1. It was beefy jerky gate tonight. Laurina had beef jerky. Fevola had a pear. Fevola wanted Chief to reprimand Laurina for breaking rules. Chief didn’t think you are really the chief if other people tell you who to boss around. Fevola spat the dummy and threw something Laurina said, “Call a waaambulance”. Um Fev, pears are food. And Mr Whippy said, “I need undies”.

    I am beginning to wonder that if no one fights with Laurina, nothing is going to happen in this camp of law abiding (pear hiding) whingers. There are no funny Freddy Flintoff’s or cooky Julie Goodwyns.

    • I was so pissed off with Fevola last night. I seem to remember him being suspended or whatever from playing football when he broke the rules. He is such a hypocrite. And it’s a stupid rule anyway.

      • When I go on camp, I am in with the ones breaking the rules and having fun. I am not in with the lemon faces. I am up half the night giggling like a 14 year old.

  2. How cool was the Chief tonight. Firstly he didn’t buy into beefyjerkygate. Then he was really patient with Mr Whippy. Julia couldn’t get her eyes of Mr Whippy’s little bum wedgie.

    • Ok I’m going to admit it, I am terrified of heights & I don’t care what the consequences are, but I would have just flat out refused to do that. Whippa didn’t have a gun to his head, he didn’t have to do it. And no Julia, you are not going to ‘cure’ your fear of heights by doing that. If anything it would make it worse.

  3. And…..it’s time to get Laurina again. “Snicker. Let’s all set her up so we can mock her behind her back”. “Yeah. Cool. That would be hillarious”. 😒

    No matter how annoying and socially inept someone is, I just don’t like that response to it. And now I am even disappointed that the chief joined in. I am sure they are all annoying in different ways.

    • Oh no Daisy, they are all perfect. Laurina is the only one doing anything annoying and wrong in the camp.
      Let’s all pick on her or ostracise her.

      • Brendan’s dummy spit and throwing things at Laurina was violent and abusive and should have been stopped by the producers. He should have been kicked out.

  4. And Shane Warne manages to weave in a robot take-over into a discussion on political correctness. Don’t offend the robots.

  5. Campers fight over whose poo is whose. Jobeth says she foresaw trouble when the roster went. She predicted anarchy. Warnie said that everyone should do their bit. Val said she didn’t do any bits. They only get a porcupine for dinner so that should be good news for the long drop. And Laurina and Havana are shown sun baking so viewers must assume they are being lazy.
    Havana gets voted for the next tucker trial and will have to eat gross stuff.

    • I had to tape the last 15 mins because I had to switch to 7 to watch Wanted. Usually on tues it ends at 8.45 but last night went later. Really annoying ch 10, wish you’d be consistent.
      Last year they didn’t have a roster & they managed without too much fighting. Though Merv pointed out on I’m a celebrity now that if anyone slacked off they were pulled into line by Barry Hall.
      I’ll admit I’m lazy & hate housework, so if I was there I would probably slack off & sunbake most of the day too. I like cooking, but in a proper kitchen with all my gadgets & appliances, not on a camp fire like that. And I would definitely NOT be cleaning or emptying that long drop. Yuk.

      • I’m a worker bee, and work before play, but they have all day. There is time for work, rest and play. If they are seen sunbaking, it doesn’t mean they aren’t working.

        • Yes exactly. They only show us an hour & a bit of footage over a 24 hour period. Part of that is taken up with the challenge of the day.

  6. That Whippy guy really was mad being dropped in the jungle. I would watch my back if I was Fitzy, and I bet his wife gets a serve.

  7. I wonder if they will say anything to the girls and the paper they are leaving everywhere and if Val will deny her having used any.
    She must be plenty blocked up, not to have gone to the long drop for the whole time they have been in the jungle.
    I wouldn’t have bothered making a martyr of myself by washing the other plates. I just would have washed my own, cooked the dinner and let them worry about their own dirty dish come dinner time.
    After dinner say, I washed the pots from lunch, your turn to do tonight’s.
    No big deal.

    • Yes, good way to make people responsible for their own mess. Although I wouldn’t want dirty dishes hanging around anywhere close – imagine the bugs/animals that would be all over them. I would take people’s dirty dishes away from the beds/fire and pile them near the long drop.

      Then Princess would whine because everyone was being mean to her.

      • You would think if the camp organizers/producers were fussed about food being kept overnight, that they would also have a rule about not leaving dirty dishes to attract ants etc.

  8. I was very disappointed when Fitzy and Whippa went in the jungle as they could have done something about the bullying instead of joining the cool group. It would have been lovely if they had gone straight up to Laurina and given her a big hug, maybe a special little treat, and blown up her couch for her. This would have been such a shock for the others to see that their bullying hasn’t gone unnoticed with the viewing public. On the late night show, its obvious that Heather Maltman has been shut down too in her support of Laurina, and Fitzy and Whippa were right there too bagging her again. I just can’t believe Channel 10 turn a blind eye to this.

    • Well, not everyone agrees (even here) that she is being bullied. People should be allowed to have their opinion, and maybe Wippa and the Heather girl are reacting to what they see which is more than the viewers see.

    • I’ve noticed that too, Heather used to stick up for Laurina, I thought it might have been a bit of sisterhood because they were both on the Batchelor. Don’t know if they were on the same season though, but lately she’s been critical of her.

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