1. I’m following it. My favourite so far tonight is Jack Pellow singing Stressed Out. Oh I want that on my phone. And he’s cute. There are not many people on these shows whose music I would buy, but I would buy Jack.
    Now I am looking forward to hearing Mitch again, the girl with the lovely Irish voice and Adam.
    I didn’t really like any of the Madden’s artists’ performances tonight, but I prefer Lane. I think Alyia is there for her gorgeous looks. Madden’s are suckers for the pretty, cool girls.

  2. Adam Ladell sang Chasing Cars. He has a lovely voice and is very natural. It was a great performance, and of course he has our hearts for having to struggle through tourettes.

  3. Alfie can really sing and hit lovely notes, but he’s not my type.
    He’ll appeal to lots of people though.

  4. Tash Lockhart sang well tonight. Her best oerformance yet. Ronan wanted her to develop her image. She oversang toward the end imo. But the image change worked for her.

  5. Ronan told 16 year old Georgia Wiggins not to do too many of those “Oirish licks”,
    but she has the voice of an Oirish angel.

  6. He gave a reserved performance but Mitch is a star. Beautiful voice, beautiful face.
    If I was a 15 yr old girl I would have his photo under my pillow and swoon over it.

    Worst team of the night: the Maddens.

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