General weekend chat – June 10

So, who’s doing what this weekend? Another rainy one ahead for SA. Only a week to go until Orange Is the New Black returns on Netflix, so Mr Juz and I will have to carefully plan our binge-watching schedule.



  1. Hi Juz et al. I just took my mother gallivanting in town. I offered to take her into 4Ladies but she said pass. We went out for coffee at the VAT, then I shouted her Chinese for lunch.

    Tonight Woolif and I are off to a party for my 22nd yr old niece. There will be lots of nice food. I cheated and bought 40 samosas from the Nepalese restaurant.

    The weather is pleasant and sunny, and that’s my news. Fun but ordinary. 😊😊😊

  2. Really slow week end. Trains still on strike. Stupid European soccer championship started (even though I do not watch it, thanks to it being early summer and open windows I could hear what happened. The French screaming in joy. Then the French screaming f.uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck and merde. Then the French screaming in joy. Then the French driving around in their cars honking like idiots.).

    I will clean up my balcony as I will get some furniture – finally. When everything is set up… girlfriends coming over and we will have some mojitos and daiquiris. Think that sounds like a plan. 😀

  3. Have fun daisy.
    Its long weekend in NSW.
    I am trying to tackle Zumbo Pear Perfection which he set for Junior Masterchef.

    I have bought them from Zumbo and they were really delicious. He has discontinued this item and the recipe looked very intimidating.

    But I have decided to give it ago. I am doing the various components on different days. Hopefully tomorrow I can share the finished product!!

    Here is Zumbo version.

    • I think I ate this on a visit to Sydney years ago – it must have been not long after his first appearance on MasterChef, because my friend and I went specifically to his shop to buy macarons. Good luck, LP.

      • My finished product!!!!! of Zumbo Pear Perfection.

        I did every component with some changes. I coloured my white chocolate with match a as I don’t have oil based green colouring.

        I made the pear gel with agar agar.

        Cant wait to tuck in.

        • These look sooo good! Matcha is all the rage now so I’d say you are one up on Zumbo! I made boring old profiteroles the other week and just dipped them in dark choc and filled with vanilla bean cream. A paltry effort in comparison.

          • Thanks Juz.

            Quite easy to have lovely filling for your profiteroles. You can add some raspberries puree to the cream or mixed with some mascopone cheese.

    • Oh wow on the zumbo Littlepetal.
      Yes Juz, I got a discount and they were delicious. Lovely vegetarian ones with lots of soft potato inside like a curry puff.
      There was also Goan fish curry, moroccan chicken, a lamb kofta, and a fruit crumble. I splashed out and had a scotch and coke too. That’s really hitting the booze for me. It was a really nice party and my niece loved her prezzie which was a silk embroidered rug or wall hanging from Kashmir.

  4. Intense Matt features heavily in Sydney weekend papers – article in the Telegraph and front cover of Sun Herald TV Guide, and article inside. Looks like the Three Little Pigs have decided …

  5. Der, should I watch the Power Apron tonight or the three fabulous shows about Muhammed Ali on ABC 2 ? Greatest Eva….not Ma$terchef.

    I look forward to reading the recap and comments. There’s always the Ma$terchef encore tomorrow. Gimme some laughs. I’ll check during ads for the awesome Apron unfurling.

    Love your work there,Littlepetal.

  6. I am on a bus full of 10 year olds atm heading to Fremantle prison. Yeah, that’s how we do discipline at this school. 😉

    4+ hr round trip.

    • Remember to tell the children that Bon $cott was a prisoner and that Brenden Abbott, the Postcard Bandit,escaped from there.

      I’ve performed in two prisons… was still operational. Scary places. The vibe stays with you.

      • Freo isn’t used so we won’t be singing any Johhny Cash, but yes, some of the cells are haunted for sure. 😨

        Although the only really scary thing would be a peanut allergy attack or losing a student. I have 17 to watch. And no Byrd to help.

  7. Picture this; I will be doing my Judge Judy snake-eye if they misbehave. Be very afraid.

    Just had our 1/2 way toilet stop.

    • Tony Robinson showed these when he did Freo Time Walk – really interesting. Love that show, he finds the weirdest attractions in the cities.

  8. Still seeing old episodes of The Middle even though new ones had been advertised, how about you Daisy?

    • The new episodes are at 7.30 Thursday – the first one was Sue starting at college. They are still showing old ones at the standard 7pm slot. That’s here anyway.

      • Thanks for the heads-up. I loved Axal going home to the Donahues. I would too. I couldn’t bear the clutter and chaos at the What-the-Hecks.

  9. Daisy, your photos of Fremantle prison were fascinating. Hope that sobering place will keep all those kiddies on the straight and narrow. Now if prisons were like that now, maybe there would be less criminals. Now you can do a tax funded university degree with good food and TV included.

  10. It was an interesting tour, Lola and we had beautiful weather for it too.
    Now here is an interesting fact that the tour guides didn’t mention. Even though no prisoners have been held at the old jail since the 80s, the first courtyard still reeks of wee. It adds a bit of authenticity I suppose.
    We heard good stories of prisoner escapes and attempted escapes.
    The kids were kept in tow all morning by Jim 😨 the scary ex warden, who had even the teachers scared to talk or take a bit of prison limestome wall for a souvenir. Then in the afternoon we had Sarah, an ex teacher who kept us in tow with her enthralling story telling. She was brilliant.

  11. Off to have lunch at Tokyo Jacks today with my lovely friend Camille. I call her Pats because she reminds me of Pats from AB Fab. So she calls me Edie.

