1. Adam finally getting into his role. Lance, Lachlan and Julz all giving me the creeps now. Matt pleeeeese don’t do it!

  2. Firstly, let me say that I am shocked that nice guy Jedd has the same number of poll votes as Lachlan. Tonight each farmer must take a girl for the 24 hr date….the sleepover. These are supposed to be the “most romantic dates” so hopefully no segway, birdparks or mini golf. Adam takes Tarryn …

  3. Lachlan has been left shaken not stirred, and his head is spinning. He is nervous because he has “had his heart broken before”. So he saddles up both his girls and sends them home, keeping just the dog.

  4. While Lancie is on a stunning beach with Lisa. Lancie can ride a horse but not a surfboard. Lancie, you are supposed to take your shoes and hat off in the water.

  5. I was glad that we didn’t have to endure too much Lachlan this episode. Such a champ and gentleman deciding to end the stay early.. the producers probably made him in fear of him lashing out again. It was so cheesy when he went to visit Belinda (who just always has a camera crew filming her while she works.. surprise!) and asked “did you miss me?”. Seriously..

    I felt like we didn’t really see much of Julz and Alex’s date at all, or did I just zone out? He hasn’t left much mystery for next week. I guess it will just be finding out whether his chosen one decides to choose him back. It freaks me out that someone my age wants to date a 36 year old. I am not mature enough for that haha.

    Lance was still being a jerk to.. Suzie. The date location was awesome! Still creepy.

    Oh my gosh, Adam in the spa was soooo awkward! Then he seemed so comfortable later on.. Did he think maybe the cameras weren’t there then as they were in stalker mode by that time, or more likely, wine.. lots of wine? Wonder what nana thinks?! Also, so much hand rubbing.. so endearing. He and Hayley seem better suited in my opinion. My mum wants to find me a “country boy” now.. geez.

    Still not sold on April, at all. It seems as though some of the farmers took the one they aren’t as sure about on the 24 hour date to road test them some more and give them a better chance. How pervy was the close up on her bottom half when she was taking her shorts off haha. Gaby is the better choice here.

    It all seems so positive for the finale next week.. everyone is talking like they end up with someone/talking about “fairytale” endings..

    Opps.. forgot Jedd!!! Poor Jedd!! So glad Greg got to go on the date, too!! Not sure which way he will go. Physical “chemistry” or intellectual.. Do do dooooo!!!

    Sorry Daisy, I am interrupting your photos again.. I will copy, delete and repaste when you’re done so it’s not in the way!

    • No no, Eliza. The more the merrier. I was going to do a plain recap and send it in but there wasn’t much plot.
      BTW did you watch The Vow? Good chick flick.

      • I agree, the screenshots with captions work well.

        I have seen The Vow before. Am I not a real female if those movies make me want to hurl? Hahaha! However, it will always be Allie and Noah for me. The Notebook is the only one I like 🙂

  6. Slow mover Adam is nervous seeing Tarryn in bathers. And he doesn’t kiss on first, second or third dates. Did Adam grow up with the Amish? Maybe he signed up for the wrong show. Adam thinks a 24hour getaway in a spa with a young lady is the wrong time and place.

  7. Julz takes Alex for a walk on a beach. Always a good choice of venue imo. But I am finding Julz’s girls too similar.

  8. Lance and Lisa are navigating the sea on The Love Boat. Lisa ipened up a bit more. And Lance was ticking the boxes.

  9. Tarryn finally got her kiss from Adam but she had to go in first. She got her “happy ending” which seemed to delight her. 😙

  10. Back to April and Matty. “This dude could be the one”, says April. And the camera zooms in. These two make good close ups.
    Is this one for real?

    • I am thinking April this is a career move for April. She seems to cool as a cucumber like it’s a role for neighbours. She is saying the words, and making the sexy moves….but something is lacking in her performance.

      • Yes, Daisy – my thoughts exactly. I am not convinced that she’s for real – all about self promotion. How about her line when she said she knows exactly what Matt is thinking?!! OH, please!

  11. Then tables are turned as couples return and the farmers give time to their other girls. Julz is into Melanie. Is Melanie in it for love?

  12. So who is being real? Who is in love? Who will the farmers choose? Who will end up together? And who will end up doing MKR. And who will you vote most likely to do a centrefold? I am guessing, not Adam. And will Suzie get a gig at Tamworth?
    Good luck farmers. Good luck ladies.

    • Lancie will end up with Lisa but it won’t last due to his love of groping women’s behinds and referring to himself in the third person.

      Julz has already given away his intentions. Melanie will initially go along with it, but then realise that she is only 27 and could be dating much younger guys. How is she with children? This is crucial. Is she step-mum material?

      Jedd will go with Sam as although he likes Kelly(?) too he isn’t sure if it will work romantically. I hope either way it works out, and Jedd, Greg and his “chosen one” live happily ever after eating oysters.

