1. The latest ep of GoT was just fabo.

    I’m watching the 6 part X Files from earlier this year. Will catch up on Masterchef over the weekend.
    2 days til the Irish bro in law and sis arrive. Happy 3 weeks ahead!

    • I just watched it – those battle scenes!! are your Irish rellies celibrating or drowning sorrows over Brexit?

  2. Heading off to Perth airport tomorrow and taking kids and grandkids to Redang and Vietnam for 3 weeks. I will try and do a B&B header for July before I go if I get time. If not, ….. “That bloody Katy!!” What the hell is she doing poking around? Is this how she deals with her drinking habit???

  3. Finished the last ep of Orange is the New Black yesterday. Ep 12 nearly made me cry. 🙁 It was a really good season. Light years above the last one.

    And oh dear, the Brexit happened. But that’s what happens when you don’t go voting. And only old people and UKIP-idiots run to the urn. Congratulations I guess. So Cameron steps down as Prime Minister, Scotland will most likely finally get their independence from Britain… Oh, and now is the time to have vacation in Britain: Pound is really cheap.^^

    PS: Shit, I just reminded myself that it’s getting fucking expensive soon to order via Amazon.co.uk.^^

  4. I also did an OITNB marathon. Episode 12 sad, Episode 13 that look at the end, even sadder but had an ethereal feeling to it.
    Saw Independence Day Resurgence….was not impressed.

    • Ethereal is a good description – she just shines, doesn’t she? I hope she gets great roles after this. This was definitely an improvement on the last season.

    • Yes. That would be me. I am talking to Apple and Juz. It’s all very difficult but hopefully there will be a solution before you return.

    • Safe travels, Daisy. I think there is a problem with the site’s photo storage. Mr Juz is going to have a look tomorrow morning.

      • I will post a couple of holiday snaps when it’s working. I might have to figure out how to face blur so I can post one of Woolif sunning himself on the beach. Only the face blur will be necessary. 😆

        • Perhaps a hat brim pulled down low? By the way, I know some people have been having technical glitches with the site. Mr Juz is working on it now. We seem to have run out of photo storage space so can’t upload at the moment.

          • Woolif dld a blur ap. So now I can follow him around when he showers, blurring the little sergeant. 😆

  5. This is kinda awesome: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2016/06/24/the-british-are-frantically-googling-what-the-eu-is-hours-after-voting-to-leave-it/

    I think the Europeans are allowed to panic a bit as it could really collapse the EU itself. The rightwing populists are using the Brexit now and it’s not looking pretty. Europe is shifting to the right, which is scary to see. Front National in France, UKIP in Britain, AfD in Germany… Only to mention the most important EU countries. Netherlands have a huge rightwing movement.

    The thing is, the campaign of the Brexit-Idiots was mainly built on xenophobia, using the fear of older and uneducated people regarding immigration. That’s what all the rightwing parties do right now. France isn’t looking good with all the protests and strikes going on at the moment due to labour law changes by Hollande who promised to decrease the unemployment rate thus meaning killing the French freedom of employees… Which is also playing into the hands of Le Pen.

    But we have to wait and see how this continues… Surely there is a lot of panic but it will calm down after the economy is recovering from the shock and people are like “Mhmm, it is what it is…”

    • Assuming, of course, that the economy does settle down. The U.K. Really hasn’t fully recovered from the GFC and this could send them into another recession. Trade restrictions will do no one any good. And that’s a whole new discussion.

      • Well, I try to be optimistic. The French aren’t happy at all. Le Pen is trying her best to milk the situation. And let’s see what happens for our British coworkers. :S It could cause them to get visa and work permits. Lot of hassle for an international company like the one I am working for. And France in general wasn’t happy about the Brexit at all, spweing threats like “We won’t control Eurostars leaving towards Britain any longer!” and other stuff.
        And yes, it could have a really bad effect on the British economy. Also the Irish economy will be affected badly.
        Overall, it’s the Germans’ fault anyway if you read international newspapers. I think my home country is more hated that ISIS and Trump combined. *sigh*

    • I just went to check, because I believed I could remember when Britain wasn’t a part of the EU. The EU was only formed in 1992.

      I believe that if the UK had asked it’s citizens back then whether they wanted to be part of it, there would have been a resounding ‘no’. It seems to me that british have always mistrusted Europe. However. Itis not Europe itself that it says ‘no’ to, but the open border policies. It would be like us saying that anyone who reaches Thailand can be admitted to Aust.

      Being a general optimist, I tend to feel that the whole reaction has been a bit much. I’m especially looking forward to grabbing some cut-price shares at the share market open tomorrow, before the big bounce. A real pity about Cameron, though, I thought he was doing a good job. The prospect of Boris Johnson as PM is more scary than brexit itself.

      • Not exactly, the European Economic Community was founded in the 1955 or something. That was basically the mother of the EU with France, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium being the founders (which is basically why these countries more or less have the most to say). UK joined in 1973. But you are right, the EU itself was formed under the treaty of Maastricht 24 years ago to have everything unified in Europe (like the Euro later etc).
        Since that day in 1973 the Brits have gotten tons of extra sausages. And they more or less tried to press more of that out of the EU. It was unfair towards other countries (plus UK got lots of money from the EU).

        Boris Johnson, that guy is smart, but he is in my opinion more dangerous than that idiot Nigel Farage… :S

        • Thanks, Zhee. So, it’s sort of been official/unofficial linking for several decades. I can see how nervous this makes the rest of Europe. I still have faith that the smart people can make this work, given enough time and diplomacy, but it is certainly going to be a big challenge, if only because it hasn’t been done before, and no-one really knows how to go about it.

          It is interesting that some people they interviewed stated that they preferred another recession to remaining in.

          • I remember my great-grandfather saying that a recession was fine If you had job certainty. Everything became cheaper. And it was easier to hire people because they were desperate.
            Selfish, I know, but I see his point.
            Not so good for some, good for others.

  6. Sidekick AKA Mr. Juz here – just testing the image uploads. Should have it all sorted out soon….

    Looks like new uploads are working again. I will be migrating existing uploaded images to a new server over the next day or so, which might result in the occasional image not showing – hopefully it’ll just happen without anyone noticing 🙂

  7. Just returned from dinner where Miss 9 and Master 12 were reprimanded by their mother for telling, ‘your mother is so fat’ jokes. “Your mother is so fat, she got arrested for carrying 2 tons of crack”. 😂

  8. It seems that Richie has a bad body odour problem – it will be interesting to see how this manifests itself when the series starts!!

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