General chat – Friday, July 15

Well, there’s not been much happening on the reality TV front lately, apart from MasterChef. Have you all been huddled indoors like me, trying to ward off the Antarctic weather hitting Australia at the moment?
What else are you watching? I had a mini Mindy Project marathon the other day and watched a bit of Have You Been Paying Attention? for a laugh. And I’ve just started getting into Restaurant Impossible, which is a bit like that Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares show except the chef is not a tool, no one says the F word and the people are usually misguided rather than being lunatics.



  1. It’s been a busy week here, so we are catching up recordings – The Middle, Last Man Standing. Somehow I managed not to record this week’s ep of The Island which was annoying because at the end of last week, one of the young guys had slipped down a cliff (a serious cliff-hanger!) And I really wanted to see what happened. While I love Survivor, The Island takes it to a whole new level. It makes the ‘surviving’ so much more real, with no crew on the island and no challenges to earn you food.

  2. I don’t mind Restaurant Impossible either. The host is a tad annoying, and DH keeps telling me the guy must be on steroids or epo to have arms like that, but otherwise it’s quite entertaining.

    I’ve a 4 week old baby and am up all night atm so SBS Food Network is getting a workout here. Some of it’s so stupid (like Cutthroat Kitchen and anything with Bobby Flay, christ I hate him for some reason). Also grabbed tonnes of dvds from the library and watched the complete Two Fat Ladies. Now THERE was a cooking show!

    • Cutthroat Kitchen is sooo annoying. I quite like the 5 minute shorts of SBS “The Best Thing I Ever Made”, when chefs describe often quite simple food they’ve had. I remember those days well, Bel. Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman was on every night at 3am and I became hooked on it during night feeds – I show I would have never have watched normally.

      • Repyling to an old post, but Juz I had to say- Dr Quinn came on this morning at 3am and I went oooh, spooky that I just read your post. So I had to watch it, and I was more engrossed than I would’ve thought. So funny.

  3. I don’t have Foxtel anymore – couldn’t justify the monthly price – so don’t have free to air TV either, so I am relying on dowloaded stuff and whatever I can scrounge on the TV webpages.

    Have been watching loads and loads of Danish and Swedish crime or political thrillers – there is so much out there that is just such wonderful entertainment.

    • Same Sylvia. The only thing our free Foxtel trial brought us was the torment of granddaughter 9 doing Disney Channel marathons. Those whiney American sugar teenage girls are not missed.

      Ans SNAP on the Danish movies/series. They are so good. I loved Real Humans and Heartbreak. And I saw a great Danish movie about some guy accidentally getting embroiled with a gf of a drug traffiker.

    • Silvia I am also a fan of Danish and Swedish shows. I have been watching trapped as well.
      I shall make a note of others you have mentioned.

  4. I saw Ghostbusters and Finding Dory. Ghostbusters was OK but definitely not as good as the original. Same with Finding Dory, not as good as Finding Nemo. I started watching a UK mystery program, Agatha Raisin. It’s fun but I like Dr. Blake and Miss Fisher Mysteries better. Wonder what happened to Miss Fisher, still waiting to find out if there will be a 4th season.

    • Apparently Esse is in high demand elsewhere and can’t fit it in. It must be hard to schedule all the main players and pay them enough.

      • Essie did a few episodes of Game of Thrones and I know she completed a movie recently and is supposed to be in a mini series about Elizabeth of York. I hope that she and the rest of the Miss Fisher’s cast are able to regroup so that they can film another season.

  5. Daisy, thankfully you were in France last year… -.-
    I started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Feels better to watch something so light-hearted at the moment.

    Wanted to see Ghostbusters too, but it’s summer time in France and most movies only start in August or later. We are going to see Life of Pets next week or Now you see me 2. Not sure yet.

    • Hi Zhee, you are in Paris, right? I would think some light-hearted TV and lots of baking would be the perfect mix right now.

    • Hey Zhee.. Can’t for new GG! Glad that you are ok with all that has been going on..

      I recently saw Now You See Me 2. It got kinda panned but I didn’t mind it at all.. Sure things were contrived but it was entertaining enough to let it slide πŸ˜‰ I actually preferred it over the first one!

  6. Hi guys. I am back from my trip. I hope you are all well.
    Where has 9Life gone? I need my Bachelorette and Hotel Impossible.