      Adam still alludes me. Is he really a slow moving, sweet, respectful guy, or is he scared of the wrath of nanna?? All I know is that spa scene was totes awks.. Whenever I lean towards one girl, I then flip and change back to the other. If he picks Taryn, he likes his girls to take the lead, be more “assertive” and tell him he is “sexually attractive”. If he picks Hayley, he likes his girls sweet and creative. Really, he should pick neither and pick me hahaha jokes.

      Matty!! Hopefully he does get his “fairy tale” ending and ends up with Gaby. Fingers crossed she is fo realz. April will be voted most likely to do a centre fold. Either way, he will end up with a gig on Getaway, promoting Pilbara. P.s Nice job you’re doing on Instagram, Matt. Your photos are awesome!

      Lachlan will choose himself and Snoop and be jealous of Matt and his TV gig.

  13. Tedious episode to watch. It felt very contrived. My guess is this series has gone on one week too long.
    Creepy Lachlan is playing to be there at the finale. How could he get his face on tv if there wasn’t the pretence of a romance.

  14. I enjoyed this episode. Got to wonder whether the guys really get to choose for themselves who they do the 24 hrs with. I call BS on Matt’s explanation that he just wanted to give April a chance because he knew less about her. The URST between them was huge, April looked like she was almost getting off on stroking his arm. Matt seems to be physically attracted to both girls, but I doubt that he has a connection beyond infatuation for either girl.

    So glad that Julz came back to Melanie – I think we saw less of his 24 hrs because nothing really happened with Alex. In the promo for next week you can see Julz’s check shirt next to a girl with longish darky reddy hair.

    Pretty sure that Jedd will choose Sam, but he is trying very hard to give Kerry a chance, too.

    Loving the integrity that Adam is showing. Must have been really difficult to stick to his values when Taryn and the producers were all pushing him the other way. My prediction is that he isn’t really attracted enough to either girl. He might turn up with the flowers to one, but he might be the one on his own at the finale.

    Lance will choose Lisa, but I seriously think Susie is more his type, and would cope with his lifestyle better.

    I’ve watched Lachlan’s disagreement with Kelly twice now – once before and once after reading the comments here, and I really can’t see any problem with it. Yes, he got irritated with her questions and forgot to follow the script, but it was evident from tonight’s ep that Kelly was not feeling angry or humiliated the day after. He’s not my cup of tea, but I can see him and Belinda succeeding in a relationship – she seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

    I’m looking forward to next week.

    • I was thinking the same thing about whether they got to choose who they went on the 24 hour day with. They knew for sure if Jedd + Sam, Matt + April and Adam + Taryn went on the dates that they would get the most steam-factor possible. Although Matt could have made either steamy haha and Julz’s date was the outlier.

      Adam would have prob coped it on FB if he didn’t kiss Taryn with more labels of “cold” or “creepy”. I am not sure how he is creepy! The hand rubbing is a bit weird, and sometimes signals evil intent but I think it’s more just a nervous tick? I’ve checked FB out a few times and Jess, that was on Lachlan’s farm, and Taryn seem close. Jess is always liking anything Taryn related and commenting #TeamTaryn.. Why??? Something about Taryn rubs me the wrong way. If it was reversed, and she was the guy and Adam the girl, he’d be the creepy one??

      The problem, I think for most of us with Lachlan’s behaviour is how he turned the convo into an argument when it didn’t need to be, at all. He just needed to be honest. Plain and simple. He needs to watch Jedd have a convo and take some notes. Jedd was able to talk to Kerry about his feelings for Sam without turning on Kerry, getting irrationally annoyed for no reason and still keeping it positive. Lachlan has a career now out of being an aggressive arguer. We saw it all the time on Married at First Sight, too but the producers did their darnedest to make it look like that was all Clare. He also is overly narcissistic, obsessed with letting people know when they can next catch him on TV.. and never seemed to say anything actually nice to Belinda unless I missed it? He asked her “did you miss me?”. I would say no and RUN!

      Yep, next week will be interesting. They did make it look extremely positive on the whole!

      I need to stop distracting myself from work!! Haha!

      • I didn’t watch MAFS (and knew nothing about it) so I suppose it is bound to look a bit different to me. Judging purely on this show, I haven’t seen anything beyond normal human behaviour.

    • Ha ha. Eliza. I loved WLCTT too. I hope it gets brought back. Lorraine can drive the bus. 😂😂😂😂
      I am reading right between the lines on that “unfair axing” story. Hee hee. “Yesshhh. I am ready, hiccup.”
      Never mind, Lorraine. There are plenty more cowboys where that one came from. They should have found Lorraine a nice winegrower. 🍹

    • If I was Lorraine I would have left the story at, “She left for personal reasons”. Now I am picturing her stumbling around with wet pants, slurring her speech and hitting on young Jedd.

      • Agree, it was better left unsaid. She doesn’t realise that these “incidents” actually make it clearer why ch9 let her go. Sounds like it was for the best!

  15. Ha ha, Bella. Woolif and I did it together. I am keeping the heads for further naughty dress ups. I might introduce them to a couple of cute Barbie dolls. 😜

  16. Anyone want to have a go of Lachan or Adam? I was thinking carrots or turnips.

    Manu and Jowlsy would be good candidates too. Or Julia Morris.

