MasterChef – Thurs, Jun 30 – Heston elimination and masterclass

The seven contestants who created the least impressive dishes during the pop-ups now face off to stay in the competition in the final Heston-inspired challenge. Plus, a special Heston Masterclass.

So from the promo it seems it’s a rainbow challenge and IM gets the short straw of blue. Urgh. Surely even Heston does not want a plate of blue food?
No recap from me tonight – I look forward to reading your whingeing about the elimination tomorrow.



  1. So Chloe thinks it’s about telling a story, so she could cook whatever she wants and just blab on about it.

    Background stories on Chloe and Heather, so far.

  2. Stupid challenge if you are able to say that indigo is grandma’s favourite colour and hence you can cook whatever you like.

    • Would have been cheaper for the producers if they had simply propped up a life size cardboard cutout of Heston – and about as entertaining.

  3. Seriously! Chloe thinks presenting the dish on an indigo plate cuts it. Ch10 did not get their money’s worth for Heston week.

    • Don’t you think she would have checked first if there were indigo plates before she decided what to cook?

    • I know. The ones who got purple/indigo/blue & none of them thought to do something with blueberries. They are my absolute favourite berry.

    • The second half of that list is purple and should have been the things that Trent used. His dish was just pink, pink, pink – can’t think past beetroot.

  4. I am focusing way too much on Chloe and the way she talks. Either she is getting too much air time or the weekend is just around the corner.

    • I find my eyes looking elsewhere when she appears on screen or I when hear her talking.. please tell me she’s leaving next week!

  5. I used to work in a lab with liquid nitrogen. We had to wear a full face mask, elbow length gloves and a protective apron.

    Cool stuff to play with but I can certainly sympathise with the contestants have trouble with elements not holding their shape.

    • Yes poor IM! So unfair! And yet they questioned Chloe at the beginning of the ‘cook’ and still she didn’t do anything about it until the last few seconds when she scrambled to look for the non-existent indigo plate.. Pffft!

  6. ROFL – Chloe goes looking for indigo bowl, with only a couple of minutes to go. Oops, they don’t have one.

    This is going to be interesting. Heather or Chloe?

  7. I knew there would be no indigo plates. What idiot leaves it to the last three minutes to look … oh yeah.

  8. Heather is in trouble but there were more focus on Chloe.

    Of course they will say Chloe’s dish is full of deliciousness even though nothing to do with indigo and will be safe

    • They will lose what little credibility they have left if they let Chloe through. The dish looks pretty and I’m sure it will be full of tasty deliciousness – but it totally missed the brief.

  9. So Heston has not been impressed with the dishes on offer this week.

    Chloe wells up. Chloe’s problem is she does not listen or takes hints.

  10. Arty Elena’s dish did look delicious. And that’s the first time I have seen Heston animated this season so it must be good (or else he is really hungry).
    If Chloe is not sent home for serving white food on a white plate and calling it indigo then this show really has jumped the shark.

  11. Chloe trying to sell her Grandmother’s indigo, fairy Crap or whatever story.
    Missed the brief completely.
    Selling all the food stories – a whole lot of bullshit.
    If Chloe is safe, then MC has jumped the shark.

    Heston still looking miserable.

  12. I love Matt Preston 🙂 When IM was struggling to explain his dishes connection to blue, Matt jumps in with a little hint abut the mussels.

  13. Watching Theresa is nauseating.
    Although her dish did look good.

    Heather’s lemon delicious looks like vomit on a plate.

  14. On a different note – last night the judges said the three that aren’t in elimination are the front runners. Little bit different from our poll results. From memory I think we had IM, GE and Trent as top three.

    • That’s because we think Harry is a plagiarising tosser, Mimi a gesticulating wannabee and Elise a mere survivor of judge abuse.

    • As of three days ago we had IM on about 68 votes, GE 54 and then a big gap down to Trent 25 – Chloe was on about 19 votes.

  15. There will be another SM meltdown if Chloe is not eliminated.

    Talking to the camera, Chloe doesn’t look too sad

  16. What a surprise!Not.

    Did you notice Chloe’s pantomine hand over mouth reaction to Heather’s elimination?

  17. How many times has Chloe not only been in elimination but also at the bottom 2/3 and she survives each time. Heather and IM may not have hit a bull’s eye on the brief, but Chloe was a mile off. Still that lemon delicious didn’t look good and we don’t know what it tasted like. I did love the look on George’s face when he had to replate it – I think that was painful for him.

