House Rules – Sun, Jun 5 – Clare and Hagan’s double-storey reveal

They flogged this reveal heavily in every MKR ad break, but I’m still interested to see how this turns out.
Clare and Hagan will reap a huge return on their initial outlay when they eventually sell the home.



  1. The house didn’t end up looking half-bad. I’m glad the judges liked Daniel’s artwork, but he went a bit overboard (like, if he’d stopped working on it half an hour before he actually stopped, it would’ve been much nicer, but that’s just me). Funny how the weakest rooms of the whole building were Rose and Rob (the metal balustrade which looked like a ladder, over the two storey drop, was staggeringly short sighted. Don’t they have a bunch of very small children too?).

    The bedrooms looked great, apart from the crappy ensuite. The kitchen looked really amazing too. And I’m sure I spotted a ground-floor toilet down the back of the laundry.

    Can’t wait to see Claire and Hagan’s reaction.

  2. I am amazed that C&H didn’t pick up on the danger of the balustrade. Hope they will realize and fix it down the line. I liked M&B’s Alice in Wonderland bedroom best. The flowers were over stimulating imo. How cute are those little girls.
    I am pleased there is a loo downstairs, Windsong. The boys zone was fantastic. I messed up my adding up for the final scores but the right ones went home.

  3. Everyone did a good job, I liked most of it except the ensuite, the block and tackle thing, and the balastrade far too dangerous for small children. As a parent I don’t think you could ever relax for a minute. I thought the flowers in Matilda’s room was very pretty and was surprised that Claire didn’t like them. It will be interesting to see which rooms the house owners choose to redecorate.

  4. This is definitely the best house for the season, which unfortunately isn’t too difficult this year! Didn’t fil and Joe look smug about the great TV idea, the kids tunnel and the sliding door, all 3 other couples looked unimpressed at the congratulations from the judges.

  5. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who loudly cheered when Rob and Rose were revealed to have the lowest score.

  6. Very happy about the results and the team that was eliminated. I don’t think RR step back and look at what they do but just assume that their work is perfect. The show will be much better without Rob.
    Hope Fil & Joe go next. I don’t like the fact that they took credit for the TV cabinet, the tunnel and the barn door none of which were their ideas although Fil did design the cabinet.
    Both girls’ bedrooms were cute but the number of flowers that Fil put in that bedroom was overwhelming. Take a few off the ceiling and it will look better, IMO. Very nice and clever artwork by Michelle. Better than just putting stickers on the wall.
    Luke and Cody are very clever and although I wasn’t a fan of the bike it did fit with the design.

    • Hi Smythe, can you recommend any good tv series? I am watching Orphan Black and Silent Witness atm.

      • Hi Daisy, I really like Outlander. I’m also watching the Great British Sewing Bee on the internet. I didn’t think I would like it but I do. It is similar in format to GBBO. I like Game of Thrones although sometimes it’s hard to figure out who is who and who rules what. Watching Wayward Pines on ‘net, too, but I don’t think it’s very good.

          • You could check out “The Americans”. It’s about two KGB spies who infiltrate themselves into American society in the 80s.

        • I am another fan of GBSB, Smythe. I wait until it is on on foxtel. Did you know that that blond lady who was very good last year, passed away around Xmas?

          • That’s very sad, All Happening. This is the first year I am watching the program. I don’t know how I missed it in the past.

  7. C&H don’t have a front yard so don’t know how they can be in the garden episodes unless the roof of the salon is suitable for a garden. It will be interesting to see how many of R&R’s rooms have to be fixed. They really went downhill once Rose sent him away from the work site. His design skills was horrid.

    • On the House Rules web page it says that Rose is 29 and Rob 41. Rose shows greater maturity than Rob.

  8. Ain’t Karma a bitch Rob?
    Once again the boys did a great job, I wasn’t too keen on the bike but as everyone says it suits overall and Hagen really liked it.
    Balustrade is a nightmare and I would not rest for a minute if I had children in there.
    Both ensuite and bathroom were lacking storage.
    Kitchen was very good but Fil had plenty of money. Once again Fil’s work was done from her heart for the girls, yeh right.
    I did not like all of those flowers in Matilda’s room, far too many.
    I was surprised that Brooke and Michelle were so far up the leader board but glad they were.
    So pleased we don’t have to watch bully boy and his missus any more.

  9. I hope F&J go next. There is something about them I don’t like. I don’t trust her especially. I have met people like that that are all lovely on the outside BUT….
    I didn’t like the amount of flowers/dust catchers on the ceiling.

