1. Who’s winning? Certainly not the poor home-owners … 🙁

    I agree with one of the comments in the last thread. There’s something about Fil that’s quite … off-putting. It was hard to see at first (because they kept throwing her up against somebody who was an even more abrasive, obnoxious competitor, aka Rob). The thing about Fil and Joe for me is that they keep talking about their reno experience, but none of that ever comes through in the renovations that they do. They keep making basic mistakes, they keep making really odd decisions, and they’re so obsessed with impressing the judges (while not worrying about the necessary functionality of the houses that they’re actually working to improve). I don’t know, I just find them a little off-putting.

  2. I agree Windsong. I can’t put my finger on what it is with Fil but I know I dislike her more so than him. I wouldn’t trust her. Shite hits the fan for one team going on ads for tomorrow night. Hope the boys are ok.
    M&B are nice people but soooo frustratingly slow and their measuring is shocking. She is in lala land more often than not.

    • Fil and Joe are abrasive, Clare and Hagan still snap at each other too much, and Michelle and Brook just have no idea what they’re doing. I feel like there’s really one outcome, at this point. I only watched the first few minutes, last night, and then I got bored and switched off. I think I’ve reached my limit for home reno shows, and now that this one becomes a gardening show? Pass.

  3. Umm, Clare not knowing what Tuscan is … Hilarious. And thanks, House Rules, for the sweeping aerial shots. I now know the SA house is a 2 min drive from me.

  4. So it is either C&H or M&B that go home because F&J and the boys get their gardens done. Is that how it works?
    I think F&J’s ‘reno experience’ is probably buying & flipping with a slap of paint & stock kitchen & bathroom installed by pros. Joe seems ok, Fil not so much. I’m for the boys or B&M for the win.

    • These two gardens are done for Round One, for Round Two they do the other couples’ gardens. The two scores are then combined for the next elimination.

  5. This is all getting a bit boring now.
    All happening you made me laugh with your all so true comments about Brooke and how slow he is and Michelle being in lala land, how apt. How these two ever get anything done is beyond me.
    The boys have to win this show, if Fil wins I’ll scream.
    I agree with you Windsong and your comments re Fil and PollyB also agree with F and J’s previous ‘Reno experience’.
    I feel that contestants are getting greedy these days. They make sure they include the outdoor kitchen, the fire, the children’s cubby, etc. etc….
    Excuse me if I am wrong but I am sure they never used to include so much in their outdoor requirements in the early series.
    They are making sure they miss out on nothing.

  6. I think the guy in the nursery was trying to tell C&H that cyprus are slow growing. That back fence needed a structure with climber to shut out the trains. It still fits in to Tuscan gardens.

  7. What a lying bitch Fil is. I am so glad they re showed the two girls in the furniture shop. Looks like she lied to Joe as well.

  8. I think Fil’s first sign of deceit was way back when she wanted to buy the big expensive glass vase. She was on the phone to Joe, and he told her not to waste the money, and she pretended that the phone had cut out, and said bad luck, I’m going to buy it anyway. It is a subtle form of manipulation.

  9. Brooke and Michelle did bring up the space for furniture on the deck. I think that Joe was aware of that. In the store, Michelle told Fil she was buying a dining room table. Do they not remember what is told to them or are they just liars?
    Joe gets angry that Brooke can’t help him with the caravan. Couldn’t he see how far behind Brooke was? There were other people available to help and Joe finally got them to help move it. Brooke is one of the most generous and helpful people on the show but he was trying to finish his zone with very little time remaining.
    Fil & Joe need to go.
    I feel sorry for the next team that has to work with them but they shouldn’t have to share an outdoor area with the final two outdoor renos.

    • Fil just ignores anybody else. She wants to do what she wants to do, and everyone else has to get out of the way, in her opinion.

      • You know what? That it’s, with Fil. That’s exactly it. Fil gets what Fil wants and to hell with everybody else.

