No MKR Sunday

Just a reminder there’s no Sunday MKR – booooo!!!!
we have to wait til Monday for the Italians V Zana showdown. In SA at least Channel 7 is just playing its Sunday Night current affairs show, then Border Security. Might be time to play catch-up on First Dates instead.



  1. I ended up watching “Spy” (with Melissa McCarthy) on cable last night instead.

    It was mostly pretty funny (and I liked that it spoofed Bond movies in general, particularly since I watched “Spectre” on Saturday night and didn’t much care for it).

    That was my night. I missed Jordan.

  2. We just watched old episodes of The West Wing. Never fails to entertain. Taught me most of what I know about the US system of government.

  3. Ivhad a Silent Witness marathon. 6 Episodes from when Sam is last in up to them offering Emilia Fox a job. I have seen them all before of course, but about 6 or more years ago.

  4. I watched Doc Martin. Would much rather have had MKR. There’s no excuse Ch 7. There’s never been a more exciting time to be a television network. Should have been ready to rumble.

    Been catching up on a lot of true crime on you tube.

    • I finished my Silent Witness marathon with an ep of 48 hours that I hadn’t seen before. It ws the one where the guy pulled up in a silver bmw and shot another driver in rhe head 4 times for no reason other than to just shoot someone.

      Dave, I watched some good, and sad You tube a while back on “Whatever happened to”, and they showed how Alfalfa got killed, and the demise of other old screen greats. I also saw about the Black Dahlia.

      • Daisy I am another Silent Witness fan and a new series has started on Fox, thank goodness, I was getting tired of repeats.

  5. Looks like they are doing the same again Easter Sunday. No MKR and there is nothing on any of the channels. Surely this is the time people will actually be watching TV? at least bung on a Harry Potter movie or 007.

  6. I have a date with the Lindt Easter Bunny on Sunday. 🐰🐰🐰
    But I might make it a Bachelor marathon. Or some other marathon. What do we all think would make a good Sunday night marathon? I haven’t watched this season’s Returned yet. Or we could do Eliza’s Burning Love.

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