  10. I agree with most of the comments above. With a busy week, I missed quite a bit of the weekday eps, so the ensuite was a surprise. It looked to me that they were trying to copy the style of their own ensuite, which they loved but I hated.

    AH, when I saw those flowers I immediately thought of the all the dust – yuk.

    I liked the bike, but would never have it in my home. Mainly because industrial style is not my style, but I thought it fit really well, and somehow when you walk in the front door it frames the space\void perfectly.

    RR have three young boys, so it seems impossible that they didn’t realise about the railing. Presumably they only noticed after it was installed and didn’t want to change it. As a safety hazard that probably violates the Building Code of Aust, C&H probably will have to have it fixed before moving back into the house.

    Great move putting a toilet in the laundry – B&M should have got more credit for that.

    Why did this house have two living areas? In such a small house, why not put the dining area adjacent to the kitchen, and make all the rest of the downstairs a big living area. It looks like they just did it to create enough rooms for the zones.

    I’m looking forward to the re-do zones. It is a pity that some zones get excluded due to time restraints, but I do like seeing a more honest assessment from the couples about what they didn’t like. It is interesting to think back to the first house (B&M’s? or P&J’s)) and remember the shocking finishes in nearly every zone.

    • Thought the same thing about the two living areas. Just didn’t make sense in such a small house but you are probably right that they needed to do that to get enough rooms for the zones.

  11. I was amazed the judges didn’t pick up on the dangers of the step ladder balustrade. The site foreman would also pick up on the dangers also. I would also like to see risers on the stairs that are less dangerous for the kids and dog.
    This series of HR was made earlier last year but was pulled due to all the reno shows on last year. That would mean they have been living in the houses for some time. I assume the only part not done would be the mystery room that the grand final teams do up.

    • I think the judges did comment on it, but Claire and Hagan didn’t in the reveal.
      I wish that they were completely replacing it with a new vertical rail, instead of adding the timber. I would still be worried that a child could get a toe in between the bars.

      After last night’s ep, I think that they should give the teams 48 hours for the re-do. It is just ridiculous to be trying to get tradies etc the same day, and lack of time means that they can’t do the room the way they want, so will need another re-do after the competition finishes.

  12. The judges were shown criticizing the balustrade in last nights ep and so did C&H so I am happy now.
    How frustrating was Michelle dithering around in the shops? I felt so sorry for Brooke as he realized how much work they had to do and then to phaff around with the paining triangles. Priorities not big on Michelle’s list obviously.

    • So, so true. Such dithering is a really unattractive trait. I commented to DH wasn’t he glad that I’m not like that. Nancy was almost as bad, wanting to see another shop with the tradies standing on the doorstep.

  13. I would have been so psst off if I had been those tradies. Customers are always complaining when tradies are late or don’t turn up but this is just as bad. I hope they charged for the time they were waiting. Once is an accident, twice is arrogance.
    I hope the boys get through.

  14. I’m no fan of Fil’s either, I feel sorry for poor Joe, I don’t think he’s too bad a bloke.
    The TV cabinet didn’t turn out too good and won’t be scoring them too many points.
    Poor old Brooke watching Michelle procrastinate all day long, it must have driven him crazy knowing how much painting they had to do.
    Funny how he was concerned about the finish on the painting letting them down when it hasn’t worried them too much before, they have always painted poorly.
    Strange how most zones that were redone were R and R’s handiwork.
    Agree with you AH about those poor tradies being left waiting for so long. That was disgusting making them wait and they didn’t (homeowners) seem that bothered about it.

    I wonder who will be going home?

  15. Bother they are still there. That TV was shocking on the end of the kitchen cabinet. I remember the tiler saying the tiles in F&J’s lounge around the fire could not have grout. They needed to move the height of the fire and re do the tiles. Also remove the wall in the bathroom.
    N&D did do some ok stuff just a bit boring but I think they did better than F&J.

    • Yes, the tiler definitely said that the stone would pull the moisture from the grout and discolour the edges.

  16. You know, I’m sorry, but every time the judges criticised the teams for not doing enough, I wanted to shake them and remind them, “They only had 24 hours!” Luke and Cody’s began on a Friday afternoon … which would’ve been deliberately engineered by the producers to make the whole thing as difficult as possible (how hard would it have been, particularly in Dalby, to find a tradey who work his way through a weekend?). That really annoyed me. Screw you channel 7.

