1. Anthony is a dumb as bats**t. And so annoying. Annoying like fingernails down a blackboard, like screaming children in a coffee shop, like afternoon tea at my sister-in-law’s, like Justin Bieber. Like so annoying. How is he still there?

  2. Shane has just said that he expects the last three to be him, Fev and Anthony because they are the only interesting ones. Egotistical or self deluded? Or something to do with macho men cosseted by the sports world?

      • Can’t comment on Monday’s ep yet but in general, yes.

        As Gabby pointed out recently, Fev made a conscious effort to wish Laurina’s Dad well in Sunday’s live to air piece. But when she initially said he was unwell I remember Fev talking right over the top of her while she was describing the situation, showing no concern or sympathy, and promptly changing the subject to some irrelevant and insignificant camp rubbish the minute she had.

        The constant nastiness and pack mentality towards Laurina, the sneering behind her back and the ostracism would give any teenage clique a run for their money.

        As for the ‘scaring’ ‘pranks’ in their modesty garments as people enter camp. Epic fail.

        The biggest problem here is Fev and Warnie and Jobeth and Ant are not 14, they are between 33 and mid forties. In fact some even have children in the age bracket they are behaving.

          • Yes, I think both Fev and Shane think they will win and they have just thrown Anthony in to the mix because he is part of their clique.
            Right up until recently I was wanting Fev for the win but not any more.

  3. So it’s the last week and I think a photo of Julia and the Doctarrrrr is due. Julia is working really hard for the laughs. But our lounge room viewers are not responding.

      • I am glad you are enjoying her, Carole. I think she would be great IN the camp as a celeb. She would win. Clearly she is a great person and I think funnier when she isn’t trying.

    • It feels as if Fev’s tatts are multiplying. Then I realised why we haven’t seen them before… the shirt has suddenly come off lately.
      Didn’t he say at the beginning something along the lines of-the poor nation having to see me with my shirt off- when he had to remove it for some reason. Loses a few pounds suddenly we’re privileged. Look how times have changed.

    • I’d rather have watched Val. She was short tempered and rude but always shared that equally with everyone. She didn’t pretend to be anything else. It was refreshing.

      • Yes, equal opportunity, “Shut up”. “Fu*k off”. I need a Val emo. She was so rude. There is no emo for her on my tab.

      • Yes but she was hypocritical – complained when Laurina had an opinion onthe food. “Laurina you were TOLD..” and yet it was okay for Val to give the cooks orders.

        On Laurina. I think she is okay and more honest than the rest of them but she tends to hijack conversations. I know a person like that. After a while you start to ignore them. And htat’s not nice.

  4. Sandra Sully does the news. One of the articles was about tattooed eyeballs.
    Warnie enjoyed oersonally knowing all the ‘celebs’. He was “good friends” with all of them.

    Here’s my own shot of tattooed eyeballs. The stupidest thing Laurina said all series was that this was OK.

      • The voters have to decide how dumb stacks up against malice. bullying, exclusion, ostracism~ call it what you will.

        I expect the latter to prevail. That is even dumber.,imo.

    • I was thinking as I was watching it, of course you’re good friends with everyone Warnie.
      I disagree with Laurina about the tatooed eyeballs too.

    • Wait till someone that looks like this comes to take your order.
      One waiter with piercings in his nose and lips and ears (that looked moist!)had me excuse myself quietly out of the restaurant.

      Coloured eyeballs will have me screaming as I exit left.

  5. And blue couch dies. If this couch was Warnie it would be bragging about all of the celebrity bums it knows.

    • I hope so too, Sara. It would mean that most people don’t stand for, or with the gang picking on, or placing themselves above, the socially awkward or ugly duckling. But it didn’t happen in Big Brother with Estelle, and she copped it badly. The biggest bitchy, bully won that year.

      I am seeing that there are more baboons in the jungle than the ones in the trees.

      I won’t mind Havana winning either.

