I’m a Celeb – what should happen next?

We’re done with a jungle for another year (and a special thank you to Daisy for her screengrab recaps), so let’s have a ponder about what we liked and disliked about this season in general. What does Channel 10 need to do to shake things up next year?
And who would you like to see go into the jungle?
AND if there were new hosts, who would be your pick?
(And if you you want to watch the original and best jungle series, don’t forget Survivor is on Thurs nights.)



    • Yep, if one looks at Four Corners it’s odds on that after 6 months those cuddly lion cubs will be farmed and shot by some fat American hunter for big bucks. Make a joke from that, Julia Morris.

  1. For starters, not another boys club. Anyone else feel that boys club thing going on where the girls had to go along with and fit in with the blokes to survive? I thought the boys club was Fevola, Anthony, Shane and Chief. They were the silent/and not so silent approvers/disapprovers of who is in and who is out. I don’t think I am a feminist, but I felt a boys rule vibe. And the girls had to get the nod from the boys to be accepted. Just a subtle thing.

  2. How about no blokes with shady financial reputations being paid obscene amounts of money and given access to all the cigarettes they could neck?

  3. My guess is that the boys club, and the group disapproval of those that don’t conform to type, is more a mirror of Australian society in general. The good news is that we are so much more accepting of gay men. All woman (have we had a lesbian yet?) seem to have problems unless they play the ‘I’m weak and helpless, and my IQ is my bra size’ game.
    I wonder if the dynamics would change if we had less sports men?
    My suggestion would be, no footy fellas. Tennis? Runners? Surfers? The list is endless. Footy fellas are boofheads.

    • But it’s disappointing that the gay men are getting stereotyped as girly, diva, bitchy types like Ben Norris, what’s his face from last year, what’s his face from Celebrity Apprentice, and now Callea. Not all gays are camp and or catty. Sorry, I am having a name-blank day. I wonder if gays hate being represented ONLY, OR MOSTLY by girly, overly camp bitchy types, when they are probably mostly quite manly and not nasty at all. It’s a stereotype I would hate if I was a gay man.

      • Last year Joel put that whole image on himself. He postured around that camp like crazy for aabout the first three weeks. After that,he really toned down and became more relaxed. It really seemed like he thought he had a character role to play.

        Do we have to have a token gay in every series?

    • Do we have to have sportsmen? I suppose you need to look at how men achieve ‘celebrity’. Both seasons have highlighted the two main stereotypes of male celebrity – the sportsman, and the less-blokey artistic/creative/media type (performing artists). Other types of ‘celebrities’ are those who are much less likely to want or financially need this type of tv exposure, for example chefs (plenty of other options for them), scientists, entrepreneurs.

      This show is so personality-driven, that every season will be a gamble for the producers. You just can’t predict how people will interact. The formation of a so-called boy’s club is neither predictable nor preventable, unless you manipulate the game to eliminate certain people. The only thing that maybe this season could have changed was not picking two sportsmen who were friends and neighbours before the show.

      The boy’s club only became evident after ‘the public’ had voted out female after female. Initially it was mostly a cohesive group, with just one who irritated everyone else.

      In terms of improvements to the show, my biggest bugbear is the lack of accountability, mainly in the voting system. Viewers have no evidence that real votes are honoured. I would like to have the actual number of votes revealed, including an entire ranking of the votes. I’m not holding my breath for any changes there.

      • I think Fev established an alpha position pretty quickly with the swearing ,verbal abuse and throwing of an object in Laurina’s general vicinity. He was backed up by Warne at this time.

        Perhaps easy for me to say in hindsight.I believe the boys club was created about then.

        • I thought the boys’ club revealed itself right off the bat, with the girls having to fit in with them, Fevola and Anthony copying everything each other did; like the dance moves and scaring people, the boys being the only ones made leader. I noticed it in the first or second week that the boys called the shots, and the girls had to get in line. Even for all her barking, Val was only a figure head with no power. And Laurina had the gumption to not kowtow to the boys’ club.

  4. Maybe they could somehow vote out a male, followed by female, male etc so that eventually there would be one male and one female left? probably wouldn’t work, but it was a big ask for Laurina to be left with 4 males and try to win the game. The hosts also need to calm down and don’t try so hard.
    Daisy , have you looked on You tube to see Tim on Big Brother Canada? he enters the house in episode 2, series 4.

    • I haven’t had time, Pandy….although you might think I have too much time on my hands to make Potato Farmers. I really want to watch the US Bach too. What season do I need to dld for that? I might have time now that IAC and Farmer are finished.

      • I’m not sure about The Bach, the latest one on Go Life has just finished. Izzy might be able to let us know when the next one starts. I keep forgetting about Survivor too. Will be interesting to see the Aussie version.

  5. I’m not adverse to the odd gay guy, after all there are 12 celebs (give or take) and apparently 1 in 10 of us are gay, and so, representative. And I am all for diversity. But sports men are over represented. Maybe this is why Julia felt she had to work so hard, to make up for the tedium factor.
    I don’t think footy fellas, *spoiler alert*, are used to treating women as worthy of having an opinion. Case in point, the way Laurina was treated for daring to suggest that she could (and did) solve a math problem. Can you imagine how the heavens would have fallen if she had been the one to be in favour of guns? We would still be feeling the tremors.
    Casting for IACGMOOH must be a bit like throwing a pack of cards in the air and hoping that you have written The Great Australian novel.
    Good luck to them finding willing participants for next season.

    • It’s not that they are gay, Bob but that it’s that they seem to be getting represented as nasty. Richard Reid in CA, Joel Creasy, Anthony and Ben Norris all were horrible and catty. Not a fair representative, I think.

    • Laurina was the only one who was put down for showing some brain, all the other women were treated with respect and companionship. They all adored Bonnie, got on well with JB and Courtney, liked Val until she became too bossy. Laurina made too many mistakes (social-wise) at the start, got everyone off-side and therefore they didn’t take her seriously for the rest of the game. IMO, this is not proof that sporty fellas don’t consider women their equal, purely that one individual got up their noses from the start and they couldn’t get past that.

      • The other women, except for Val towed the line with the boys. They did what the boys wanted them to do. I don’t know if I call that genuine respect. “I’ll respect you only if you conform”.
        Why is it even up to the boys to decide who gets respected? But it was.

        • I agree, some have very poor records in how they treat women. My point was that if one women is treated in a less-than-respectful way, it may just be that she is not respected as an individual (because of her own actions). It is not necessarily her gender that caused the disrespect.

    • 3.4% in 2014, accordingly to Roy Morgan research. So some seasons could manage it without breaking the quota.

      • Now there is an interesting discussion that I would love to have over a glass of wine, but it is best summed up by this statement : “For results based on the total sample, one can say with 95% confidence that the maximum margin of sampling error is +/-5%.”
        There has been a fourfold increase of younger people who identify as LBGT. I don’t think that’s to do with more people being born that way but more acceptance of the various shades of grey.

  6. Given half the cast of Celeb is from arts/creative professions surely there should be even more gay people on the show – would make it more representative of the industry. Casting options are also limited to people who can be away from home for over a month, so they can’t have a regular job.

    • Yes, there is a self-selection process. Those who can afford the time, those who wish to be seen this way, those who can leave family, those who are willing to submit to the discomfort and the challenges, those who don’t have physical limitations. In some ways, it is no wonder that they tend to end up with what viewers might consider a list of B-graders.

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