    • Welcome home. Glad that you are safe. Such a horrid thing to happen in Nice in addition to all of the unimaginable and terrible things happening throughout the world.

  7. Zhee, yes thankfully we got to see France. And I loved Nice.
    Woolif wants to go back for 3 months again next June but I don’t want to go. It will be too sad.

  8. Hmm, I’d say: What could possibly happen? But I think that’s idiotic. Somehow the people here are shocked, but somehow they go on as nothing happened that day. It seems they get used to those things.
    If your hubby wants to go to France again, maybe also plan in some visits in Netherlands and Germany. πŸ™‚ Or go to Scandinavia. SO PRETTY!!!! With the elections next year, I kind of fear a big rift coming as a lot of people are frustrated with Hollande and might go for f***ing Front National (same in Germany, elections next year, people voting for the idiotic German party AfD -.-). So guys, visit Europe before it is ruled by right wing retards…

  9. So, I just found out we have no 9Life until mid August so I will have to dld the rest of my Jojo Bach season.

    No Zhee, sadly I think Europe is not for me atm. Sadly, there is too much strife. I have already visited Asia extensively. Maybe it’s time to visit Australia πŸ˜† Or Britain. I haven’t been to Britain.

  10. Britain is still Europe. πŸ˜› For now at least.^^

    Ireland is quite nice – but also Europe. πŸ˜› We have so many beautiful spots. Tuscany in Italy, Scandinavia, Ring of Kerry in Ireland… just to name a few.

  11. Next year I am going to go to Tuscany on a two week painting trip.
    Italy seems to be largely conflict free, and their political views are interesting and unique. I have faith that all will be well.

    • That sounds lovely. πŸ™‚ I found the Tuscany utterly inspiring when I was there. It’s all kind of golden… hard to describe, but the light feels so different.

  12. Welcome back Daisy! My neighbours just got back from Italy and France and they loved it.
    Next month I am off to USA for a couple of weeks with my husband to celebrate a big birthday for me , and our 40th wedding anniversary. We don’t travel much so I don’t mind telling you I am very nervous about airport bombings, terrorists and shootings everywhere in USA which I guess is what the terrorists have set out to achieve. We will be on a bus tour and hopefully will be okay.

  13. Have fun both of you on your travels.πŸ˜€ Bob, we had been going to include Florence, the Italian Rivierra, and Barcelona in our driving around France.

    Pandy, I have never been to the USA but Woolif has in rhe late 60s when he had hair (long beautiful Hair). It should be very interesting and no doubt you have already thought about some excursions. Go book yourself in for a Dr Phil. My niece went to one.

  14. Phil is in LA and we are not going there, we are starting the tour from New York.
    I think we are more restricted on a bus tour but I think we will feel safer that way.
    We’ve never been to any of those Asian countries, maybe one day.

    • Pandy, are you doing an east coast tour?
      Dr. Oz and Rachael Ray are filmed in NY if you want to see a live show and if they are taping & have tickets available.

      • Yes we are, includes 4 days in Canada, seeing Niagara Falls, visit to an Amish Farm! Gettysburgh, Pennysylvania, Boston, Washington DC and New York. I have always wanted to see The Statue of Liberty, its very scary the thought of the long plane flight, and how overwhelming New York will be compare to my regional town, it will be the trip of a lifetime for us and if we don’t do it now we never will!
        After this it will probably be travelling in Australia only for us.
        We booked this trip months ago before all this madness we’ve had lately.

        • If you can find a bargain upgrade for the US, do it. It’s a loooong way to sit in economy. I want to kill hostesses and passengers if I can’t sleep. Some airlines do auctions and you can bid for a cheap upgrade to bus class.

          • I want to travel business class like the Masterchef judges do but its practically double the price! My daughter says just ask for an upgrade at the airport anyway as you never know your luck, but my luck is usually not that good!

        • I visited NYC when I was a kid (way back in ’96).

          It was amazing. I loved every bit of it. And I’m with you, I’m from a tiny little coastal town on the Sunny Coast, but I adored the city. I remember that we only saw about half of what we wanted to see, but I loved it so much, it was an amazing place. I’m not sure I’d want to live there, but there’s a lot to explore if you’re passing through.

