NEW log-in and spam update

Hi folks

Just an update on some techie changes. We’ve installed a spam filter so you should notice less spam trying to sell you h0verb0ards.

You do not need to log in or be registered to comment. However, if you ARE registered and enter your name and email when commenting, the system should recognise you and your avatar (if you have one) will appear.

Send me an email if you are having trouble or notice spam creeping through.


Admin Juz




  1. Thanks Juz! I have had no issues (I am constantly signed into the WordPress site since the change, anyway) other than not showing up when I like a comment. My little pic used to show up under the “Users who have liked this comment” but doesn’t anymore. Not a huge deal, just unsure why.

  2. Ah, here goes. I usually stay logged in.

    Well, that was easy as poaching some pears on MKR.

    Thanks , Juz.

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