1. Hey peeps i have an important question!! What the F is with the ending of each ep where it shows if the couples went out again and the show flickers and you miss if they dated again???
    Does this happen to anyone else? It’s happened at least 3 times and it’s doing my head in!!
    Juz? Daisy? Rant over.

  2. Haha Juz! It’s recorded on my hd. The show plays perfectly, then they sit in the room awkwardly which is fine, and then the part with the writing comes on with photos to say if they went on any more dates it cuts in and out and skips. Then it returns to normal when it announces what’s coming up on next week’s show.

    • Nope, I have not had this problem. Seems like it is your recording!

      Spoiler alert.. 99% do not end up seeing each other again! Haha! The only ones that were still together at the time they aired were the “deer in the headlights” Tassie girl and the cute but man of few words guy that was living in Sydney. They moved in together. Also that shiny bald guy (who I could swear I know from somewhere) and the girl he was with – they were still going strong!

      I could swear that the final episode ended without the usual end of episode catch up? OR I thought it was over and deleted it before the end.. oops. Anyone know what happened?? What the heck was with the girl dressed up in an OTT year 10 formal dress??? UGGGG!!

      • So Eliza, by “deer-in-headlights” do you mean that very young blond girl who had never eaten oysters before. The one who got the butcher boy? They were a cute couple.

        The other “headlights” lady (Sharon I think) got the bald guy who looked like a car salesman. But they were fake headlights.

        • No, no the teeny tiny brunette one and the boy was originally from the country but now lived in Sydney. She was from Tassie and moved to Sydney to live with him. I am usually good with names but forget it right now!

          I don’t think the butcher and Blacktown girl met up again.

          • Ta. Oh now I think I remember the brunette. She was petite and didn’t have a good track record with guys.

  3. Hey Eliza, thanks for the update!
    And yeah, not many actually catch up even when they say they’re catching up! I get to see snippets of updates, but for example the young blonde deer in the headlights – it skipped over her. I have the catch up on now and I’ll skip to the ending! I wanted to reach through the tv and pull out the nose ring on that brunette bird!

    As for the dark skinned girl with the funky glasses and the Frozen tutu outfit (the SA chick that was paired with the magician)….
    Well the funniest thing happened this morning. I watched that ep last night before bed and I was typing the comment above while I was walking my son to Kindy this morning, and would you believe it THAT CHICK got out of her car and walked past me on a little side street 2 mins from my house!!! I grinned at her stupidly and she grinned back and then I kept walking! She was wearing a black dress but it had a fluoro yellow belt and it had sequins and beads all over the top of it. Very her I must say. I thought it was funny anyway! I should’ve asked her if she was still with Magic Mike!

    • Izobel, I would have said, “OMGeeeeeee. You are that girl. So how was it????” πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Just call me a pokey. 😜

    • Haha how funny!!

      When you said Magic Mike I thought, no, she wasn’t with the “Magic Mike”-esque stripper guy. But he was literally the magic Mike.

  4. And the ‘friendzone’ couple. I thought they looked good together.
    Although all they seemed interested in was the food!

    And the week before, the couple where the guy said yes and the girl in red said thanks but no, then the guy basically begged… that was awkward.

    OK guys, the catch up DOES NOT skip. Well there you go. My HD recorder has serious issues with First Dates. I’m not even going to bother to understand why. Back to MKR now!

  5. Just stumbled upon the UK version of First Dates on ABC2. The people are much less pretty, there’s a wider spread of ages and you see them smoking and a bit tipsy. I’ll have to catch up on iView

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