  15. The Asian countries are interesting but we have pretty much done them all so much. I am not cancelling France because of terrorist attacks but because I don’t mind dying doing something I enjoy. It is the because the atmosphere of tension and fear that I think has increased. I think it will be obvious that people are scared.

  16. I haven’t been watching anything on TV lately at all. I even have cable, but I can sit there and cycle through every channel (from 101 to Fox Sports) and there’s *nothing* worth watching on any of them. Occasionally one of the movie channels comes up with something interesting, but without a catalogue there’s no way of knowing (and I recall the Foxtel website’s show guide being difficult to navigate).

    And as far as I’m aware, the history channel shows nothing but WW2 documentaries. You’d think that they’d run out of WW2 documentaries (given they’ve got the entire span of recorded human history to pick from), but they never seem to.

    As for the state of the world at the moment … I don’t travel much these days (it’s been years since I was on a holiday. I was always a nervous flier, as a kid, and ever since 9/11, I find that I just can’t get on a plane. My passport lapsed years ago and I never redid it. Having said that, I took a family trip on the train out to Longreach for a week, and did the Queensland outback experience, and it was really amazing, I loved it).

    I keep thinking, a hundred years ago, we had WW1, and a century later, there’s text-books and documentaries and things focused on the world from a century ago. So in a hundred years time … what is that generation going to say about the world of the early 21st century? How are they going to sum this era up in history text-books and documentaries? I mean, is all we’re ever going to be just problems in the middle east that are spreading through the world? Is that it? Someone could cure HIV or cancer tomorrow, but still, is this age going to be nothing more than the age of individual psychopaths who run around blowing themselves and other people up for no reason?

    It’s like, what’s the point anymore? Sigh.

    • It’s depressing to watch the news. When these terrible things happen , it’s made worse by Kochie , Karl et al getting on the next plane to bring mindless, repetitive “rolling” coverage. These bozos just aren’t up to the task of intelligent reporting and doing it with sincerity. It is sick.

      I’ve heard similar advice from doctors and police officers ~ ie “don’t watch the news”. It’s not always easy. I don’t do planes either and am always vulnerable to stories of animal cruelty or accounts of that little rescue dog stolen from a shopping centre I saw this morning. People who would do that really want running over with a truck.

      • I find that I don’t watch the news at all, unless something really momentous happens (and even then, I can barely stand a few minutes before changing channels). I’ll occasionally glance at a newspaper, but that’s probably it.

        There’s just too much bad news, you know? Can’t cope sometimes.

      • What happened to the poor dog? I watch animal precinct on Foxtel and the cruel stories on there would make you sick.

        • Stolen from where he was tied up at a shop, with so much cctv around , I hope there’s a good result.

      • Ha! When Woolif saw they sent Karl he barked, “Who decided to send HIM”. I deduced it was s omeone who wanted him shot.

    • I’m hearing you Windsong. The world has gone crazy. All those years of evolution and civilization down the toilet. I feel for the future kids.

      That’s it from me. Sorry Juz for bringing a dampener.

    • Deep thinking, Windsong, and this is one of the weeks when these thoughts rise to the top. It makes me incredibly thankful to have won life’s ‘lotto’, being born in Aus, and although that does not make any guarantees for the future, at this point in time it is a comfort.

      Raising children in a world of fear is no easy thing. Even with teens I find myself protecting them from the saturation coverage of bad events. I clearly remember the deep fears of war and violence that overwhelmed me as a child/teen. As an adult it is much easier to have perspective and realistic understanding of the chances of violence in your own life, but kids don’t have that. It is important as a parent that I try to focus my kids attention on the beautiful parts of life, and how they can contribute to caring for others. Turning off the news is a big part of that.

      I live in a beautiful part of Aus, and an appreciation of God’s creation here is a great balance to bad news.

    • I hear you too, Windsong.. I am not quite 30 yet (dreading the big 2-9) and have not done much travel yet bc I spent most of my 20s studying and so didn’t have a chance to save up lots of money/had to spend it on study.. I hate that the exciting prospect of travel, for me, has been severely dampened to the point where I, too, would rather just stay in Aus. In saying that, even after the incident at the Lindt cafe I didn’t really want to go into the city much for a while after…

      Totally agree, BDD, I cannot stand the way the “news” these days sensationalizes everything! I picture them in their news rooms when big news comes in and they rub their hands together because yay.. ratings and maybe we’ll win an award for this “great” coverage! I hate watching it too, but my mum likes to watch the news. I just find it so insincere too and manipulative. Especially the way they love to repeat the word terror. It’s like the more times they say it they get a commission on it or something. STOP TRYING TO SCARE EVERYONE!

