1. It’s a long weekend in WA. Babysitting 3 grandkids tonight. Then my cousins coming for lunch and maybe a swim. Then on Sunday another cousin coming for a sleep over. Woolif has been making the garden nice.
    A busy man, when he isn’t having his Grandad nap.

  2. Daisy, this is the guy from Intruders. Just watched the trailer then and realised I watched half of the pilot, so will have to give it another shot. I remember him from True Blood, which ended up being sooooo bad but I stuck with it til the end.

    • Yes, he was good but I was thinking of the guy who played Mira Sorvino’s husband. But then I think I was confusing him with the guy from TWD. Anyhow, great series and it was Smythe recommendation.

  3. I’m off to my folks with my husband and 3 kids for a sleepover. Will be 39 and 38 over the weekend and they have ducted air con and cook well. And we’ll chat about MKR which they love! Aahh relaxation!

  4. Where are your folks Izobel2? Great to get out of the city whilst the Clipsal is on. I am having a house work and book work weekend. No fun!

    • I can hear the cars from my place in the inner South but luckily traffic is not so bad here. We took Ollie for a hearing test in Dulwich last week and they said they have to close during Clipsal because the car vibrations and noise from the jets make testing impossible.

    • Hey all! Sandii, I’m 2 mins from the city and am totally not into cars! Mum and dad are at Noarlunga and are just about to eat yellow fin tuna, squid and oysters, with salad.
      Dad is very loud-German! But it’s nice, cool, and relaxing!

      • I’m close to the city. Iggy doesn’t appreciate being buzz bombed by an FA 18 fighter jet. He burrowed so far under the tv set, when I fished him out there was a also a toy he’d been missing for a while. It was lose/win for him.

        I can easily hear the lame concerts from the back yard. Too bad. Drown it all out with Rolling Stones.

        It was an exciting race to watch.

        Loads of prostitutes fly into town for the Clipsal. It’s so great for the economy.

        • When the cousins came today they said, “It’s soooo quiet here”. Yup. Just how I like it. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Iggy would like it too.

      • That’s right! I forgot you aren’t that far away from my kids. Noarlunga would be lovely at the moment!

  5. FYI all Gabby wants to be here commenting away but she’s having tech issues with her iPad and cookies. If anyone else is having probs please send me an email.

  6. Thank you so much Juz. I have finally changed password for 10th time and finally signed in on phone. They won’t let me sign in on iPad though. Keeps saying WordPress cookies aren’t allowed which is rubbish, it’s never happened before.
    Anyway glad you are all having good weekend with or without family. I take it Clipsal is a big motor race in S.A?
    We have quite a few commenters from S.A. don’t we?
    I went to movies and saw The Danish Girl this morning.

    • Yes, it’s a bit like the Bathurst race. Holden v Ford. I just feel sorry for the poor drivers having to have ice baths after so they don’t cark it in the heat.

  7. My only difference, Juz is having to log in a bit more often after I have wandered of to email or something, but no big deal. It only takes a second o log in.

  8. Yep. I am having to log back in quite often now after I have moved away from ttv and then returning. This wasnt happening before. It only just started.

  9. I think I have logged on twice after hurried shut downs when thunderstorms snuck up on us. Site all great for me thanks Juz. You and your side kick have done good, girl.

  10. Boring week end inc. Praying to the weather gods that the snow won’t stay until next week.
    Trying to do interview prep and not to die until I have it on Tuesday.
    Praying to the holy cake gods that my chocolate/Baileys mousse works out fine for the Guinness chocolate cake.
    Oh, complaining that Netflix finally blocked all VPNs from accessing the libraries of other countries. πŸ˜€

    • I hope your weekend surprises you in a good way, Zhee. 🍰🍰🍰🍨🍨🍨🌹🌸🌷

      • It’s okay. I allow myself to wallow in self-pity today. πŸ˜€ And only do interview prep. Need to do the best I can as it’s my dream job. To use the MKR-slang for that: I need to smash this!

    • Good luck Zhee if you see this! What is the job?

      Ohh so Netflix have succeeded? I used Hola while I had the Netflix free trial as the Aus version has nothing on it, really! I just use Couchtuner now anyway. I don’t know what I’d do without it! Our TV channels will start showing a TV show then without notice, just stop showing it.. so what are we supposed to do!!

      • Thanks. πŸ™‚
        It’s a Temporary Assignment for Web Editor. We ave some game launches this year plus revamp of parts of our website so they need extra help. Survived the test already, now interview and after that they already might have made their decision.
        It’s basically doing translations from the US website into German (and other European languages – Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish – Turkish might be also planned soon). It’s also doing press releases, newsletters, blog postings, managing the support sites etc. So basically a lot like what I did in the past when I was an intern at a magazine.

        • Oh wow.. so you are good at technical web stuff like code, etc? Hope that you get it!

          We didn’t end up getting taught any basic code during my course I just finished.. I think I may need to Google it as lots of graphic design jobs want you to have some basic knowledge πŸ™ I just know how to use Adobe Muse.. basically! I am about to re-do my website I set up last year.. add in my new work, re-design, etc. But it is only simple, just one page haha. I kind of like web work and then I don’t!

