1. The Briefcase is another version of poverty porn. The ads are already pitting two desperado families and their desperate conditions against each other.

    Sometimes I hate this entertainment industry.

    • One scenario I saw in the promos , I found myself thinking, yeah , give it to the needy family but you see them and know all the cash is going to be blown on junk food. The kindness could literally kill them.

      If Ch 9 could televise it , they would fill the MCG with minorities and let a bunch of lions go at ’em. Karl would spruik that, too..

  2. I was watching the Today Show this morning, and Karl was doing his usual best to spruik this show (since channel 9 signs his pay-cheques, after all. If you watch closely, you can see the puppet strings). It sounded even viler, and I was just wanting to reach through screen and tell him, “Shut up you irritating man-child”.

    • I can’t bear to watch Karl. Just a boofhead.
      How can he get paid so much more than Lisa, a respected journalist and member of the Order of Australia? Something wrong with a system that does that.

      • If Lisa is paid less even though she is a co-host then that just explains that the old boys club mentality of 9 (Remember Eddie wanting to give one female presenter the bone?) is still alive and kicking.

      • I despise the man. But I particularly loathe him whenever he does those segments where he puts his big boy trousers on and pretends to be a real journalist. No, Karl, you’re a drunken idiot, and don’t pretend otherwise.

        • I saw someone in a “Karl who? ” T shirt the other day. I thought of the many who can’t stand him.

          He’s a hopeless buffoon.

  3. I ‘m impressed how Lisa can smile her way through a commentary on yet another livestock cruelty story on export farm animals.

    It must take some real skill to do that.

  4. I might be speaking out my bum (not literally), but at a glance, this Eddie McGuire thing seems like s storm in a teacup (not actually). We used to say, “Go jump in the lake (when there wasn’t a lake).
    Eddie McGuire frequently says idiot things on Hot Seat, but this boo hoo preciousness drives me nuts (but no nuts are actually involved).
    Did Eddie really want her to drown, or is he just an idiot? Luckily I am a woman and can call Eddie an idiot and can even joke that he has his nuts waxed. 😊😊😊

    • I thought this at first but then I listened to the segment, and remembered his history (Eddie has form), and thought about how long it took him to apologise, and read his other remarks on other minority groups, and read and listened to the social commentators talk of the link between language and acceptance of domestic violence, and remembered my next-door neighbour who talked of cranky women needing a good root, and, in hindsight, how subdued and timid his wife was, and (big breath) listened to how the victim, sorry, subject of all this felt, and came through a very long, dark tunnel to decide that it was not okay.
      I put up with a lot of garbage in my career thinking that it was just what you had to do if you were a woman in a male dominated field, and I thank god that my daughter doesn’t have to deal with half of what I thought were just bad jokes. They were never funny but, on reflection, were designed to keep me in my place.
      In fact I remember one ‘gentleman’ telling me that my problem in life was that I didn’t know my place.
      It all comes down to the fact that two of these men are CEO’s of very large companies and are very influential in their fields. They have a huge reach into society and are about to be in charge of a number of groups of very young women. I think their original comments reflect their real views, irrespective of the apology, and nothing will change them. ( *pant, pant*. I am not as fit as I used to be and soap boxes make me dizzy).

      • As I said, I might be talking tbrough my bum, because I didn’t see the footage, and was only going by a couple of news stories.

      • I deal with blokes underestimating me in the work place too Bob. It’s because I’m a sweet little old lady and say silly things a lot. But I am actually a hellova lot smarter than they are. I don’t need a pay rise, more work, promotion or their approval so I think, “Whatever, dickheads”. But I think it with a smile. πŸ˜†

      • Very well said, Bob. I’m not yet able to decide which side of the fence I’m on in this case, but one thing I know: what is in the heart eventually comes out the mouth. The quality men in my life would never say the things that Eddie (and others) say, because they just don’t think that way.

        • … I have to qualify that by saying that I find the way some women talk about men to be highly offensive as well.

      • Well said Bob, Eddie has been allowed to get away with this shit and plenty of other crap as well that had poured out of his mouth over the years and he is never held accountable.
        He always mumbles an apology and I was only joking and it’s once again buried under the carpet, until the next time.
        He is nothing but an ignorant, full of his own self importance arsehole.
        Sorry but I can’t stand him.

  5. I wish someone would bloody well drown the fake tradie doing the political ads. He’d be a nut waxer , no risk.

    Eddie is an idiot but he’s versatile~ racist, sexist , elitist, all these things and more. This time , he’s been forced to eat more shit or lose $.

