1. Easily my least favourite Network …or should that be Nutwork?

    This latest round of failures is just breaking my heart..Yeh.

    Haven’t seen a second of The Habibs. Nein.

    I don’t wake up with Today because it puts me to sleep. Yawn.

    • The Habibs just looked embarrassing, and I’d rather punch myself in the face than spend time with Karl and Lisa. Eugh.

  2. Well if AGT didn’t finish them off a Daryl Somers hosted hypnotism show will do it. That and another version of Married at First Sight with Cockie.

    • That show looks so horrible! I don’t seem to show up when I like something anymore. Maybe I am not signed into WordPress.. who knows!

      • You’re right Eliza. Unless you’re signed in it won’t identify the liker and therefore won’t show your profile pic, but it will record your like.

        • I still don’t know what is going on though as my profile picture always shows up next to my comments as I went to the WordPress site and signed in the other week when the site changed. Just checked and I am still signed in. But I do not pop up under the “Users who have liked this comment”?

        • I am signed in and my pic doesn’t come up when I ‘like’ but I don’t mind. I think it’s better having mystery admirers. 😙😙😙

  3. They can’t judge whether the decision to hold back The Block was bad or not until it actually airs. Personally I think it was wise for them to do that, because they were in danger of killing the golden goose with too much Block. The problem is that they didn’t offer anything better – they needed to aim at the market who hates competition shows (eg many men etc).

    Their other problem is that they have pitched their programming at the ‘smut’ level – there is now an overall perception that 9 is for the lower denominator.

    • The casting of Suzi and Tinder last season put a real dampener on things. Time to get some more emotionally mature couples. I wish they would go back to doing houses, but I know that’s more expensive production wise.

      • Agree, agree, agree! Ch9 have totally killed The Block for me. It used to be one of my fave shows. When it came back all those years ago after the Jamie Durie days I was SO excited but over the years with too many LOOOOOONG episodes and the introduction of challenges has slowly killed it. When they cast that horrid Suzi last year I refused to watch and will not watch it again.

        Spot on, Fijane, Ch9 should aim higher and try attract the non-MKR audience like myself.

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