  6. I want Laurina to win, but channel 10 don’t unfortunately. Thank goodness their golden girl Jo Beth is out although I was surprised how quiet she was, and she didn’t bag Laurina like Val did. No, the winner will most likely be one of the sportsmen, hopefully not Shane as a cricketer won last year. You can vote to save Laurina on facebook for free if anyone wants to, and it allows you to do it 20 times.
    I don’t think there will be another series next year unless they get more entertaining celebrities.

  7. What’s the bet Warnie wants to hang out and be seen with Havana. She is out of your league Warnie. Too young and too beautiful. Wait a few more years and the Brynnes and Gabis will be lining up.

    • I love Brynne. She looked to me like a girl with daddy issues and too good for Warnie.
      Listen to me! A week ago I was singing the praises of Shane, saying what a nice guy he was and a good leader. I was wrong, so wrong. I now see why he was never made captain. Too much a boyo (or is that bozo). The worm has turned.
      Gabri is just a train wreck. I wouldn’t wish her on anyone.

      • I like Brynne too, she’s a real sweetheart. She was on Sunrise the other day & you wouldn’t recognise her. She’s stopped the botox & plastic surgery & the heavy make up & is very natural looking. Never liked Gabby, very tacky.

    • And I reckon that setting him up with Carmen Electra is a stitch up. It was Kyle & Jackie O, the chief pranksters.

  8. The look on Havana’s face when they read her name out for the trial, it was the last thing she was expecting, so funny.
    I can’t believe Anthony learnt all that stuff about cricket and the fact Shane couldn’t believe someone knew so little. I probably knew less than Anthony.
    At least they won their spaghetti.
    I wonder if Fev was allowed to keep his spaghetti and what would have happened if It had been Laurina that had kept hers.
    But then again, it’s be nice to Laurina this week isn’t it?
    I think it will be Shane or Fev for the win and it doesn’t really matter if they are nice or not, they have their charities and sporting communities behind them.
    Some people may not like me saying this but I do think the gay community may be behind Anthony.
    Sorry if I have offended anyone, I don’t mean to, I am just stating what I think is a fact.

    I think JoBeth knew she was going, she has been up there every week. It must have killed her to go before Laurina. Well you shouldn’t have been a nasty little backstaber.

    Another thing that may have crossed all the egocentric’s minds, is Australia loves an underdog.

  9. I so want Laurina to win, however, sadly, I think that she’s gone tonight. I think it is the gay and Italian community voting for Anthony. It was the Italian community that got him through to second place on Whateverthatshowwas (continued career = nil).
    I know that Jo Beth was nice about Laurina when she was first evicted but she has just appeared on Studio 10 bagging her out big time. And she also tried to do a rapid backpedal on her comments about Darrel Summers. Not a hypocrite. Much.

    • Thanks Bob, I have Studio 10 taped so I will go have a look and see what JB said about Laurina. Not much was made of what she said about Daryl Somers, not a very loyal person to the one who gave her a job and made her famous,
      I’m glad she went before Laurina at least.

    • I was surprised to hear JB bagging Darryl on air. I thought that might be a blunder in tv business. She kept saying she liked him, BUT. “I like him BUT ……”, “He’s an a conceited egotist BUT I really like him”, it kind of doesn’t wash.

  10. I don’t think she was set up as a victim.
    We never saw her crying alone saying how mean everyone was to her or the likes.

    Did you hear Warnie saying to Sandra Sully that he didn’t think they would show them saying anything bad. Well if what we have seen and heard isn’t bad in your books Shane, I can’t begin to imagine what we might have missed out on.
    Maybe the way they have been talking and behaving is probably only small fry compared to the way they normally go about their business.

    A guy or a girl to go tonight?

    • I agree Gabby, she is just like Estelle, never runs whingeing and complaining, unlike Val who complained about the food constantly, obviously it got to Laurina sometimes , but she was able to cop it on the chin and try to get on with the ones who were bullying her.
      I don’t think she will win, but top three would be nice.
      Hopefully a guy will go tonight as it might be uncomfortable for the remaining girl with 4 guys.

  11. Pandy I bet you are right and a guy will go tonight so there is not one girl left with four guys.
    Who thinks the whole show is rigged? If it is, it really annoys me and that’s putting it mildly.

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