1. See ya Anthony! Go Laurina hopefully but its a pretty big ask for her to beat two “national sporting heroes”. Anthony had to have a little dig at her when he left just like most of the others, I bet he says something else on the up late show.

      • Maybe the producers wanted a big name to win?? Or maybe Julia is on the list of people who don’t like Laurina. Ha ha, another record for Laurina. I just have to meet this girl and see if I can bear to be in the same room as her.
        Laurina……if you read this……..call me. I just have to see how horrible you are.

  2. Happy, happy, joy, joy *little happy inappropriate dance*. And again, *tap dance* just in case you missed the point.
    I cannot tell you how much this has pleased me. Oh, wait. I just did.

    • Did you do this Dave?

      it is hilarious. Same cover methinks when Wendy Dang was hanging off his arm. Same playlist but different half cover art.

      • No, Bolders ~ it came in an email.. but I might have plundered Elton John for the playlist
        * I’m Still Standing (courtesy of Viagra)
        * Funeral For A Friend
        * Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.

  3. I don’t think Anthony did too bad with his negative comments about Laurina last night but Julia sure as hell made up for what he didn’t say.
    When he was having his eviction interview I think we saw the ‘on show’ Anthony, back in front of the cameras again, saying what he thinks everyone wants him to say.
    I think Julia has bad mouthed Laurina and voiced her opinion on how she can’t believe Laurina has made it this far on every eviction night.
    Talk about trying to influence the voting public. Well bad luck Julia it hasn’t worked, she made it to the final three without your help.

  4. Thanks to those who’ve alerted me to spammy comments of late. If you spot anything please do shoot me an email and say what thread it’s on. I only check the comments sporadically when at work. Ta

  5. I went for Laurina because
    1. She showed courage under fire from the nasties, even though she was well out numbered.
    2. She was a tough cookie in trials. It even took some strength to resist pressure and say “I’m not eating that”.
    3. She provided almost all of the storyline for the series.
    4. I don’t think there is a better option. Fev was in the “childish, too cool for school crowd…but not cool). And Chief….πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ didn’t do anything and it IS a tv show afterall, not who can wait patiently for a bus.

    But I get that we all have different perspectives.

  6. I chose Paul because over 6 weeks he was unfailingly polite to everyone, a true gentleman. He didn’t do so many trials (the public had no reason to punish him) but all those he did, he completed calmly and with determination. He never once bailed out of a challenge. He was often the mediator in camp disputes, and managed to make every person involved think that they had won – a real talent. I suppose I don’t put much emphasis on being ‘entertaining’, I like people who can be classy and a valuable team player.

  7. I get why Paul is liked and Fev, not so much.
    But I’m with Daisy on this one (in the Australian vernacular, ‘Yea, yea, nope’).
    Laurina was no sheep. I get that she seemed to irritate people in the camp but you have to wonder whether if she had been a guy, that there would have been the same reaction. Truthfully, someone farting all the time would have been high up in the scale for me.
    And Warnie name dropping. He was allowed to mention every celebrity ever born but she is not allowed to mention The Bachelor. She clearly did not know her place in life.
    It’s hard to know watching from the outside whether there was a dislike for her because she is not sweet and womanly, or whether she is just one of those truly irritating people.
    Either way, I’m for Laurina because she took it all (and I mean all) with a strength and fortitude that I would hope I could develop to deal with group bullying.

    • Well said, Bob. I totally agree. .But I am giving kudos to Fijane for going against the flow….like Laurina. πŸ˜† I like square pegs. It’s been a tough gig for Fijane.

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