1. Bring it on , $tooges of $todge.

    You can never be sure what awaits in the wanderful Ma$terchef Kitchin.

    Ammunity ? Alimination?


    It’s all about the three unwise men.

  2. I saw the promo the other day with the dreamy Marco (be still my beating heart) I can’t wait. πŸ˜›

  3. I always watch Master Chef, once we get past the dedications to dead grannies, battling single mums, and double-amputee sisters, who the contestants are always cooking for. Most of the people on it have some cooking nouse, and the quality does come out as the season progresses, unlike MKR.

    Pretty sure I will be heartily sick of this ad by May; but MPW is to me like the young fellow is to Windsong.

          • Yea but then we have to share him with Emilia Fox anyway. 😯 but I think I have an advantage because my middle name is Emilia and apart from my grandmother she’s the only other person I know who spells it that way.

  4. I watch it but can’t remember who won last year and can only remember the guy who did the amazing desserts. But that’s okay because this years will be the best eva!

  5. I’ll be watching, but ONLY when the repulsive (sorry gice) MPW is nowhere near.I shan’t be watching those days or, gods forbid, weeks.

    I only remember Billie won last year because she pops up in my Delicious magazine every month.

    • That’s OK Rosie we can’t all like the same things. How boring would the world or this site be if we did. Variety is the spice of life. πŸ™‚

    • Yep, MPW doesn’t do it for me either.

      There’s been an ad on the food network recently that has Shannon Bennett. I’d forgotten how sweet he is!

  6. I will watch if it isn’t too scripted and contrived like MKR. I want to see the contestants be allowed to speak for themselves, not from a cue card. I miss the characters like Wags, from a few years ago.
    I hope that commenting cobbers like CB, Georgie, Dr T, Joseph Skyrim and Baker Boy find ttv for MC.

  7. I was a MC devotee until last year. Too much crying and dramatics from the judges! Agree with Von above, might tune in once we get past the dedications to dead grannies.. etc.. etc.. etc. I am not heartless but don’t like it being shoved in my face on a freaking cooking show. Also, there was no Hayden, Daniel, Lynton, Ben… plus all other hot past contestants, so I wasn’t so interested. πŸ™‚

    Ewwwwww MPW.. you guys can have him!!! πŸ˜›

  8. So, what recent trends will be flogged to death on the show? Is the soil era over (almost totally absent from MKR)? What are the ‘new’ ingredients that will be shoved into every dish?

  9. I will watch if they get real and get back to making it about the cooking. Hopefully.
    I am in the camp that finds MPW pretentious.

  10. Y’all done forgot about The Penguin , then?

    That’s what Ma$terchef is all about. People who can’t cook in a million years being celebrated ad nauseam.

    “We gotta hustle ,gice!”


    • Noeleen excelled at offal, as well, but leaving the offal intact with the”protein” was inspired on Kelty’s part.

      Then you get the kind of sick,twisted favouritism displayed by Gary toward Georgia, for example.

      Real chefs laugh at this show and have for years. Winners of MC all of a sudden begin calling themselves chefs. Embarrassing and 110% deceptive.

      • Don’t forget the torturing of vegetarians like Deb who had to impale a whole pig in Italy.

        Wonder if there’ll be any overseas trips this season.

  11. Remember when Mat got caught with the mobile phone and Jowl$y presided over a kangaroo court about “cheating”?

    Hopefully, daisy can produce a potato head Jowl$y with all the bells and whistles.

    • Now, funnily enough, I had thought both Jowsy and Manu were good candidates for the potato make over.

      And MPW would be easy, but corn is out of season. I would have used corn black corn hair for his hair…..and pubes.

  12. The first few seasons were so much fun. Then the judges have favourite and blatantly pushed them through the end.

    What about Rishi. He lost to Emma Dean who went on to win MC.

    I think this season they are getting cooks that already have high skills and can cook so they can produce these amazing food. They can then crow about how the contestants are better than the celebrity chefs.

    I thought I saw in the promo the contestant who have to leave because of a head injury is back.

    • Agree, the show has lost its touch. I don’t like how they push their favourites too. Ughhh don’t get me started on Emma winning again.. she couldn’t even cook chips!! Hahaha MC shame!

  13. I am watching Cutthroat Kitchen for the irst time. I am not sure what o make of it, but there have been some interesting improvisations. Is this where you ot the “chocolate cake in a rice cooker” idea, Littlepetal?

    • The kids love it, I really dislike it. I think it is the overdramatics of the host that get to me the most.

      • At first I thought, “OK, some good improv. ideas, but then they had someone cooking with their arms in metal tubes and later, when I walked past the telly, a lady in a vat, trying to make a jus. That’s when I thought it was just nonsense. With or without a bad host.

  14. “Best apprenticeship on the planet”

    I fear for Gary’s sanity. There’s no apprenticeship involved .

    That takes four years, Gaz. Only the feeble of mind go on Ma$terchef and call themselves a “chef” afterwards.

  15. Saw another promo for MasterChef. Because last season we were so impressed with Reynold’s desserts that this year they are focusing on desserts. Saw some rediculous delicious and tecnical desserts on the peomo that could not be done by amateurs.

    Unfortunately this show is not about home cooks anymore.
    Those were the days. Marion, Justine, Poh, Billie, Adam etc.

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