          • Actually you just need to know some basic HTML. You simply need to know where to put your text in order that it displays the website properly. It is basically just that: eu.battle.net -> From there the Web Editor only fills in the text. The coding is done by the devs in US. EU people don’t do designs or coding, they simply translate.
            It just comes into handy for me that I did HTML 10 years ago and built websites.^^ Plus I learned how to use Photoshop properly so it’s easy for me.
            I just hope they are confident in my skills that they ignore the fact I do suck in interviews really badly. πŸ˜€ Writing isn’t a problem, but I am not a confident speaker (the curse of the introvert^^).

          • Ahh that’s good then! For some reason a lot of graphic design jobs want you to know some code… isn’t that what the coders are for?! Haha! One of my friends can just type it like another language!! When I do my site, I will just place it all together like an InDesign file πŸ™‚

            I know what you mean, I can fake confidence when I really need to, but if I am not comfortable with someone/they are intimidating then I am not myself. I am the same, I don’t sell myself as well speaking as I do in writing but I am definitely a lot better than when I was younger.

            Ohh dear, I always manage to stay awake sooooo late.. This time uploading designs and learning how to format my Instagram bio… *rolls eyes*

            Best of luck with the interview.. remember, you are a strong, confident woman with excellent skills πŸ˜‰

  11. I’m watching my favourite comedy show atm~ Hill$ong.

    Livin’ the dream. Another day of heat, noise and fighter jets. Off to the dog park with Iggy before it all turns to ……

  12. Woo hoo. A marathon sleep in. 9.48. 😁😁😁 Two lovely slothful days ahead of me, with cousin to arrive soon. I am going to introduce her to ttv.

  13. Hey….you know you have been watching too much rtv when you dream you are on holiday in Thailand and you furtively share a moment and a kiss with Paul (the Chief from IAC) and you look up to see that Chrissie Swan was watching and you are both busted.

  14. No but I iced this cake in 39c heat today for Ollie’s belated fourth birthday. We ended it with a water balloon fight to cool off.

    • What a gorgeous cake, Juz. Cuz(cousin) is here, reading this over my shoulder. I am singing the ttv praises. We are off to the VAT and the Farmers Mart soon. That is my guided tour of Bunbury.

      • Thanks all – was definitely aimed at a 4yo palate – my teeth are still hurting from the sweetness.

    • Ohh, very nice! But yep, it looks already really sweet. πŸ˜€ Most likely not suited for adults.^^

      I did a cake in January for my friends, sister, my niece and a couple of other small kids. I was amazed the children loved it (they were between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2). The cake was a rainbow cake and it had tangy lemon curd filling and raspberries plus a slightly sweetened mascarpone cream. Perhaps you might want to try it as it was also good enough for the adults.

        • Anything with fresh raspberries is a winner. Mine was a rainbow cake, too. I denied his request for “a rainbow cake with black icing” because I’m a mean mum. This morning he told his kindy teacher he had a sore tummy because he at “too much sometimes food” at his party lol. Good luck with the job stuff – I suck at interviews, too.

  15. Here’s the storm about to hit Adelaide. Hope no-one gets struck by lightning at Clipsal. Our internet has slowed to a crawl in the humidity and heat (we have the old copper, still) so may not get an MKR recap up tonight.

    • I love a good afternoon storm when they are not extreme. But sounds like SA has been coping it quite bad lately.. End of 2014 we had 10 or more days in a row where it just stormed every afternoon without fail. One afternoon I was at Woolies shopping and all of us were just stranded under the awning waiting for the storm to pass. It was deafening and the bolts were HUGE.. they were everyday it was crazy. A while ago a house nearby at the sports reserve got burnt down by a lightening strike. One time at my old place our backyard got hit.. it hit the ground.. ran along the grass and rattled the play set.

      • I think I made it sound really bad. It can be, with fires etc but I am lucky where I am in suburbia. We do not get snow storms, though!!

    • I think you’re going to get some of this tomorrow , Sandii, if not before. Still thunder rolling here.

      • I am not hopeful Dave, we seem to have missed most of the rain everyone else has had in the past month. A rain now, would be the difference between an okay year or a shite year

        • Finger crossed for you, Sandi. We’ve gone from a forecast of 0-1mm this morning to having had 9mm of rain in past four hours. I’ll go outside and blow a few clouds your way.

  16. I didn’t do much of anything over the weekend. I have been sick and now just coughing a lot as well as being very tired so I don’t feel like doing anything. I am watching Project Runway Allstars and, sadly, am not overly impressed although I do like Kini.

    • Hope you are on the mend soon, Smythe. On his first season Kini was good at challenges due to his speed and skill, but when he had time for a collection it was underwhelming.

    • Ouch, hopefully you get well soon again. πŸ™‚

      Kini, oh dear… The pinata from last week. Not good. I also didn’t like the dress he did the week before and which the judges liked.

      And Sam, I want to smack him. He is such a snarky little bitch and I cannot understand the judges getting so excited about his work.
      I thought that Ken was robbed. His black dress from the unconventional challenges looked fantastic.
      And I also want to smack THE Mitchell Perry. How this guy can be an All Star is beyond me and how he managed to last 4 episodes now and 3 designers.

      And how much do they overlook Dom’s work so far? :O

  17. Good luck with the job Zhee. It sounds interesting. Get well Smythe. 🌹🌸🌼🌻🌸🌹🌷🌼🌻🌺

    Sandii, I hope you get your rain. β˜”β˜”β˜”β˜”

  18. Hi all. I’ve changed the site to enable guests to comment without logging in. I’ll see how it goes. If you notice a lot of spam creeping in, can you please send me an email as I don’t monitor comments while I’m at work, but do sporadically check my emails. Many thanks.

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