• Me, too.
      I am on a campaign. We should all live in marginal seats – so we get the perks.
      Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the way the system works and I am spending all my time explaining how preferences work (why does this come as a surprise to everyone?).
      But not as much as a surprise as when you explain to people the policies of some of the smaller parties. Seriously people, how hard is it to google. Clearly basing your vote on just the name of a party is a much better idea *desk, face*.

    • The Sunshine Coast (where I’m from) is a very traditionally-safe LNP seat. Which means the ALP doesn’t waste it’s time campaigning here, and the LNP doesn’t bother trying.

      It’s great [/sarcasm].

  1. No jubilant Liberal voters here like last time. You have a nice day, then. There’s never been a more exciting time to recall that.

  2. I was listening to the ABC’s coverage, last night, and I came away with a huge amount of respect for Penny Wong. She was stuck sitting next to Scott Morrison for at least 8 hours, and at no point, did she turn around and knock his teeth out.

    After the first hour, I absolutely would’ve started swinging. Mad props, Penny.

    • Oh god – he’s such a tool and being next to Penny made him look smugger than ever, as she gave intelligent, well-considered responses. Plus at one point she referenced Monty Python’s Black Knight sketch, so, she’s basically awesome. Will be interesting to see if and when Albo makes a move.

      • I don’t like being critical of somebody I don’t know personally, but he’s *such* an irredeemable fucking asshole. I just despise him as a human being.

  3. I’ve always had time for Penny. Sane, considered, and seriously good at answering a question (there is an academic science behind it if you listen). The women in the Labour Party are so much better than the men. What a shame Bill Shorten is such a two-faced, hypocritical wanker.

  4. Look on the bright side. There’s a chance a few of these politicians will have fallen off the perch by the time the result’s out there.

    Then a few more will buy it before the soon to be next election.

    Good times.

  5. OMG. Derryn Hunch got elected to the Senate? Just casually to me, there is something wrong with this picture. Our political system is insane.
    This man has spent the last 20 years boasting about the fact that he has never voted in his life. Like boasting. Seriously. And now he wants a second career? Hypocritic, much?
    And he has spent his time making headlines by deliberately flaunting the law. I don’t care whether you agree with some laws or not, that doesn’t give you the right to break them. That’s like saying I’m a good driver so I should be able to drive faster than everyone else. And let’s not ever mention what I have growing in my veggie patch.
    I suppose it would help if we had a media that had intelligent opinion pieces about substance rather than focusing on Bill Shorten’s man-boobs or Malcolm’s current home address.

  6. I’ve just discovered this thread, because I am still getting over working in a polling place on Saturday. We didn’t finish until just before midnight, and that was with no problems balancing the figures. Some booths would have been still going in the early hours of the morning. This election has been much slower due to all the vastly increased security requirements that had to be implemented after the WA problems last election.

    Spare a thought for the poor people still trekking in to count and sort each day for the next two weeks. Don’t expect a fast result.

    • I’ve always thought that I would go cross-eyed having to unfold all those forms. The tedium.
      And scrutineers hovering.
      You have my sympathy.

    • Fijane, did you get the chance to sneak a sausage at least? There was much angst here in SA that some schools ran out of snags. It was a bigger scandal than some places running out of ballot papers. I hear one school was doing lamb yiros an haloumi. I’m considering moving to their electorate.

      • That sounds *amazing*.

        I know I risk being deported for confessing this, but I don’t really like sausages in bread. The smell is so … off-putting, that I go the long way around whenever I vote (or even go to Bunnings) just to avoid them.

        On the other hand, there’s a little shop across the street from the school where my suburb goes to vote, and I always go in and buy sweets and flirt with the cute blond behind the counter :).

      • The school where I was, did not even do anything for sale. Not sure if it was because it was holidays.

        Yes, the pay is good. Which it needs to be, because no-one would do it otherwise.

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