1. Laurina outed Jobeth’s boobs. Oooowah! Now we will all have to google to see if she was right about Bonnie.

    OK gels. Quick poll. Juz? TTVers who have their own jaboingers. We need to see if it’s 70%. I would go a reduction. 😗

  2. That was an interesting close. It may have been my imagination, but it seemed there was some tension when Laurina was announced for the next tucker trial. The RTV savvy ones, like Laurina and Anthony know it can mean people either hate you, or love you….which is rtv gold.

    • Aaaaaah, was really hoping it would be Val. She’s done fuck all trials. Laurina’s more than done her share. Val really pissed me of last week when she did that one with Laurina & said she left too early & said ‘I could have done that’. Well why didn’t you, you bitch?

    • Well no one gave her much support about being the next to do a trial. Brendan got up off the log at the end and just walked off when Laurina was trying to talk about how she used to like hiding as a child and confined spaces don’t worry her. They are just so rude and dismissive of anything she says. According to facebook votes, Val should have done this trial so I believe the votes mean nothing, its all rigged to the way the producers want the show to go.

      • Quite often, when she tries to say something, they sort of turn their backs and ignore her. Like when she said she offered some vitamins that were supposed to aid memory. They acted like they didn’t hear her, yet they cling on every word and nod their heads when Warne talks about us being brought to earth by aliens.

        • And they were commenting the other day how when they’re having a discussion about anything, Laurina manages to mention her time on the Batchelor.

  3. 70% of viewers rushed to google to find the real stats for the incidence of implants.

    Surprising little info available. Closest I could find was 10,000 done in a recent calendar year in the UK.

    Based on my personal double-blind, peer-reviewed assessment, the figure is 0.02% of Australian women have implants.

  4. Have to say this series is not nearly as entertaining as last year’s.
    I was hoping it was nasty, old Val for the trial as well.
    On Facebook someone with the surname Lehman is doing a big spiel on why we should be voting to keep Val in there. Her post was ignored.
    No ‘Likes’ and no ‘Comments’.
    I thought that was a really hard question Val received about Laurina’s business name. Compared to some of the other questions.
    I am wondering though if Laurina really did know the name of the glasses Anthony will only drink out of. I’ve heard him mention it many times. Maybe she got a bit of pay-back there, I don’t know.

    • I was glad it was Laurina. Brendan seemed to huff off, maybe my imagination and the others looked serious. They will be spewing if she makes the final three. Speeeeeeewwwing! I think they must certainly know Laurina getting the votes for tucker trial means that she is getting attention.
      Clearly the girl must be an oddball but she is also smart when it comes to reality tv. She knows boring doesn’t get you anywhere. Even the adorable Andrew Daddo didn’t last to the final 3 last year and he was deserving imo.

      Did anyone else notice Laurina say, “My character in the bachelor”. She plays a part for the drama. Clever girl.

    • That was Val’s daughter Cassandra who has been interviewed on the up late show. Val’s two sisters were also interviewed last night and they said what we see is exactly what Val is like. She was also barking orders at Anthony and Havana as to how the zucchini chips should be cut up. When Anthony held one up and said is this okay Val? She mumbled I suppose its okay but its not how I would have done it. Never happy that woman!

    • When Anthony was talking about the glasses they were away from the camp & were near the washing up area with Bonnie & one of the guys. I’m pretty sure Laurina wasn’t around.
      I thought it was nice of the ones who got the questions right to share their food. They did a similar thing last year & Grant Denyer asked the questions & they had a time limit to eat the food. I remember Julie Goodwin shoving cheese & crackers in her mouth.

  5. I can’t help but notice that since Shane and Anthony had a chat a few days ago about who would make t tithe end and who was liked outside Shane has been very nice and chatty and encouraging to Laurina.
    Remember Shane said I don’t hink anyone would like Laurina and Anthony replied with, you never know it could be the opposite. Or something like that he said.
    I really think that has given Shane food for thought and that has made him all of a sudden be nice to her. Before he wouldn’t give her the time of day and was always abrupt but now he really want to come across as Mr. Nice Guy.

    I hope that all makes sense.

    Notice how Shane has turned on JoBeth? They were very tight in the beginning. I wonder what has happened there to bring that friendship undone?

    No big thank yous to Laurina for the KFC last night. Imagine if one of the others had one the task that won them KFC?

    • I was also thinking their brains are ticking over now, and they are starting to realize bitching might be poor strategy. Anthony seemed to already have twigged without Shane’s ‘insight’.

    • Totally agree Gabby, imagine if it were Jo Beth who won the world record , sash and flowers, they would have been all over her like a rash, but anything Laurina does is always a half hearted acknowledgement. I think Shane has twigged how popular Laurina is and he needs to play nice now if he wants to win. Channel ten don’t want her to win thats for sure, even Chris and Julia can’t say anything nice about her.
      I don’t believe Val can do that dam task, it will be too difficult for her. This could be Shane’s big chance to act like a gentleman and ask if he can replace Val. Hopefully she will go next, she said to Jo Beth last night on the up late show that she doesn’t care if she goes as she
      s made enough money now to renovate her bathroom!

      • Yeah that was strange Warnie pulling Anthony aside & warning him not to hang around with JoBeth when she’s bitching about Laurina. Um, he does realise that Anthony does just as much bitching about Laurina as JoBeth does?
        I’m glad Val’s doing a challenge for a change. She hasn’t done many.

  6. Juz sounds very busy so I will post a few pics from last night here.

    Vultures fear for their lives when Val enters. Either that or they are thinking….”Not long to go now”. Anyhow, not sure which one is the old buzzard.

  7. Warnie enjoys some female attention wherever he can get it.

    He seems to think he has a chance with Havana. I bet he will be getting her number after the show. Wrnie, she is out of your league, mate. And too young. Havana, not the cheetah.

  8. Ch 10 have wiped out an afternoon’s worth of quality entertainment for a noisy, shithouse car race boredcast.

    No Dr.Phil. Celeb Encore,Judge Judy, Bold & Beautiful…..


  9. Anthony is back pedalling about bitching about rule breakers, admitting that “it’s easy to over react”. This is his back pedalling face.

  10. Shane Warnes (😆) Callea that it is Jobeth who is the villain. Callea goes all jungly and scratches head like monkey.

  11. Jobeth, annoyed but unaware of her new role as She-who-must-take-all the Blame- fall guy, as the boys realize viewers aren’t sharing their Laurina hate. Well some of us. Maybe it’s a 70% thing. 😆

  12. I love in a “ha ha” way how Warnie keeps saying Havana will be in the last three. He is thinking with his bat and balls.
    You couldn’t get much nicer than, Anna, Julie Goodwin and the girgeous Andrew Daddo last year. Now whhere dud they ome? Not saying Havana couldn’t be there, but I wouldn’t consider it likely. Unless she has a hige disco crowd, or whatever they call it now.

  13. I didn’t think it was fair that Warne and Havana had the added bit of fun of texting to that Carmen woman. I thought they were allowed no contact.
    Everyone else should have received some sort of reward that day to bring them a bit of fun and laughter. What’s good for one after all.
    Really looking forward for tonight’s show.
    Hope it’s Jobeth. She has been in final three last two weeks that I can remember.

  14. I think I would prefer Val gone. She is a bit boring, as well as grouchy/mean.

    Who is even voting to save Val. Do they have a voting booth set up for her at the Oldies Villas?

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