      Also, hate sad animal stories. There was an article in one of my “news” emails today about a video of farmers or something and the way they kill male baby chickens with them on a conveyor belt and falling off. I did not read that article! I felt ill just reading the headline with the image.. ughhhh. Don’t get me started on those poor greyhounds either….

      We are lucky, aren’t we, Fijane. It is a shame that God’s creation is getting destroyed by evil.

  17. Australia has the most beautiful backyard with wonderful places to visit. We have done 2 big trips one 29K kms and the 2nd 45K kms and we have so much more to see but keeping it to short trips now. Cairns to Melbourne is as long as I will travel on the plane.
    Enjoy your travels Bob and Pandy.

    • Thanks.
      I am also thinking it will be my last overseas trip and I want to make it count. I have always preferred seeing one place properly.
      And after that I will do the same to Australia, bit by (new) bit.

    • I have this dream of traveling the length and breadth of Australia by train and bus. Like, crossing the entire continent, visiting my FB friends and seeing as much as I can see, without once going anywhere near an airport. I’d love to get the train down to Sydney, cross the Nullabor to Perth, maybe road/rail it up to Darwin then get the Ghan back down to Adelaide, then train it back to Melbourne (and maybe back and forth to Canberra), and then back up to Brisbane and home. It wouldn’t be cheap, but I’ve got some money saved so I could probably do it. I’d need to take a few months off work (I just want the time to explore properly), but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages now.

      • Windsong, have you done the Spirit of Queensland from Brissy to Cairns. When my Son lived in Brissy I went on that and had a sleeper but you can get off and on on a package. It was a very relaxing trip. It was much better than 2hr drive to an airport in Cairns then the flight then the airtrain etc to the kids. The Kimberley is by far my most favorite must see in Oz.

      • Did you hear that they are revamping the Ghan and the cross-Nullabor trains? They want to make them more tourist based, like the Rocky Mountineer etc, which means they will be more luxurious (no seats, just sleepers) and the trains will travel more slowly and allow people to get off for whole days to sightsee.

        • I hadn’t heard that, actually. I know my folks are planning on doing the Indian/Pacific sometime later on this year.

          I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did, those trips would be on it. I don’t want to fly, like, ever, so that’ll make travelling harder but certainly not impossible. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d be travelling the world by train (and ocean liner, to get from continent to continent, heh). Asia and Europe and America.

          I guess I’m just nervous to travel alone because I’ve never done it before and wouldn’t know how. I imagine it’s quite exhilarating (to be able to go and stay whenever you like), but I’d probably get lonely after a while. Aren’t you supposed to share awesome holidays with someone else (preferably someone to cuddle)? It’s not like that’s a likely scenario.

          But everyone always encourages me to go do it, to go and travel. I suppose I will one day. I hope so, at least.

          • Just do it Windsong, my daughter travels by herself, sometimes friends let her down, but she is quite happy to travel alone as she has no partner and can do as she pleases. She gave us the incentive to be brave and go on our upcoming trip. Go on cruises, they are a good way to travel, we went to New Zealand a few years ago that way and we enjoyed it.

          • Well Windsong, if you make it to WA Woolif and I will take you under our wing. Give you a meal. 🍜

          • @ Daisy … I’ll look forward to it! I’m skinny, but I’m a big eater, though … πŸ™‚

            @ Juz … why, the thought had never occurred to me πŸ™‚ .

    • Japan’s another one of those places that I’d love to visit. Again, getting bullet trains around the countryside would be amazing, but I grew up watching Japanese TV shows, so I’d get such a kick out of visiting Tokyo. I think it’d be brilliant.

      My bosses just came back from a 2 week holiday in Fiji. It’s like the one country on Earth, right now, where nobody’s angry at anyone. Half their luck.

