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Any Doctor Who fans out there? I have to watch Survivor soon but ABC2 is playing the Doctor Who episode where David Tennant (my fave Doctor) has been separated from Rose in another dimension. They reunite briefly and she says he loves him, but before he can finally say it back to her he disappears. Gets me every time!
What’s everyone else watching?



  1. Perhaps we should change our handle to Bad Wolf!

    Sigh, the good old days when Russell T Davies was in charge.

    It is such a sad episode but it does have the best line: Dalek Sec: This is not war – this is pest control!

  2. I am a Dr Who fan but I prefer the lighter Doctors. This current one is a little serious and is taking some getting used to. Although the departure of the last companion was very satisfying. Dr Who has invented the best scaries – I am hard put to think of anything more frightening than the weeping angels.
    I am watching The Bridge on SBS. Lovely and dark (the Scandinavians do dark really well).

    • Yep, the angel one and I recall one soon after it with scary people. I think their eyes glowed. I actually enjoyed those scary ones.

    • Capaldi is a fabulous actor, they just don’t seem to know what to do with him. Tennant is my fave of the new Doctors; Tom Baker my fave from childhood.

    • I loved The Bridge – we watched all 3 seasons. The characters are just so normal. I am hoping that there is a season 4, there are so many unanswered questions.

      • Silvia, are you knew to ttv? If so, hi, and welcome.😊 And you have convinced me to give The Bridge a go. I watched the first episode, but there were too many other shows I was watching at that time.

        • Hi Daisy, thanks for the welcome. I am new to this site, followed you all over here from RR. I was addicted to the reviews from everyone, then when things went South there, checked in less and less. I’m glad I found you all and loving the reviews and comments here..

        • Yes watch Bron – see if you can find the first 2 seasons, as you can really see the characters develop through the seasons. We binged watched the first 2 seasons, and then season 3. Loved it.

  3. I don’t watch Dr Who but it seems popular πŸ˜›

    I like other nerd shows like Agents of Shield and Agent Carter. Does anyone else watch Jane the Virgin? That show is quite fun and has the tele-novela element plus crime! I have also just started watching the final season of Mr Selfridge. It’s not going to be very pleasant, really. It will be sad with that finishing too now that Downtown Abby is over as well.. sigh.

    Everyone (critics) is bagging out the Full House reboot, Fuller House but it was just a bit of cheesy fun. I had to watch.. loved Full House when I was old enough to watch! Practically grew up with the Olsen twins haha. Can’t wait for the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

      • It’s a quirky comedy by Tina Fey. Stars Elle Kemper (The Office, Bridesmaids, etc), Jane Krakowski (Ally McBeal, 30 Rock), this comedienne but her name escapes me atm and Tituss Burgess. It is a bit weird, bit odd but I ended up loving it!! I also love the fact that Kimmy is stuck in the 90s due to being held up in an underground bunker for 15 years.. By evil Jon Hamm. It’s on Netflix and now that my trial is over when the new season starts I’ll just watch it on Couchtuner.

        Jane is good fun too if you like the soapies. It is fast tracked from the US on Tuesday nights on FOX8 but you need to start from the start!! You did gt Foxtel didn’t you?

        • Kimmy Schmidt is awesome. πŸ™‚ The new season is practically a birthday present for me. πŸ˜€
          I finally finished watching the last Park and Rec season. Now only Kimmy Schmidt is kind of a feelgood-comedy with a lot of wonderful weirdness.

          • I watched the first few Kimmies because we love the actress but just couldn’t get into it. I keep meaning to try Jane as there’s not much around comedy wise.

          • Wait.. is season 2 out?? I don’t have Netflix anymore but find things online.

            How did you like the end of P&R? I found it quite satisfactory. I remember being quite happy with it.

            Juz, agree Kimmy is a certain taste. I was a bit “eh” at first but then I got into it. I love certain eps a lot. I think the one where Kimmy learns “math” is a good one. I will never forget Jane Krakowski’s character receiving a bouquet of dogs and Dong was a great addition haha. Ooo do watch Jane! I enjoy it, it is a little bit of everything!

          • Kimmy is starting April 15th. πŸ™‚ You didn’t miss a thing.^^

            Jane the Virgin is actually totally adorable. I watched it with my sister and we both had a good laugh – even though I had to watch it in German as my sister isn’t too comfortable with her English. I guess some jokes got lost in translation but the main actress is absolutely adorable.

    • When is Mr Selfridge on Eliza, and what channel? I loved that show and The Paradise as well. Also just finished watching the latest “Call the Midwife” series on Foxtel, one of my favourites.
      I watched 3 episodes of Fuller House, but really, its not that good compared to the original.
      Tried watching on line Tim in the Canadian Big brother house , but not too keen on the way its done over there.

      • I am just watching Mr Selfridge online. There are lots of sites with the episodes ready to stream. Ch7 might show it at some point but who knows.. they’ll just suddenly pop it on 72 on a Thursday at 10pm and not tell anyone!

        No, not as good as the original and the kids? Not as good! I just couldn’t not watch, though haha I hate how they made Steve so creepy though. Poor Steve!

        • Yes and they made the girls, especially Stephanie, slightly trashy looking after the episode I saw when they were out at a nightclub.
          With Mr Selfridge, you are right, channel 7 treated the viewers badly, the same as A Place to Call Home.I will have a look for it if they are all new episodes.

          • I loved The Paradise. Did you guys watch The Forsyte Saga years ago – the one with Damien Lewis before the US cat him for Homeland. Mr Selfridge I saw the first few seasons of and hope to get back into. The title character was the least interesting part of the show – I like all the working class staff. Much like in Dowton Abbey.

          • This is the 4th and final season of Mr Selfridge.

            I will have to check out The Paradise then!

  4. Juz, look up a series called “Lillies”, it was about a working class family in England, I think it was a six part seriesset in Liverpool in the 1920s , and so good. Its a BBC production, I bought the whole series from JB HI Fi for about $6.95, bargain!

  5. Sorry gice for lowering the tone but we just saw the ad for Married at First Sight. Very excited!

    We recall the Forsythe Saga adaption you mention. We understand that Andrew Davies adaption of War and Peace is quite good. Does anyone know when it will broadcast on Free to Air?

  6. Did anyone watch the UK Bach. It was a trashier version, like they got most of the girls from snog, marry, avoid, or at least from Ladette to lady.

  7. Has anyone tried that (not a glue) 5 second fix, and does it live up to the promises? Well did you glue a tow rope with it, and tow a boat?

  8. I love the UK Bach as you know Daisy.. and yes they are quite Snog Marry Avoidable… but Gavin seems good.

    Did you watch the US Bach finale Pandy? Or the 2nd to last ep even? ?

    • Yes Izzy, I watched it all, they seemed very happy at the end, lets see if they stay together. do you known when the next one will start?
      I’m not keen on the UK version.

  9. I haven’t seen any promos about the next one but we’ll have to keep each other posted!
    I thought JoJo was quite calm in the After the Final Rose segment. Imagine the 2 of them with the 2 I love you’s. They would’ve both thought they were numero uno.

    • Will do Izzy. Jo Jo was way too calm, she looked so hurt when Bach didn’t choose her, but I think he picked the right one for him.

  10. Did anyone happen to see that South African couple that were on MKR last season I think it was, on Sunrise yesterday morning?
    They have lost heaps and heaps of weight. They look really good and are doing well with a food truck they have.

  11. Talking of contestants on other shows, I’ve just realised that the host of Kitchen Whiz, which is a kid’s cooking competition show on in the mornings, is the very annoying Alice from MC 2012. Actually, she is not bad in that role, if you can ignore the giggling.

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