First Dates – Wed, March 2

Well, this one has been a pleasant little surprise from Channel 7. If you can’t watch it tonight, do try and catch it online later – it’s hilarious.

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I just saw the first minute of this and you have to watch to see the English guy who moved to Australia because he was inspired by his addiction to Home and Away. And the producers dish him up a tanned, blonde Aussie chick who loves the beach.



  1. There is a repeat of First dates tonight at about 10.30 if you missed it. I will post on it as soon as I have watched my recording. Maybe tomorrow night or so.

  2. If Juz doesn’t recap, I will do a slide show, but there is a lot to catch up on atm. And I have lots of babysitting and visitors this weekend. It’s a long weekend in WA.

    • You know it’s all good! I will not like either of you any less 🙂 I am just being naughty distracting myself!

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