1. Agreed, Sara. Something Mortisha from head to toe. I don’t know that that was the look they were going for.

  2. Damn!!I forgot it was on because it’s a long weekend so my timetable is meed up. We are on our way out to Tokyo Jacks for dinner. I hope we get back in time. Poo! I was planning a pleasant dilly dally on the beach afterwards. What time does it start on Su days?

  3. Shane really has it in for Jobeth thinking she might go tonight. I wonder what made the worm turn for him?

  4. Sorry guys, we didn’t make it home, but had a nice evening. Woolif tried that delayed viewing thing but the sound wasn’t working so we gave up. I can watch tomorrow arvo’s replay but by then you Easterners will be getting ready for Monday night’s ep.
    I let the team down because I was thrown by the long weekend. It doesn’t feel like a Sunday. I did see the tail end of IAC so I know who got the flick. I tried to unsee it until I watched the whole show, but too late.

    • You must have watched enough reality tv to know that failure isn’t an option.

      That “sound wasn’t working” was good though. A bit like ” the gas burner blew out” or “”the stove wasn’t working” to smooth over a culinary fail.

      Love your work. Haven’t seen the ep myself ,yet.

      • Well I couldn’t say the dog ate my homework, could I?
        I can’t even blame it on the Woolif because I was the one who forgot it was Sunday. I presume Val gopher-skooted out of the jungle last night. Or was it a zimmer frame? What was she thinking? My old mum is on one of those oldies tours of Tassie, no doubt scoring an old bloke for herself from the tour bus.
        Before anyone gets all cranky pants on me taking the piss out of oldies, I have already been gopher shopping. I thought it would be a good idea to go for it when I had my foot surgery, but Woolif said, “Don’t be silly”.

        Anyhow, I still have my cousin house guest here so I had better go see if she is up. 😊

        PS My mum would be a likely candidate for first dates. Or When Love Come to Tassie.

        • I am just impressed you guys are still watching it. It seems to have been on for eternity. How much longer to go?

          • This is the last week, it finishes on Sunday. It’s only been on for 6 weeks. Not long compared to most reality shows which usually go for 3 months.

  5. Well finally Val left. But she was hilarious doing the challenge yelling at Chris to shut up. The look on his face was priceless. Now if only she’d go on Survivor & yell at Probst to shut up. And the way she just threw that crocodile out of the way.

    • There were reports on Studio 10 this morning that Val was pretty crook after she got out of there. I know she made me sick.

      I think it goes for another week, Juz and one celeb goes home every night this week.

      Sandra Sully drops in tonight. Adelaide gel.

    • Lordy, her friend sounds like a jerk. She’s well rid of him.
      Fancy putting her own label on clothes made in China, unlike every clothing line ever. I have been told ( by a reliable source) that even men’s suits made in Europe are cut in China. So, give me a break with outdated stereotypes.

      • Assuming that all the friend’s claims are false? I don’t have any trouble believing that they could be true, even if exaggerated. I haven’t seen any indication that she has more integrity than this.

        • I wonder who Andrew went to first? No Idea or Centrelink?

          “Inseparable”~ like a leech.

  6. Hi all. I’ve changed the site to enable guests to comment without logging in. I’ll see how it goes. If you notice a lot of spam creeping in, can you please send me an email as I don’t monitor comments while I’m at work, but do sporadically check my emails. Many thanks.

    • Hi Juz, how do we login now? It doesn’t make you login to comment now, and I can’t see the way to get in now. Maybe I’m blind?

  7. Well I’m glad to see the back of Val, now who’s next JoBeth?

    Thanks ah for the link from Laurina’s ex friend. He really is out to get her for whatever she did to him.

    I wonder if Shane became jealous of Anthony and Jobeth’s friendship and that’s the reason why he is telling Anthony to be careful. He likes to be the most popular guy.
    I noticed last night Fev sending out a get well to Laurina’s dad. My, we are all on our best behaviour and being nice to those we can’t stand now aren’t we?

    Thanks so much to Juz and her other half for all their help the last couple of days. You have been great, cheers.

  8. Well I watched the up late show and that Val is a piece of work! She said Laurina is dumb and selfish, and she wants to punch her in the face! Nice!
    Then they showed that she had many more arguments over the food than we saw, last one being that she wanted to take all the veggies and turn them into soup for herself, but then said it wouldn’t be any good anyway without salt.
    Then she walked off on the interview with Joel and Heather because she’d had enough, she was so rude, age doesn’t give her a reason to act like that. so glad she’s gone.

    • I can’t believe she is talking like that even after getting off the show.
      She is one nasty old Bitch. Sorry for calling it, but as you say, who does she think she is? Does she think that her age gives her the right to say and do what she likes? Nasty piece of work.
      Then to walk off during the interview.
      She wanted to make the last few so her daughter could get a free trip to Africa, oh and for the charity too….yeh right.

      If I ended up like that I would want to be shot.

  9. I find it hard to decide who’s dumb and who’s crazy or both. How does one person’s believing in wishes and butterflies stack up against one who believes in aliens , pyramids and that he’s going to bonk Carmen Electra?

    Australia has to decide. The clever country can figure it out.

  10. I don’t want anyone to win if they think they have it in the bag. Shane and Fev are acting too much like cocky alpha males now.

    • I’ll be on it tonight Juz. The vizzies have gone and the long weekend has come to an end. 😊😊😊

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