The Bold and the Beautiful – June chat

Daisy has kindly sent in the following for all you BnB fans:
Hello to all the Bold and Beautiful out there in The Valley of the Dolls land. Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes Welcome to the Weird & Wonderful. As you can see we are still recycling siblings to love, marry and divorce and currently it is once again the wimpy brothers Liam and Wipes. Liam because he is a quiche-eating daddy’s boy, and Wipes because he is a lip pointing mummy’s boy.
So this month, will Wipes return all of Liam’s things; his wife, his office, his shirts, socks and undies? And how long before Brooke has to check in Bill’s underpants to see if Katie has stashed her Jack Daniels between Bill’s highballs?
Will Sacha settle for sex with Zende while his true love is Nicole? Will the baby look like Rick, ergo now the Three Stooges’ Shep. How long before Dr Evil sells his story on Ridge to Spencer publications. And will Quinn murder Deacon…again.
And will Cherrrlee get the sack for burying the video of Quinn kidnapping Liam?
Bring back crazy Alleee from the dead ๐Ÿ˜™



  1. I loved how the script writers dealt with Quinn and Deacon. ‘Sure, I pushed you off the cliff and tried to kill you. But now I want you back. Get over it. ‘
    Just beautifully done. No mucking about. It reminded me of why I love this show.

    • And the seaweed. How many days has Deacon been back from Davey Jones’ locker and he still had the seaweed wound his neck?

  2. Nothing like walking up to a complete stranger and asking him what he and Ridge were arguing about. Good one Katie.

    • Complete stranger who just happens to be be Ridge’s urologist with all the dirt.

      Get on the conga line to blackmail Ridge. Too bad he’s not as fertile as the producers’ wild imaginations.

  3. What you shouldn’t say to your urologist; ” You’re going to see a side of me you’ll wished you never had”.
    Don’t they always?

    • The urologist will have already seen all of Ridge’s nooks and crannies.

      It won’t surprise if Ridge’s develops a sphincter problem with all this new stress.

  4. Oh my God. You sneaky dibber-dobber. What a bitch. Drives her unbalanced sister to drink, then outs her for drinking.

  5. Would the blackmailer throw his ammunition around for everyone to use it. Not a very good blackmailer.

    • I look fd to it. I could do a monthly JJ recap but no one would ever believe I didn’t make those weirdos up. Remember when they had those adorable mad country curzins, Cleetus, Clotis, Cloris and Clitorise.

    • Was it Miss Butter-wouldn’t-melt Beam, all happening? She was a potty mouthed villain playing innocent.

  6. Oooh. Miss Bran was “Doing the work of the good Lord”. Must be why she was calling her neighbour a slut. She takes the “sweet” out of sweet old lady.

  7. Brooke! Leave Katy and Bill ALONE!!!!!!
    Thomas! Stop sniffing around Caroline. “Oh Caroline.Do you have a twin?” ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  8. Pushy Wipes quickly made sure he left his mark on Stephie. He could have just weed on her leg, but no.

  9. It’s a great episode today. More bad acting from Liam and Ridge’s paternity “secret” is spreading quicker than the Zika virus.

  10. Well, it’s all hit the fan now, what with Sasha and now Douglas. It was time – it’s draaaged on for so long. Katie should keep her nose out of it all, she seems to be possessed!

  11. Katy had to distract herself from hitting the vodka by delving into Douglas’s real paternity. She should find herself a good soap to watch. When did Katy become the family busy body? I thought that was Pam, Cherrleee and Brooke’s job.

  12. I am so over Liam and his woosy carry on. They really have made Quinn look harder in her face since the shite hit the fan. Katie really should keep her nose out of it.

  13. The family might as well not be there, she took centre stage. The sister wasn’t helping though.

  14. Thanks dave and ah. I will google it.

    Anyone wants to head a B&B for July, go for it. I am here in the jungleee. Aaaa ร ร ร 
    aaa ร  a ร ร . (That was a Tarzan call).

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