vote in secret during the pit stop or all write on a blackboard and reveal at the same time. Teams that voted later in that vote were influenced by earlier votes.
    Yeah, Nicoles whining bothers me, but they have done so well for a non TAR team, they should be pretty happy with themselves!
    I loved that canal place, i googled to fid out where it is! A bit outside Amsterdam, Daisy are you headed that way on your travels?
    I’ve seen the finale already so best i stay quiet until it airs on Ch7!

    • You are so right about the U turn (the public vote one). I liked the idea, but it did need to be secret or reveal at the same time.

      The latest ep here (last before the Finale double ep) also had a double u-turn, which was a bit strange with only 5 teams left. At this stage it is too easy to know where everyone is. I also haven’t really liked the pairing up of teams in these last couple of episode to complete challenges. It is all a bit lovey-dovey and non-competitive, but also it seems to have a plan of trying to gang up on some other teams.

    • Woolif and I could do it. I love that show, and Woolif is brilliant at travelling. But it would be hard for him carrying my two suitcases. 😂
      He thinks he is Harry Porter. 😁
      I call him Hairy Porter. 😜

    • I’m not sure about Beau Ryan as the host. Beau’s okay in small doses, but ever since the cheating scandal, I can’t take him seriously.

    • When they tried this before, I really liked Grant Bowler as the host. In fact, I thought the whole show was great, and didn’t understand why it didn’t keep going.

      • I really enjoyed the Australian seasons too, (A few of the constants were a little irritating but otherwise enjoyable!) in fact they aired all the seasons on 7flix a little while ago and i caught a few episodes, it was really well done. I’m assuming budget is why it didn’t continue.

  11. Zhee, I really wish when you ordered pizza or tart flambée that they would use a pizza cutter and cut it into about 8 sections. There is a woman at the next table sawing away furiously and I feel her pain. It’s even worse when the table is unbalanced and wobbles everywhere.

    • Oops. Wrong thread Okay. It was the Tarte flambée challenge. And the 40 degree weather challenge. And the get past the biscuit aisle in Monoprix without buying chocolate biscuits challenge.

  12. **spoilers to follow**

    The final double episode was quite standard. I had expected the forward repel to be harder (to see the numbers) but it turned out to be the use of the numbers that scuttled one team.

    This is the first season I have seen where the final challenge was NOT based on their knowledge of all the countries and pit stops. I missed it, but I suppose they thought that these experienced teams would have been studying up for that. Also, there would come a point where it is hard to think up a new challenge about the locations.

    Colin and Christie certainly seemed to have turned themselves around, judging by others’ comments online. I congratulate them on their willingness to face their shortcomings and strive for change, but it was all a bit way out in the methods they were using. Basically a form of self-hypnosis using mantras. I was glad to see them finish well, especially as everything about the finish was fair and cleanly competitive.

    I read an exit interview for Tyler and Korey, where they said that the time between them and C & C was larger than shown, and that they knew definitely where they had finished.

    Ready for an Aussie version now. Hope it comes soon.

    • *****Spoiler ahead*****
      Windsong, Colin and Christie were the winners.
      Horrah someone has watched so i came out from under the cover and chat!
      Yes, I expected one team to have to repel again.
      I was totally expecting a memory task too and i heard there was atask cut out, so i assumed that was it, but apparently none of the “All Star” seasons have had a memory task. I agree, i missed it and i think an all star season should have one to really test them, also it must be hard to come up with new memory challenges.
      I also thought there should have been two roadblocks to test each side of the team, like one has to repel and the other unlock the vault or one of them could have done records.
      I’m not unhappy C&C won but I would prefered T&K to take it out. There was only so much of the C&C hippy dippy i could take.
      I thought T&K were only 5-10 minutes behind but i heard there were over an hour? They do such a good job editing it to make it look the teams are closer than they are.
      I did feel for Nic and Vic in the first episode, where it appeared T&K decided only TAR teams should make it to the finale. I’ve heard C&C they weren’t in on that.
      I liked that both detours were equal. The row vs the london taxis. i’ve never rowed by they say you don’t pick it up the technique that quick.
      And i liked the challenge at the pit stop to collect all the stuff from the market. i’ve been to that market, that would have been a challenge.

      • “Windsong, Colin and Christie were the winners.”

        Oh, Team Extreme finally did it? It only took ’em 25 seasons, or so.

  13. I can’t help wishing we were on TAR. Woolif has so many travel skills. Things like how to get petrol from weird, foreign bowsers, how to drive on the right, how to figure out where to park and how to pay for it. What to do when you find you have taken a wrong turn and you’re on tram tracks. 😑

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