1. So far it’s confirmed that Lachie and Belinda have broken up, with rumours that Julz & Mel and Matt & April are also over. I had high hopes for Matt and April so am sad if that is the case.

  2. Thanks Juz, for the fresh thread. I am thinking, just maybe Jedd and Sam might be the only ones still going. But when you have 10 days to choose a person to uproot themselves (no bdd, I said UProot), it’s not surprising that it doesn’t have a high success rate.

  3. Having watched the above link, it seems to have a higher success rate than The Bachelor. I saw somewhere that there hasn’t been one marriage from the USA version. The Bachelorette has slightly better odds.
    There seems to be something about this format that works. Sincerity?
    They must have known Lachlan was a problem and thought they could edit it. Maybe we are running out of single farmers.

  4. It takes a particular type of person to be able to live on a farm, if they are not used to it. Young girls who want an active social life would probably find it too isolated and dull.

  5. As far as I remember the successes have only come when the farmer and hopeful have fallen for each other right at the start of the show. Any farmer who is still saying he can’t choose when he is down to two or three options, is obviously not really connecting with any of them. He usually follows through to the later part of the show and chooses one, but they don’t last.

    I remember Rob and Jo, and they were enamoured right from the start, and he barely managed to look at the other girls.

    • This is how I would imagine it would have to be, too. When you think about it, IRL.. you meet two guys (or girls) at the bar, park, art gallery, church, restaurant, street, wherever.. you usually prefer one over the other. If you don’t, you don’t really really want either. I guess that’s how it works.

  6. Not sure if you all missed it, but I posted the details from the ACA catch up on the other thread. Only Jedd and Sam are still together and she has moved to be with him.

  7. Congrats to Matt. Nice to see so much good coming out of the show. Farmers especially have had it hard across Australia with the drought.

  8. So who can we fix up? Anyone know any lovely single girls who would suit farm life?
    It would be like the IYATO follow up where they put the guys’s email addresses up for interested ladies. But no centrefold girls. 😛

  9. I wonder if Matt might look back wistfully at sending Amelia home? She seemed to be one who caught his eye at the start.

    • So he went for a large pair of boobs rather than a nice girl. And he’s surprised that it didn’t work out? A bit young for this show maybe?

      • Agree, although she wasn’t on the show as long, there was no crying to get sympathy kisses and manipulations.. “I feel like I always know what you’re thinking” or whatever April said.

  10. One of the past farmers not mentioned in the above article, was one of the female ones, I think Jenny was her name. Sometime after the show finished, she married the friend who had put her up for the show. So that was sort of a success for FWAW as well.

    • Unfortunately Jenny was in the news again two year agos. Her sister, nephew and two young nieces were shot dead by their father on their farm near Albury, before he killed himself. I hope Jenny is doing ok.

  11. Bit of Hank Williams to help the farmers get through it…

    The news is out, all over town
    That you’ve been seen, a-runnin’ ’round
    I know that I should leave, but then
    I just can’t go, you win again

    This heart of mine, could never see
    What everybody knew but me
    Just trusting you was my great sin
    What can I do, you win again

    I’m sorry for your victim now
    ‘Cause soon his head, like mine will bow
    He’ll give his heart, but all in vain
    And someday say, you win again

    You have no heart, you have no shame
    You take true love, and give the blame
    I guess that I, should not complain
    I love you still, you win again

    “You Win Again” ~ Hank Williams Snr

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