MasterChef – Mon, June 20

The losing team from the invention test relay challenge now face off in the pressure test. Contestants must recreate guest chef Flynn McGarry’s signature dish to avoid elimination.

Bye, Anastasia!



    • Oh my God I was sure she was going to cut herself & you wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference with all that bright red beetroot juice.

  1. Why call a vegetarian dish ‘beef Wellington’. Why not think of some Beetroot vegetarian name. It’s a disservice to lovely vegetarian dishes (and lovely beef Wellington dishes) and it’s just an all out wank.

    • Just like the vegetarian dishes in Chinese restaurant that I grew up with.

      Mock duck, mock fish and they looked like duck or fish!!!!

    • Not a fan of beetroot so can’t think of anything worse than beet wellington. Just like a small slice on a hamburger.

  2. Right, so the Gary intervenes early to give Chloe the option to rectify her mistake. No favouritism, yeah!

    • …while Anastasia gets a too late avalanche of platitudes from George.

      If Anastasia could have put herself on a plate, it would have been lamb~ to the slaughter.

      Why does the show make a mockery of the humble while it celebrates the delusions of grandeur of the hungry for fame , look at me fake crier types like , well , uh….the metal nosed contrived pa$$ion conveyance?

  3. Now we have seen why the peanut gallery should shut up. The ‘encouragement’ doesn’t help the more introverted contestants.

    • It’s analogous to watching a hanging and yelling out to the prisoner~

      “You got this ! You can do it! C’mon!”

      ~ when they’re actually doomed and can’t do it.

  4. Lord, they scare me when they wipe their knives with the blade on the inside of their palms. Surely anyone who professes to be a cook should know better, even those who only slice fruit.

  5. Chloe states it’s ‘frustrating’ for her to be in an elimination test every time she ignores her instinct. Didn’t realise her instinct occasionally comes in the form of Curtis Stone whose advice she flatly ignored.

    • That comment made me chuck up my salted caramel maple bacon parfait sphere all over my fennel frond crumb, The overwhelming arrogance was breathtaking. So her shtick is ‘I’m a confident and inventive natural genius who gets misled by the conventional untalented losers around me. I need to strike out and lead the way.” God help us in Heston week.
      Anyway I must go now and temper chocolate discs, nod inanely and invade Poland.

  6. Chloe is the teachers pet this year.
    Poor Anastasia is eliminated and even though I didn’t warm to her , I felt a bit sorry for her.

    That faux beef Wellington dish did not look very appetising with the green spinach ball, bright red sauce and what the fig was next to it!

  7. Anastasia was a nice, normal, modest girl who could cook well, so despite tonight’s failed effort, she had to go sooner or later.
    As for Theresa, I smell a rat – one minute she’s fluffing around, hands in the air, confused, not knowing what day it is … next, she rises like a phoenix from the ashes … again. I think she’s getting help behind the scenes.

    What’s with the American kid – shouldn’t he be out getting drunk and vandalising cars? There was something odd about him. When ‘judging,’ he seemed disconnected, and his criticisms just aped what we’d heard during the cooking. He was like an actor saying his lines.

    ‘Beet Wellington’ indeed! Another ridiculous dish and an insult to fine, upstanding beetroots everywhere.

    • Theresa did get some work experience from Reynold and others between the time she was eliminated and the time she returned. Perhaps she was also getting some additional one on one training and guidance. I thought she would be the one to be eliminated last night and am surprised she was not although based on Anastasia performance it became obvious who would be eliminated.

  8. I was really hoping Chloe would fuck up & go home but knew she probably would be safe.
    Do not swap meat for beetroot. EVER!!! That is just wrong. It seemed a ridiculous dish & more trouble than it was worth.
    I felt so sorry for Anastasia when she broke down. Then George gave his pep talk & she seemed to get more focused after that.