  17. The episode that is sad and awkward for the farmers is only weeks away. I hate seeing the farmers grilled (by that annoying girl they used to have), “So did you find love?” , and the bloke tries not to appear too sad and disappointed, or worse embarrassed.
    I just hope the farmers cop it sweet, roll with the punches and take what they can from the experience. Use it in some way to their advantage. I think that is what some of the girls are hoping to do.
    Or at least chalk it up to an adventure they had. Afterall not everyone can say they went on Farmer.

  18. There is an article in Courier mail but you need to subscribe. It is about how the show has ruined lives. Unfortunately I don’t subscribe so can’t read it. Can anyone tell me what it says please.

  19. This is actual the CM article extract ,ah.

    Contestants on hit TV show The Farmer Wants a Wife have told how the process has “destroyed” their lives.

    A TRAIL of heartbreak has been left by TV show The Farmer Wants a Wife, with contestants claiming it has torn their lives apart.

    It may be hailed as Australia’s “most heartwarming and successful television dating program” by Channel Nine and production company FremantleMedia Australia, but the reality this year has been quite different.

    Several contestants and sources close to the show have spoken to The Courier-Mail and, despite lots of hugs and kisses, claims that can be revealed include:

    ● At least three of the six final couples have split.

    ● A farmer was hospitalised after the show after struggling to cope.

    ● One of the contestants has stated that the dating show “destroyed her life”.

    ● Another was left shattered when the farmer she believed she was in a relationship with stopped answering her phone calls after the show, and eventually dumped her in front of producers.

    ● Some contestants have had to seek therapy to help them recover from their time on the program.

    ● Some farmers have been accused of using the show for their 15 minutes of fame, and not to find love.

    The Courier-Mail was also told by a contestant that she was left “numb and in total shock” after producers arranged a meeting with the farmer who had chosen her, and she believed she was set to be in a relationship with. She had even begun planning to move to the man’s farm.

    “They started by telling me there was a psychologist available if I needed it … I thought ‘what is going on here?’ ” she said.

    She was then dumped unceremoniously after weeks of not knowing what was going on,

    “I was numb. I don’t know what reaction they wanted from me,” she said.

    “It was so cold after everything that we had experienced. He led me to believe that I was going forward with him. I was hurting really bad.”

    Gold Coast contestant Lisa, who met Queensland farmer Lance Jones and was chosen to spend time on his farm, said the show was not what she had been expecting.

    “Because there’s people around all the time — camera crew, audio crew, the other (girls) — you don’t really get to know each other on a personal basis,” she said.

    “There wasn’t a lot of personal contact.”

    A spokesman for FremantleMedia Australia did not comment on specific claims but said: “We have complied with the wishes of all contestants in regards to publicity.

    “We take the safety and wellbeing of all cast and crew very seriously and have processes in place to protect and support everyone involved in the show,’’ he said. (Yeh,right)

    • Thanks, BDD. That is what I meant by cop it sweet and roll with the punches. It doesn’t hurt to spill the beans but it also helps to dust yourself off, have a laugh, and make lemonade. Public perception wise, anyway.
      That is what Laurina did after the Dirty Street Pie scandal. She poked fun at herself and utilized the publicity.

      But then, I have never been on rtv so what do I know. And my only social media is ttv.

    • I reckon the “numb and in total shock” girl might be Belinda. Lachlan sent both his girls packing, then it appeared as though the producers brought the lawyers out and said, “No you don’t buddy. You have a contract”.

      • Yep, that little quote there wreaks of Lachlan! The “producers arranged a meeting with the farmer who had chosen her” would have to be the bit where Lachlan went and traveled 900km to see her.. such BS.

        I guess tonight’s show will be really interesting? The promo last week made it seem oh so positive but I think Ch9 have shot themselves in the foot. Farmer won’t be back as it has lost its point of difference.

        Thanks BDD for posting it up! Better than the Daily Mail article which then just went on to rehash the story about Lachlan and Belinda. I don’t mean to be rude, but didn’t these women research him before they went about happily applying to become his bride??????

    • No worries. I wasn’t asked to subscribe. Maybe ‘cos I don’t live in Qld. SMH asked me. No, thanks.

  20. Finale of farmer tonight so all will be relieved. Apparently lachlan was seen at a function in Cambden on his own. It was interesting working out which of the contestants and farmers they were talking about in that story. It said 3 farmers missed out. mmmm I really didn’t see any chemistry.

  21. “Lachie Went A Courtin’ ”

    Lachie went a-courtin’ and he did drive, uh-huh
    Lachie went a-courtin’ and he did drive, uh-huh
    Nine hundred k’s to dump his bride
    With a sword and a pistol by his side, uh-huh.

  22. And I would dive 100 miles, and I would drive 100 more,
    Just to be the man producers say must kneel down on your gift shop floor.
    Dada da da, dadad da da. 💞💞💞💞

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