      • But that’s what it is meant to look like, but it tastes great. Never heard of putting sultanas in there, though. If she had served it in a ramekin she would have been fine. A victim of so-called modern plating methods.

  18. It’s quite good Chloe has a fatal flaw – she cannot take on direction, or criticism, or feedback. This is the third time she’s had clear Wrong way, go back! feedback first from Curtis Stone, then Heston bloody Blumenthal, and again tonight, and she just looks flabbergasted that anyone could disagree with the rightness of her views and ploughs ahead with her old idea unchanged! It really is strange. Fingers crossed she keeps it up!

    • Not sure what kind of demand there might be out there for a nanny who cannot take on direction, or criticism, or feedback. Usually they’re the kind you read about in the papers or see on Dr.Phil. Or not paying rent on Judge Judy.

      Or featured, favoured and feted on Ma$terchef. $an Francisco. Are you ready for ‘dis?

  19. I think Heather said ‘Sultana Lemon Delicious’ about 50 times.
    It was a mess which contained too much information: lemon, chocolate, coffee .. the list went on and on. The only thing it didn’t have was fennel …

    Which was provided by Chloe. She was trying to get away with the indigo & grandma narrative, but ended up with the autopsy. Her plate looked pathetic.

    Trent’s dish was anything but violet, Theresa’s toadstool was a bit silly, Heston looked like he was having an enema ..
    But the worst crime of all was Mimi’s red lipstick.

    • Hey , that was teacher’s pet crystalised fennel. If it had been on an indigo plate, it would have sung:

      You ain’t never been blue; no, no, no,
      You ain’t never been blue,
      Till you’ve had that food indigo.
      That feelin’ goes stealin’ down to my jews
      While I just sit here and sigh, “Go ‘long blues”.
      I always get that food indigo,
      Since Heather said goodbye.
      And in the kitchin’ when the lights are low,
      I’m so untalented I better cry.
      ‘Cause Heston don’t care about me,
      I’m just a poor fool that’s bluer than blue can be.
      When I get that food indigo,

    • She mentioned the sponge she screwed up (that I’d never heard of) many, many times too. CWA cookbook fan, I guess.

  20. Just got home from an interstate trip and am relieved to read the comments here and see my faves survived. So, what did IM cook with his blue theme? There aren’t any pix of his dish on Twitter or Facebook.. Was Heather not wearing her headband? That’s from whence all her cooking powers spring.

    • IM used seafood because it comes out of the sea which he reckons is blue. I saw some prawn carcasses and some blue mussels. IM, Chloe, Heather and maybe someone else all “missed the brief”.

  21. One can only hope, during the pre-finale this year, we get to see the judges cook up a blue or indigo dish for us to rip apart.

  22. No surprises Heather was eliminated, she had been getting little screen time recently, her back story was shown and her tasting was shown last.

    Chloe seems to be leading a charmed life, every time she messes up someone else does worse, won’t be surprised to see her go all the way now seeing as the judges seem to like her a lot.

    • Yes it is unfortunate that every time Chloe stuffs up somebody else stuffs up worse. Bit like last year’s Sara till she served them raw chicken & they just couldn’t overlook that.

  23. I don’t mind Chloe, but she definitely should have been gone last night. At least Heather was on track with the theme. And they didn’t say anything of Heather’s tasted bad, just that there were too many different flavours that didn’t go together.

    IMO, Brett’s was the dish of the day – inventive, clever, fitted the theme perfectly. Elena’s was nice, too, but not as creative as Brett’s.

    • Heather’s dish was a case of damned if she did and damned if she didn’t. If she presented the lemon dish unadorned she would be told it was too simple, yeah?! With the extra elements, it distracts from the dish.
      As always, it comes down to who is more marketable. She never stood a chance.

      • Yes, she really had no hope – just chosen as the patsy this elimination.

        I think she would have been wiser to choose a different central element. Lemon is so common, if she had chosen a more obscure item (starfruit, yellow capsicum, squash, pineapple, corn, egg yolk) she would have got some brownie points for originality.

        Better still, just steal Chloe’s dish and present it.

  24. Do we really have to sit through more of Chloe in the upcoming episodes? Where was the indigo…..on the bottom of the plate. LOL Maybe she could have at least flipped the plate and used the bottom instead of the top but this still would not have evoked “indigo”. She could make up whatever story she wanted to about her grandmother and winter nights but there was absolutely nothing related to indigo in that dish except for the bottom of the dish.

