• Looking like The Joker at this stage.

      Was pissing myself during this section of the trial. Haven’t laughed that much since his trial with the monitor lizard. I find Paul one of the most entertaining when it comes to trials. He’s a great sport and naturally funny. Thank goodness, as the novelty of these tucker trials has well and truly worn off. So accustomed to the provision of roaches and maggots now, the exercise does not have any element of suprise or intrigue for viewers (or celebrities alike).

  1. 🐜 suddenly cutting the sleeves off his shirt might be a camera grabbing ploy. Does he know Freddie shaved his head in the last week?

  2. Havana didn’t have to wince or cringe at any of her review because she was happy, friendly and kind to everyone and didn’t have any bitchy scenes. I hope she gets more work.

  3. Well now we are getting down to it.
    Fev and Warnie looked shocked to the core when ‘it could be you’ was called out.
    Fev winning the red star only will add to his popularity.
    I hope Anthony goes tonight. I still cannot see Laurina winning, she hasn’t got the big backers. That’s my opinion anyway, I am usually wrong, here’s hoping this time I am as usual.
    I liked the talk Laurina was having with Havana, she was admitting her faults. She was happy her and Anthony were getting on. The only person she seemed to have a problem with was Shane and the way he ignored her and shut her out of conversations.
    If I had been treated in some of the ways we have seen her treated, I don’t know if I could be as forgiving to those jack ass’s .

  4. I don’t mind if Laurina doesn’t win now. She has already had a lot of viewer support. But I don’t want Callea, Fev or Shane to win. And the Chief was boring. The story line for Celeb has been mostly Laurina and wether not she is rude or being ostracised. No Chief story line. So Laurina would be a better choice imo but I won’t lose sleep if it’s anyone else.

  5. Laurina or Fev for the win… still can’t understand how Anthony has survived this long.. snake!

  6. Just been looking at the voting on Facebook and from what I could see most votes are for Laurina followed by Anthony with Paul and Fev pulling up the rear.
    I didn’t come across any for Shane.
    It may change as the day progresses but it was definitely all Laurina and Anthony.
    A few people were saying that Shane was told to lay off Laurina. Don’t know how true that is but there was a sudden turn around in his behaviour for whatever reason.

    • Funny, I didn’t notice Shane being as bad to her as Val, Jobeth, Bonnie, Fev and Callea 🐜 It was like they gained momentum from each other. Even Paul seemed worse than Shane. So I suppose it all gets down to what we are shown.
      I would have thought that Shane was far too interested in Havana (one of Laurina’s only allies, along with Dean) to want to be mean to Laurina.
      Laurina wasn’t saying Shane was intentionally or overtly horrible to her, but that he overlooked her on his way to getting Havana’s attention.

    • How do people hear this stuff from so far away?
      Just curious, not being cynical. I am aware that there is a production team from Australia.

  7. So I hear you can vote 20 times on Facebook for free. It doesn’t seem fair, given that the money is supposed to go to charity. I hope they change that next season. And I wonder if it would change who stays and who goes.

    • They’ve only been doing this facebook voting to save someone for the last week, previously to that you could only vote on facebook for who does the tucker trials.
      Havana seems really nice, she had nothing bad to say about Laurina, I wish one of the boys had gone instead of her, might be difficult for Laurina without her support.

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