MasterChef – Wed, Jun 1 – team challenge

TV blurb: Today’s off-site challenge will take place at George Calombaris’ Hellenic Republic restaurant. Split into two teams, each team must prepare a three course feast for 120 guests to avoid elimination.



  1. Zoe ignores George re the basting.

    Miles informs the audience that Geo’s Mum know alot about Greek food. Really?

    New drinking game. Every time a contestant makes an asinine comment.

  2. Zoe is doing a lot of yelling.
    Mimi has still not got her moussaka in the oven. The smarty pants is getting her cumuppance along with Zoe.
    Nicorette is pretty useless under pressure. Showing her age as a 19 year old teenager.

    The boys, Charlie, Matt have to work under the panic merchant girls.

  3. Zoe just move her team from what they were supposed to do to another station.

    Poor Cecilia is stuck by herself to prepare the dessert. Really bad management from the Capt

    • I felt soo sorry for Cecilia. Zoe was useless as a captain. She had to take someone off basting (against George’s orders) merely to plate entree, but couldn’t allocate a helper to dessert? Not good.

      • Yeah I couldn’t believe she did that when George gave specific instructions & explained why someone had to stay by the meat.

  4. I would like to eat those desserts served by Miles team. Do you think it is the overload of alcohol?

  5. May I make the observation the George’s mother can use cutlery correctly? So when I comment on his ‘raised by Wolves’ table manners I absolve Mrs Columbaris.

  6. I think the lamb from the red team is not as tasty as the blue team. There was extra emphasis on basting the lamb regularly for a good flavour. Red team didn’t do that.

    Also service from the red team must be way way behind. How long will it take to make the moussaka? When mains were to be served, the moussaka was not even in the oven

  7. Oh true excitement! Spoiler alert -you can Cleary see a favourite of ours cooking in the elimination.

  8. I think Intense Matt will use his immunity pin.

    They need to eliminate one of the girls or else no more guys left.

  9. No recap tonight from me – hectic day so am surfing the net instead. Can someone please comment with the names of everyone on the losing side? Ta

  10. Well, Cecilia wouldn’t have been ‘a hero’ if the captain hadn’t left her on her own with a huge workload and delegated properly.
    Zoe really is as dumb as they come – there’s more to organising a team than yelling ‘push, push!’ (And Marco should be shot for starting that)

    Now, thanks to her, poor Charlie, Anastasia and Elise face elimination, while smug Chloe gets to watch from above, fiddling with her piercings. Ah, there’s no justice!

    Did one of those waitresses sound like a chipmunk?

  11. Blue team got very short shrift at the end; they were barely on camera. Blue team,your food was good and it went out on time…”but that doesn’t matter.” Doesn’t it? My mistake then. Perhaps if someone other than Miles had been captain, blue team would have had some deserved credit.

    Zoe was so rapt in all eyes being on her that she forgot to captain her team. Poor Cecilia was left on her own doing all the desserts, but she just kept working. No one noticed her by herself in the corner. Some team that was.

    Must they all act as though they’re on a high school cheer squad? Go, red team! Go, blue team! Oh, fuck off. Have none of them ever had a job before?

    I, too, was checking out Mrs. Calombaris’s table manners. George has picked up his disgusting habits since he left home, because she didn’t eat off her knife or chew with her mouth open once. She seemed a nice respectable lady, who was also very tactful in her criticisms of the food. Class, George, something you don’t have.

  12. This was a service challenge so to say that the service did not matter was ludicrous. Red team was lacking and it is good that they didn’t win but the win coming down to the amount of cinnamon on the doughnuts…..hahahaha. How about praising the blue team on their organization and Miles’ leadership, judges, rather than ignoring the quality of service? Zoe left Cecelia to do the desserts on her own and she took someone away from constantly basting the lamb opposite to George’s instructions. She lacked organization and leadership and failed as captain. The red team was lucky to get all of the dishes out before time was up.

    For having to juggle all of those desserts until the last few mins. Cecelia should be exempt from elimination.

    So much hair swinging in the kitchens. At least Zoe finally put her hair up. That’s about all she got right.

  13. Zoe actually took everyone from thier jobs except Cecilia and Mimi who stayed with the desserts and main.

    Lucky they didnt listen to her about doing cigars for Dessert. Also she was to blame for the beef (wrong choice of meat) moussaka that took so long to prepare.

    I just wonder how long the diners have to wait for the mains and desserts.

    It’s a shame the blue team did not get any recognition for doing a great job. In fact they just said both teams did a good job. How can that be?

  14. I couldn’t believe Zoe leaving the lamb spit unattended for that long. It could’ve had a coal flare up and burned, or lost its grip as it cooked and dropped part of it too close to the coals…. she would’ve had nothing.

    And yet she still couldn’t put a 2nd person on dessert. Miles did way better as a manager. The food looked pretty equal but Zoe’s ineptness had to be called out… although yeah, don’t get George saying late food service doesn’t matter. Bet he doesn’t say that when it’s his staff fucking up.

  15. After George emphasising strongly that the meat needs to be watched & basted constantly, Zoe takes the guy watching it away. He should have still gone out every 10 mins or so to check on it. And poor Cecilia stuck making the desserts all by herself with no help. Very bad management there.
    Those moussaka’s looked really yummy. I love moussaka, but I would have preferred the meat one to the vegetarian one.
    Donuts are Greek? I didn’t know that, thought they were American.
    Is George’s mother Greek? She’s very fair for a Greek woman.

    • It depends where they come from in Greece. It’s like the Italians. The further north they are from, the taller and blonder they are. The further south, the darker and shorter. Obviously a generalisation but like most generalisation, 99% true.
      But then, of course, there is hair dye. I swear my natural colour is Schwatzcopf Aztec Copper.

      • George’s Mum looks like she used to be darker, but is following the old rule that lighter hair is more flattering to the older face.

      • The north/south thing is true for Italians.
        Greeks, though, with blonde hair and blue eyes are a small minority of Spartan origin (as they are happy to tell anyone). The majority of Greeks we see today got their brown eyes and darkness from the Turks and Middle East, genetically dominant.

        As for Mrs. George – she just dyes her hair blonde.

  16. Wished for conversation:

    George:Yeah, you have to push, yeah?
    Minion: yes George.
    George: yeah?
    Minion: I just said yes . It’s where yeah comes from. The same place where you dont eat off the back of your fork or lick your knife, or end every sentence with a redundant inflection.

  17. Just caught the replay. What a nonsense comment that it didnt matter that they took so long to get their dishes out!! The other team had finished! No acknowledgement whatsoever for poor Miles- whilst he is not my favourite i thought he did a fabulous job as leader – stayed calm and clear. After going on and on about the need the baste the lamb for the whole time they then praised both??? Ugh. I think poor Cecilia deserves a free pass. This episode really frustrated me!!!

    Ps first time posting so hello all!!

  18. Zoe totally scuppered her team and while she said she’ll take full responsibility for the loss, blah blah, she won’t volunteer to go home instead of one of the team mates she shafted. That ‘s a little too fair for the Ma$terchef Kitchin.

    Did Zoe do anything at all besides mindlessly bleat “Keep pushing”?

    Ditto welcome to Kylie.

  19. Bit of an anti-climax to how ‘tough’ George’s mother was going to be with her judging! She claimed everything was great or a good job… excellent! I wanted to hear something scathing, especially about that ‘not-basted enough’ lamb!

  20. That lamb must have been awful, but they couldn’t very well say that for fear of the director and the need to make everything a cliffhanger.

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