Married at First Sight timeslot

Channel 9 is so sick of being slapped in the face with the dead fish that is Reno Rumble that it’s parachuting a proven performer into the timeslot.
Married at First Sight season two starts Monday at 7:30pm. They’ll
Have to edit out some of the language so it will be a tame affair.
Surprised they haven’t done their usual trick of programming more Big Bang Theory.
Oh, hang on – that’s exactly what they’ve done on the Wednesday night.
Reno Rumble has been pushed back to 8:30pm. Perhaps advertising commitments prevent Nine from shunting it to Go or Gem.



  1. Not an appropriate time slot for potential themes (one-nights, bitter disappointment and cheap fame whores).

    • I won’t be watching, but obviously this is the vanguard of the network’s successful lobbying to get smutty stuff on at 7.30, not 8.30. Even less programming to suit families now. Can’t wait for Masterchef – yes, contrived and sometimes annoying, but at least a 10yo can watch it.

      Sorry about the rant, but this change made me really ticked off.

        • On my avatar? You bet. The gorgeous Aiden Turner and beautiful Eleanor Tomlinson. Hard decision between them and Sam Heughan/Catriona Balfe.

      • MasterChef is definitely family friendly. I know a lot of families who watch with their kids. I’m hoping Mr 4 will be into it this year.

      • If I didn’t think something was suitable, I would just tell the kids they couldn’t watch. I remember I didn’t let my kids watch that 30 rock from the sun show when they were about 13. Things are on ABC3 kids during the day that are off. And would you let your kids watch Home and Away ?

        • Totally agree, Daisy. We don’t watch H&A or Simpsons and never have. Generally the safe viewing is Family Feud, MASH, Masterchef or MKR or other cooking shows, reno shows, sport, and we like Last Man Standing. Big Bang was OK for the first season (and quite educational) but now it is just clever sleaze.

          The problem I see is that TV content is consistently moving downwards in terms of in appropriate content. Now that the networks are allowed to show M rated at 7.30pm, they will gradually push out the family friendly stuff in order to grab ratings earlier. I wouldn’t let kids watch MAFS, which is now pushed earlier.

          My other gripe is ads for M rated shows being broadcast during non-M periods. Channel 10 recently had a long run of advertising Californication (with quite explicit ads) all over the schedule, including intensively during the cricket Big Bash, which is aimed at families.

          • I always watch Big Bash and saw the Chris Gayle To Mel Mc Laughlin incident as it happened….and an f bombing AFL player interview go to air this weekend during the day.

            It’s difficult to protect oneself from the unexpected. Captions can help.

      • My major beef is with the subtle ,sleazier aspect of Ma$terchef, how year after year, certain mature, married male judges get away with leering at and favoring younger female contestants who happen to appeal to them. Hard to find a rating classification for that behaviour, I suppose.

  2. And those advertising previews with that idiot hyperventilating in the car about being married while shaking in her wedding dress.

    How about the obvious being called out – no one is forcing you idiots to do this.

    it’s not Yemen

  3. I will be doing the MAFS recaps to free Juz up for the important shows. Sorry about we WA’s all getting up late. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† You will have to pardon the time difference. Juz might open it up for discussion anyway like she did on Farmer.

    I wonder if Lachlan will be on it again. 😜 Or how about Lancie. I wouldn’t mind some of those from Farmer having another go. April might like to get married.

    I must check how Zoe and her guy are going.

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