        Did you notice during the judges’ evaluation, Joe was reading them the riot act about how what they did was bad, and Clare and Hagan now have his huge problem that they’re gonna have to deal with because the teams refused to work together. So we cut to Fil and Joe talking to the camera, and Fil’s freaking out because, “They said our design was bad! It’s a design competition and bad design means really low scores and oh noes!”

        It’s like, that’s what you took from that? It’s a very self-obsessed way of approaching things, and it’s making her increasingly unlikeable.

  10. I’m glad that Brook and Michelle’s house was so good. The judges were crazy not liking the pencil pines, they fit the Tuscan rules perfectly, and in time will grow very tall to hide the train line. the cubby house the boys built was very cute, and shows the work they put into it, unlike the awful caravan cubby which was just plonked on grass into an already crowded back yard. How are they meant to mow under it? Also why did the judges carry on so much about the plastic kids play thing? Its portable and easily moved so if they didn’t like it on the driveway its no big deal to move it. No one thinks about shade or shelter either. All that stuff outside will get ruined in the rain. I would personally have asked for a patio with a covering instead of fiddling around with all that outdoor furniture and shower etc.The judges like Fil and Joe as the judges gave them an 8 , same as the boys who did a much better job and deserved a 10.

    • Unfortunately pencil pines take years to grow. The yard did look good. I did wonder if chooks are allowed in Adelaide. I know my nana had to get rid of hers in Melbourne as they were banned in the suburbs.

      • Not a fan of the pencil pines. What were they thinking taking out those beautiful established trees. If they had been my trees I would have cried, especially when they were helping shield the railway line.
        Can’t believe the boys received an 8 sesame as Fil and Joe. I don’t know what those judges are trying to prove. They haven’t go a clue.
        F and J lifted everything in to their yard, the boys made everything. There is the big difference.
        Brooke and Michelle, sorry, too damn slow.

    • I was also surprised that the judges scored Fil and Joe so high. Agree that giving the boys an 8 and F & J an 8 made no sense. The boys’ area was well thought out and they made the cubby from scratch. C& H’s backyard looked terrible, IMO. Too much “stuff”. Would have been nice if F & J and B & M could have worked together better to create a more cohesive area.
      Instead of splitting the zones into left and right maybe the zones could have been split into front and back.

  11. I am so psst off with the scoring last night. The liars got into strife with judges that they had been to blame as much if not more for the debacle in C&H’s backyard, but still got 8’s. That area should have been staggered so it was a more spread area. It was crazy for the producers to make a two team yard out of it. It was smaller than most of the others on their own.

    • The website for the council for which I thinks they are zoned says chooks are OK as long as they are not too close to a neighbouring house. Even roosters are ok but if someone complains about the noise council makes you get rid of them. That small yard should have been split top and bottom, not side by side, but they did it to create friction.

  12. As above – Fil is alll about her. I also agree that there is so much ‘stuff’ in C&H’s yard. And so what about toys on the ‘drive’ FFS.
    At B&M’s I would’ve fenced along the drive & behind the carport, with a gate, so the kids had secure back & side yard.
    But why oh why do B&M think they can design, plan & build such a big yard after failing in the small yard.
    I hope C&H can withstand Fil’s selfishness.

  13. I have liked B&M throughout the renos but the gardens section they have really got on my nerves with the crying and complaining about not being able to make a decision. Michelle is now boring the shite out of me with he indecision. I feel sorry for site foremen that cop them on their site. The constant mind changing and then of course Caroline coming in at a time way too late to add drama. GGGrrr! If F&J get in the grand final, I think they are sunk thank, goodness as their selfishness has upset a lot of the public.

  14. All happening I am thinking the same about Michelle after last nights episode especially. The way she was casually looking at fires, I wanted to give her a good shake.
    They wanted the big backyard to make an impact, there is no way they can do that. They would have been better having the smaller yard and doing an excellent job instead of the bigger one and doing another botched job.
    I was always hoping they would win but sorry not any more, they haven’t really improved any.
    So I definitely don’t want Fil and Joe to win either so looks like it’s between C and H and the boys, go the Dalby boys!

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