  6. As little, precocious Lilly on Modern Familty would say, “Cry me a river”, or “Do you want me to call a wwwaΓ hhhmulance”.
    I’ll just say, “too many cry babies”.

    • I don’t understand how he keeps getting away with it.
      In the comments section of your link BDD someone posted how on the Millionaire show he spent a whole show calling an Indian contestant ‘Slumdog’.
      Why wasn’t he sacked back then, in 2010?

  7. There was the time he suggested a male contestant kiss a female contestant on Hot Seat. That was awkward.

  8. I’m a fierce mother hen if kids at school get picked on or bullied, but sometimes I think adults need to just take a bex, have a lie down and get over it. There is waaaay to mych ‘offendedness’ being called misogeny or racism when it’s simply that the person speaking is a dick, or they just don’t like you.
    Now don’t take that as my vote on Eddie, because I still haven’t seen what he said. He’s always had foot in mouth.
    It’s not a vote for or against but an added ingredient.

  9. Okay, let’s play BIGOT SEAT ~For $100…. Is Eddie?

    A~A serial offender
    B~A social end product of a disadvantaged environment
    C~Scapegoat for a sick society
    D~The best Ch 9 can get.


    • He did. The producers cut it.

      Did you see Karl and the cringefest over regina/vagina this morning on Today ? Another day, another fail for Karl.

      • If the Hot Seat producers had scissors, why did they leave the bit where Eddie told the male contestant to kiss the female contestant? There must be a lot of Eddie Bloopers on the cutting room floor.

  10. It wouldn’t be Karl if it wasn’t cringeworthy. But no, I spare myself from watching Today. I prefer not to torment myself. I do sometimes endure Hot Seat but I am usually yelling at the idiots who think that some kind of genie can give them the vorrect answer.
    If I was the Hot Seat producers, I would want to throw in a topical question; something really inappropriate. 😈

  11. Not surprised about Michael Jackson. What grown man invites young boys to sleep in his bed if he’s not a pedo. He just had enough money to pay off parents who were already dodgy for letting their kids have MJ sleepovers.

  12. Can any one explain to me what will be happening with ch9 programs going over to ch10. I saw the article about win tv being squeezed out and the ads are being shown on ch10 and win in rural areas. We had a mystery switch over tonight. It all happens on 1st July.

  13. Sounds like a night mare trying to get used to the new programming. Thanks for that article Juz. I am wondering how all shows are going to fit. 2 into one doesn’t go.

    • I might be wrong, but I thought that it meant that WIN will no longer show the Ch9 content, and become a conduit just for Ch10. There’s quite a bit of dicussion about it over on TvTonight blog.

  14. Found this:
    “The programming deal runs for five years, and will see Ten shows such as Gogglebox, The Project, Modern Family, Masterchef and Survivor broadcast on WIN.

    WIN’s sport offering will now switch from Nine’s international cricket and rugby league coverage to Ten’s motor racing, cricket Big Bash and international rugby union broadcasts.

    The change in programming will occur on July 1.

    However, WIN has committed to continuing its current local news bulletins.

    “WIN’s commitment to news is stronger than ever. WIN produces 16 half-hour news bulletins and an hour-long All Australia News bulletin each weeknight. No other network matches that,” said WIN’s chief executive Andrew Lancaster in a statement.

    “Combined with the talent, experience and resources in the Ten newsrooms across Australia, viewers will see comprehensive news coverage at local, state, national and international level.”

    For viewers across much of regional Australia, the new deals simply mean swapping from WIN to SCA and vice-versa to watch Nine and Ten network programming.”

  15. Anyone see Dr Phil’s sting yesterday? I missed the end because of MC running over time but I saw how he set up some mentally warped girl. Dr Phil psychology 101, set your patient up in a sting with a room full of voyeurs. Good for ratings but poor form Phillip.
    I bet Robyn orders 100 of those horrible frilly, blingy baby head bands. Sorry, I hate baby bands. But then I had babies with chimney brush hair.

    • I saw both parts of that story Daisy.. It was kind of creepy but I was surprised that Dr Phil didn’t tell the mother of the twins to fix her privacy settings on facebook so that only friends that she accepts can see what she posts. It was going on for 4 years so why didn’t she just stop posting photos of her twins on there? She could have used models or dolls for her business of baby bands, or is her business more important than her kids?

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