      • Japan is lovely, strange and different from everywhere in the world. But it is a little more difficult to ‘navigate’ the language barrier, especially as they have the different script. You have to get the hang of menus and signs you can’t read. And weird food. Japanese food here has been modified. The shopping in Japan is great, and their clothes are lovely, way ahead of Aus and quite cheap.

    • I spent 3 weeks in Tokyo. It is up there with the best place I have ever visited and can highly recommend it to everyone.
      I learnt 3 dozen phrases which got me by as the Japanese love it when you try. It helps that I was given cultural pointers: take your mother (they love the elderly), approach them (they don’t like to lose face) and mostly, take cash (helped with the budget).
      Never had a bad meal and only had to be shown how to use the trains once.
      I would go back in a heart beat.

      • Definitely take cash. We didn’t find a single restaurant that took card. Cash is essential in Japan.
        I wouldn’t take my mother, but that’s another story. πŸ˜—

    • YES! Japan is AWESOME and the shinkansen is the best!!!! Also the people are extremely helpful.. even a little old lady who was smaller than my bag helped me up some stairs at the train station in Tokyo when we were running for our train. They even kept the train doors open so we could run on.. I did get terrible sick from that (breathing in cold air then into a carriage with cigarette smoke in it) but we made it!

      I studied Japanese through HS but couldn’t remember a great deal.. so the essentials were handy. Like.. nan desuka (what is it) and toire wa doko desuka (where is the toilet) haha. Most people are quite helpful, even if you try to put a few words together even if the structure isn’t correct as sometimes I couldn’t remember the right structure for a sentence! Also, if they see you on the street with a map, they will ask you if you need help.

      Agree with Daisy.. the clothing is super fun.. they have THE BEST vintage shops and decent prices. My bag was SOOOO full on the way home.. Also Takashita (hehe) street is so much fun.. All the Nintendo toys and fun stuff..

      P.s do not accidentally make eye contact with the monkeys… they are totes cray cray. Also, do not tell people at the information spots that you want to see monkeys as they will ask you in disbelief “you WANT to see MONKEYS?” hahaha. I guess it is like people from o/s telling us they want to see kangaroos..?

      • Yes on the vintage. I got boots and two gorgeous peasant blouses that I am still hoping to shrink into. The Japanese dress so well (when they aren’t wearing Sailor Moon) that their vintage shops are a treasure trove.

  18. It’s just amazing to follow German media at the moment. The panic they are creating, the right wingers who start screaming at Merkel to finally resign because it was apparently her fault…
    One German politician actually asked the police via Twitter: Why did you shoot the attacker to death? Now another shitstorm broke loose.

    Oh, and surely IS claiming the attacks to be theirs. Causing even more panic in the media. Goal reached, letting feel lots of people really unsafe… or angry. Great platform for the right wing idiots. *sigh* The only thing that those attacks in Nice and WΓΌrzburg cause me to feel is sadness. I am sad for the people who mourn their loved ones. No anger, no fear. What happens, happens. And especially from fear and anger the worst things start growing. Everytime things like that happen, the only one who profit in the end are right wingers who instrumentalize fear and anger for their own purposes. πŸ™ I just hope it won’t be as bad next year when Germany and France have their elections… IS then caused exactly what they wanted to: Weaken the Western countries politically. And that leads to a shitload of chaos.

    • Zhee, in Australia we’ve just had a right wing pollie re-elected to parliament 15 years after she and her party first rose to prominence – and then fell off the face of the earth. We thought she was gone for good. Back then her target was Asians and indigenous Australians but now she has a new target. If we weren’t an island nation already she’d be on the Trump build-a-wall bandwagon. I guess at least our right wingers aren’t on the scale of Neo Nazi right wingers.

      • … yet.

        But I think the rest of the world often underestimates how conservative Australia’s political environment really is. Sure, in a general cultural sense we like to think we’re reasonably progressive, but when you look at the people running the country, I mean, yikes.

        Now, I’ll add quickly that I don’t necessarily think being politically conservative by itself is an evil. But people do take honest ideas and twist them into something unpleasant, don’t they?