  9. I am a vegetarian and the Beet Wellington dish did not look tempting at all to me. I like beets but beets wrapped in a pastry with that green lumpy beetroot leaf thing and the smoked figs just does not sound good.

    More about Flynn McGarry:

    Didn’t they used to hand out the recipes to the gantry group?
    The gantry needs to be duct taped. They only make it worse for contestants, especially the ones who fall behind.

    • Poor Flynn. He looked like a James Dean impersonator who’d lost his way to a blue light disco. Out of his depth in a birdbath.

      If he can make it in New York, he ‘ll make it anywhere. Right, Frank?

      His beet dish was rooted. It was closer to an Unwellington.

  10. Aw, he was only 17 and he was on TV! That would make a kid clam up a bit tense, I think. What an amazing career trajectory for a teenager. (He showed his slight disagreement to the overtalking up of Chloe’s dish with sligh wrinkling of his forehead though. A very polite young man.)

    I really like Anastasia, so very sorry to see her go.

  11. Getting her back story shown on a bad day on the Sunday spelt doom for Anastasia…. now she can go home and regain her sanity and realise what life is like in the real world.

    I feel for Chloe… the minute she’s out of the vacuum of lala land (Masterchef) I fear reality where she is the poor bullied girl again and not the adored one will destroy her.

  12. You may be right about Chloe , hewhohasnoname .
    She said she was bullied in the past and all those Tatts on her body . . low self esteem maybe.

    I’m not one for body art unless you are a native Samoan or Maori.

  13. Gruff Gary and fly-in Flynn duped Chloe into thinking it necessary to make another 50ml of charred beetroot juice. Using a 1/10 less measure of all other ingredients would have resulted in the correct consistency when reduced and there would have been ample, as shown when all contestants plated up a la Flynn’s example and even when the judges poured more. 500ml necessary to start with my foot! So Chloe used the spent charred beets, having no time to prepare more, and watered down her sauce. Meddle with maths! Show some guts and gumption! It makes me want to applaud Brett for going rogue and Miles for turning his back on the melee for a quick exit.

    • Same sentiment as you. As if 50ml less will make that much difference!! If Chloe is a confident cook she should just ignore them. Also the runny sauce from Chloe could not be due to the added 50 mls of water. That sauce was reduced to buggery. Its her technique that was wrong

      • I was thinking the exact same thing. It was only 50 mls for God’s sake. As if they would notice if it was topped up with water.

    • I concur… sometimes these contestants don’t think… if the recipe says temper 1.5kg of chocolate to make 1 disc???? In a commercial kitchen where they need to make enough for x amount of servings not one that’s fine… same with the pastry last night looked like way too much made for one beet… could’ve halved the recipe easily. And after all that time already on show you’d think they’d know how to make rough puff by now.

  14. The beet wellington dish didn’t appeal to me. If Flynn wanted to just change the last letter of beef to create a new dish, why not a bee wellington? Something made with honey, honeycomb, and pastry sounds more appetising to me than a mishmash of beetroot. Or a beer wellington?

    George grabbing Anastasia’s arms and almost shaking her when she broke down was uncalled for and inappropriate. Keep your hands to yourself, George.

  15. Sad to see Anastasia go, she was one of the better cooks. Really wanted either Theresa or Chloe to go.
    The editing needs to be better, it seems whomever is judged last is either the dish of the day or the worst, way too predictable.

    • All the ones I have seen, the safe dish has always been tasted first. Admittedly, I’m only half-heartedly watching now.

  16. I fast-forwarded through this one today. It was obvious poor Anastasia was going home from early on. She was so worked up about her first time being up for elimination she overthought everything. If it had been week one of the comp she would probably have survived. Chloe needs to hit the books and learn what cheffy terms like chiffonade mean. It’s something you learn in Term 1 of Tafe commercial cookery. Glad to see Heather do so well and, while Theresa lost a little focus, she certainly was not as infuriatingly indecisive as in previous challenges. However, she is the main reason they were in elimination in the the first place.

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