    As much as Fil and Joe are nice people, yeah, I’m really over the pair of them as well. I was kind of hoping they’d go home next too. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Still, without the rookie renos and Rose and Rob (a lot of “R”s going bad, here), maybe the general standard of the renos will increase from here on in?

    Also, yeah, I liked Daniel’s take on abstract art. I really do. He’s not Pro Hart, or anything, but still.

  17. The judging felt a little rigged to me. The boys did an ok job and got great scores, fil and Jo literally stuck a TV to their kitchen cabinet which looked absolutely ridiculous yet the judges wanted them to stay in the show so bad they give them good scores despite telling them they picked the wrong zone. It seems like the whole challenge was a waste of everyone’s time, they knew who they wanted to kick out of the show.

  18. Our recording cut out before the elimination, but I gather it was Nancy and Daniel who went? So sad, I liked them. Was the elimination based only on the re-do scores, or were those scores added to the cumulative scores?

    F&J’s tv was ridiculous, there was no reason that they couldn’t turn the lounge around to face the tv on the wall. I did like the lounge room stripes and dado rail, but I thought all the rest of their changes were tacky.

    Best of all the changes was C&H’s privacy screen. Not only practical and desperately needed but a real feature that added to the beauty of the bedroom. B&M’s lounge was much better, but black walls are really ugly.

    We were commenting last night that the show seems to have improved C&H’s relationship. They seem to be speaking much better to each other now. Nice to see.

    • I get the impression that Clare and Hagan are just both passionate people, who don’t handle incredibly-stressful situations well. I found that I never really held that against them (since that applies to a lot of us, I’d imagine). But the longer the show’s gone on, they do seem to be having less freak-out-at-each-other moments. I’m sure they’re perfectly content as a married couple, like, it’s not Rose-and-Rob levels of dysfunction, there’s plenty of moments of onscreen genuine affection between the two of them. But channel 7 wants drama and was only picking the most dramatic parts of their relationship to show.

  19. Did anyone notice that pointed look (almost daggers) that Fil directed at Claire & Hagan after the judges comment about it not being the right area to do, particularly because of that wall in the bathroom? It seems to me that all the contestants created some really awful rooms, Fil especially, but there was no obvious attitude towards the other contestants because of it. And they did choose to do the most difficult area. I really do not like Fil.

    • Yes AnnieB I noticed that look and in fact I noticed another one when the zone was mentioned, if looks could kill.

      I don’t like Fil either and wouldn’t like to cross her.

  20. Fil and Joe did very little to the zone and what they did was just not great so I was surprised when Wendy actually scored them higher than Nancy and Daniel. Both Wendy and Joe made a big deal out of the fact that F & J chose the wrong zone. In addition, bathroom and living room layout did not have the major flaws corrected. The brick on the fireplace looked worse than before. To me the stripes on the bathroom wall made it look more closed in especially with the mirror reflecting the stripes. Maybe if Daniel had placed his artwork in the dining room the judges would have been more impressed. I don’t think F & J deserved to stay.

    I could use some new art work in my home. I might try Daniel’s style. Although he is not a professional, he did a nice job. Maybe this experience will inspire him to continuing creating art.

  21. I saw that look AnnieB. Looks could kill and all that. I agree Smythe, F&J shouldn’t have stayed.
    I did like the privacy screen C&H did and the balustrade looks so much better.

  22. The only thing I think the judges liked about Fil and Joe’s zone was the colour they painted the living room, I can’t really remember any other positive comments. Don’t get me started on how stupid that T.V. looked.
    The judging was meant to be done on how they redid their chosen zones.
    But Wendy commented when scoring Fil and Joe that she knows how good they usually are at pulling designs together (or something like that) and that is why she is giving them an 8.
    So she is saying, you got it wrong today but usually you are better than this. Well excuse me, the judging was all about the last 24 hours no other time.
    I think that stinks.

    Loved what C and H did with those stairs and the ensuite, excellent job.
    Claire is always ready with an answer when she is criticised, she doesn’t like it at all.
    I think B and M also did a good job.
    N and D’s zone was a bit bland and a few good simple opportunities missed.
    I am sorry but D’s artwork did nothing for me.
    Had to laugh when he had to Google how to set a table, where would we be without G.

  23. I think the wrong couple went home, that tv looked so silly stuck at the end of the kitchen bench. Imagine trying to work or eat at the bench and food scraps etc ending up down the back of the tv. It just looked awful and I thought it would have sent them home. N and D looked so upset, but at least their house got a make over, pity they couldn’t have got their gardens done as well, instead Fil gets to stay another week.

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