    Matt was a fail, too, even though he used blue mussels but looking at the plate there was no sense of blue. At least Heather used lemon and although her lemon delicious looked like runny scrambled eggs it was yellow.
    Didn’t see much violet in Trent’s dish…more reddish pink colors.

    Weren’t there any blue/purple foods in the pantry: blueberries, boysenberries, eggplant, purple cabbage, boysenberries, etc. ? Did they have a brain freeze? I think I heard one or more of the judges say that the color did not have to be in the foods but that the dish needed to make one think about that color and so for some of the contestants that was a way to not use any foods of the chosen color and just try to evoke the color with a story.

    IMO, since they attempted to guide Chloe regarding the lack of indigo and she just didn’t listen plus the fennel was bad she should have been eliminated. They need to consider eliminating more than one person if there are flawed elements on the plate and/or they do not follow the brief.

    Thought it was funny when George asked Theresa what has happened to her. Well George, she went out and got some experience and so she comes back to the MC kitchen with that knowledge. Maybe contestants should not be able to go out and get work experience until after the comeback episode.

    • Those judges must be thick.
      I know that if I ate a sorbet and soggy fennel, I would automatically think of Chloe’s grandma’s jumper.

    • I’m pretty sure I heard Trent say his chicken was marinated in violets and something or other – actual violet flowers, ie! So he did incorporate the colour name as well as flavour to some degree into his dish, at least.

      I thought they were crazy. Heather doing a childhood pudding – lemon delicious could be jazzed up maybe but lemon delicious sultanas? – for a conceptual challenge for Heston H-bomb Blumenthal? Chloe acting as if it was reasonable that her grannie wore a purple jumper, etc, and therefore… Even Matt – use the blue swimmer crab claws uncooked as garnish, I thought at the end as he raced around looking for a blue element.

      There were stacks of blueberries, eggplants, and even food colourings they could have popped in as touches of their colour; or they could have thought of plating before the end and seen what was in fact available.

      Debowling that lemon sultana delicious was a bad idea, why not make a smaller bowl and serve that? etc. Leave out the damn sultanas. And do some other lemony things, to go along with it. So much brain freeze.

    • do you recall the first season (yes the year of Julie) they did weekly work experience (they also did the spike of doom to eliminate contestants – ahh happy times)
      Also when Po came back she had practiced and perfected her egg dish which wowed the judges

  25. My colour is indigo so I’m going to talk about indigo and hope they don’t notice that I DON’T USE INDIGO. And oh, I have a grandma too by the way.

  26. I recall at the beginning of the challenge Matt was telling the contestants that they can use the colour to inspire them in any way. It doesnt have to be literal.
    Then towards the end of the challenge suddenly to IM and Chloe it’s “where’s the blue, where’s the indigo”
    That’s changing the rules – if you want the colour on the plate say you want the colour on the plate.
    Even the editing is inconsistent, it had the contestants parroting the instructions – Elena even said that it doesn’t have to be a literal interpretation in the beginning of the challenge.

    I hate it when the shows producers just assume we are going to accept every statement on that show as though it has been that way all along.

  27. The thing is… not even shocked that Chloe survived….

    So just because George mentions his favourite thing in the world is fennel… you don’t have to use it in every bloody dish!

    The problem with the judges is that if you miss the brief, it all comes down to deliciousness… so if you’re stumped with the brief you almost give the contestants an out to cook the best dish they can out of the brief in a hope that someone cooks in the brief but screws up! Sorry that should be no boom boom… brief should be top priority as that’s the mental challenge and to show a cooks flexibility… not another curd, sorbet, cream.

    I also believe that Heather’s Jew Wong Tong Lemon Slutnana delicious probably did taste nice as did her accompaniements… but the dismissal of the dish before they even tasted it highlighted the Chloe love….

    Maybe Heather should of brought some theatre to the dish… started off with a bit of a strip tease then proceeded to pee on the plate to give it a more yellow warmth.

    At least we got to see Teresa finally admit to blatant copying…. thought her mushroom lacked finesse… the choco dots were too thick…. too much glaze….

    Shark jumped over the moon.

  28. Not impressed by Theresa’s dish. Another b…… dome, basic sponge and chocolate and a crumb. It looked like a poor man;s version of a kid’s birthday cake. Looks like she is now the judge’s golden child no.2. Are we meant to admire someone who was eliminated (rightly) was given second chance (ahead of more deserving returnees) and who has bombed many times since?

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