  12. Daisy have you heard about the new movie, Absolutely Fabulous:The Movie?
    It is getting released next month. I have seen the coming attractions and it looks a real hoot, if you love Ab Fab. I for one will be going to see it.
    I hope you enjoyed your lunch.

  13. I was listening to the NPR podcast (pop culture happy hour) where they discussed the AbFab movie. I think they said it didn’t hold up for 2 and a half hours. That the joy of the joke was best done in short sharp bursts.
    I get what they are saying but I will be going to see the movie anyway.
    I would give you the link but it is deleted now.

    • Bob, does it go for two and a half hours? That could be a bit long, ninety minutes would probably be fine.
      They are probably right about it best being served in short, sharp bursts.
      Anyway I liked what I saw so will give it a go, just hope it doesn’t disappoint by overdosing us with it.

      • They didn’t actually say the time. They just said movie length and I then assumed. I hope I am wrong.

  14. My friend Pats owns Mash Brewery in Bunbury. We had a great girls’ day.
    Here is a shot taken from inside MASH.

    I don’t know who the locals are.

    • But it wasn’t a new episode after they said new episodes were starting from last Thursday! very annoying.

      • Didn’t they show the new episodes everywhere in Australia? We got the two new ones in NSW and there is no drop off in quality.
        We were ROFL with Mike and Frankie going into parent shut-down after the two older ones left for college, and Brick discovering that they considered their job done even though he is still there. Definitely had to fight that tendency in this house. Went to the Yr 9 Subject Selection presentation last night, and was internally cheering that this is the last one – yeah!
        Love that moment below between Darren and Sue – one of the best scenes of the whole show.

        • My youngest son (now 30 s9mething) tells us he hated when the others left because it left him at home getting all the attention. 😂

          There is a 3 ep Middle on tonight. Also I have some on rec I have yet to watch and I think Sue is in her dorm at college.
          We are away next week for a few weeks so I will have to set rec for The Middle, OB and Hotel Impossible.

          • Thanks for letting me know about the 3 eps of the Middle tonight, I wonder why they are doing that? Hope it is Sue in her dorm room. Have a good few weeks break.

        • I’m hoping with the three eps tonight they will be the new ones. It was advertised as the new ones but it didn’t happen here for some reason. As you can see the last one here was Sue at the prom.
          When your kids are all grown and gone you might wish they were young again Fijane! ( Then the grandkids come )

          • I already have one out of the house, and I miss him a lot now he is so far away (the next suburb!). I love having the kids at home, it is just the endless school events, repeated assignments (big speech due next week – yuk) etc. It was all quite exciting and dramatic the first couple of times, but now not so much. Don’t tell my youngest, though.

  15. 8 have a problem with the new series, and it’s the same problem I have with Modern Family. They talk way too fast and mumble. I put the subtitles on when it’s too fast, but even with that I couldn’t keep up. It’s an American thing and it’s newish. I’m not hard of hearing, so it isn’t that. It’s the speed mumble and I miss half the jokes.

    • It’s part of Sue’s personality to gabble, and I did notice that she is doing it more. We record the show so if we miss something we just go back.

      The thing I still can’t get used to, after several seasons, is Patricia Heaton’s facelift. Her mouth still looks like she has had a cleft lip repaired. I wish she hadn’t done it.

      • It’s not just Sue. Alex is doing it too. I had a Middle marathon last night but I missed a lot with the speed mumbling. The only person I can understand on Modern Family is GLORIA. 😂 She speaks at a normal pace. The rest speed talk. Alex is particulatly bad. It’s meant to sound smart and slick, but in fact it’s a waste of some good lines.

        I just hope some Americans are complaining. It was bad enough when they started emulating Miley Cyrus but this is worse.

      • Sometimes, I replay and replay and then put subtitles on and even last night, I still missed a line.

      • Yes, Axel does do it too. I suppose Americans think our sitcoms are difficult to understand as well.

  16. I think it actually started with Aaron Sorkin back in West Wing days (1990’s?). His writing is very dense and he is a bit of a genius. I suspect that all the other screen writers are trying to emulate him. But if it’s not done well it is all gabble gabble. It sounds like The Middle is in need of a good editor.

  17. The Gilmore Girls was very bad for that too. I was pleased to see two new episodes of the Middle last night although I thought we would see Sue actually packing up her stuff and leaving home with mom crying etc. Sue’s new look was kind of brushed over and the first story at her college wasn’t all that good. Hope the standard is as good and they don’t lose the magic.

    • You must have missed the first two eps then, because the packing up, the special drive to college and the reason for the haircut are all in the first episode. There is also a storyline re the “mom crying”. It was a great ep, so maybe you can find it on catchup?
      The second episode is about Sue settling in at college and waiting for her roommate to arrive.

      • All caught up now thanks to catch up tv and you Fijane!

        Poor brick must be feeling really unwanted!
        I felt very sad when we dropped our daughter off at Uni ( a few hours away ), but she is the youngest so I felt a bit more emotional than Sue’s mum. Now as a working woman, she’s even further away!
        That’s Life!

    • I found I had all the eps. Not sure which night they were on but I saw the pack up and everything. Yes Gilmore Girls do that horrible smart alec smart mouth fast talk thing. I can’t bear that show. The mum is particularly nauseating.

    • I must confess that I have a fondness for Gilmore Girls.
      It may be because I have a fragile relationship with my mother and a good relationship with my daughter, so a lot of relating goes on in my house.

  18. Oh thanks for that, not sure what happened, I will look at the catchup for sure! I thought they would have done the eps that way.

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