      • It’s so sad that people tend to vote for the right wingers. πŸ™ Maybe I see it as too evil because I am German and I know how it feels to be constantly called out being a Nazi etc or being faced with the history of my country, even though I have been born nearly 40 years after WW2 (btw, someone mentioned earlier, they will never run out of material for WW2 docus… yeps, they surely won’t^^). My family’s and my own political views are more kinda liberal-leftist or whatever you can call it. I have kicked out lots of people on Facebook (people I know since my childhood) because of their political views. In the beginning I tried to discuss with them and understand why they have their certain right wing views which have a racist tendency. But I simply couldn’t as they were stubborn and so fixed regarding their views and I gave up. They believe right winger will protect their children and family better than Mrs. Merkel does.
        It just fills me with sadness that decently smart people vote for idiots like Beatrix von Stoch/Frauke Petry (basically the leaders of the German idiotic party AfD – btw, they are funny. A guy founded that party as an alternative, he had quite some conservative views and values but I did not pick him as being a threat. He wasn’t a dumbass, just very conservative. His party then went to the right after last elections in 2013 and he tried to stop that drift towards right. The party wanted to shift to the right so they voted the founder off…) or joined the PEGIDA-movement or at least support their views.

        • And Donald Trump is now the Republican candidate for president of the USA and his running mate is an ultra conservative. Can’t believe people actually voted for him in the primary and that they would vote for him for Pres.

  19. Left, right, up down, gay, straight whatever your position my bottom line is allow others to agree or disagree. When you have a “party line” from which no one is allowed to let on that they might think differently, or even have a shade of grey (not the cheesy novel kind) then you have a dangerous society. We know what history has taught us about societies where there is coersed agreement and intimidation and fear for those who might dare to reveal different ideas.
    Wether that be who we like and dislike on Big Brother, or wether we think right or left. If we are going to be evolved, intelligent people, we don’t club anyone who disagrees with us. Otherwise we would still be jailing people for saying the world is a sphere.
    It boils down to not being so arrogant as to believe that you are positive your are 100% right but leaving at least a window of doubt so you can hear what others are saying, while still having some thinking, but allowing new ideas, and being respectful of people who are entitled to their opinions and thoughts when they differ.
    Anyway that’s my opinion…and it might be wrong, and it can be changed, but not by clubbing me, intimidating me, denying my right to have it by saying I don’t know what I am talking about.
    I have noticed that for most people, their opinions usually change theough seeing things for themselves, not by two people arguing. That is unless we have woken up in a George Orwell novel where we all have to bow down to Pigsy and bleat the same “baa”.
    After this I will be back to discuss (respectfully) the significance of the fact that Thomas always finds an excuse to go into the kitchen shirtless when a pretty girl is making a sandwich.

    • A wonderful viewpoint, Daisy, and one that is very evident in your posts on TT.

      I suppose for me, the difficulty comes when a policy has to be set for the benefit of all society. We can all share opinions in an accepting way, but eventually a decision has to be made, and if views are opposing then someone is going to be unhappy. In Aus, generally we just shrug our shoulders if things don’t go our way, or we use active democratic methods to try to change it. I am eternally grateful that resorting to violence to get our way is generally not in our DNA.

      • Thanks, Fijane. Yes, there are some polarizing issues. I looked up the word bigot last night. It said “someone who is intolerant of the opinions of others”. I don’t think that means we have to brainlessly agree with everything but respectfully accept that others can have them. If those ideas might be ones that we percieve as harmful or regressive, we can hopefully stand up for what we believe without tearing others down. Sometimes you need to pick a side. Anyhow I find it odd, that with our knowledge of history, we aren’t better at it.
        I wonder what the future historians will say about this period in history. I hope it isn’t going to be, “They were a bunch of idiots”.

      • I thought it was interesting to read an interview with someone who knows Pauline Hanson (can’t find the link). They said she was a very nice woman with firm views.
        I paraphrase but she is not able to argue because she doesn’t know why she thinks a particular way. She just believes she is right and that’s that.
        I know people like that. They get angry and upset when you unknowingly challenge their value systems because they don’t know how to verbalise their position.
        I suspect that’s where we are.
        Perhaps the fear should be acknowledged before it is fought. As a first step, I vote for cancelling all news shows.

  20. Yes, on to more important issues … I’ll do a new MasterChef poll after the elimination tonight. Should it be a “who deserves to win?” or a “who will actually win?”?

    • It should be “who deserves” but “who have the producers chosen to win? ” is the Ma$terchef way…’s been that way since the puddle pie.

      • BDD is right, but I’d prefer the poll of who deserves it. In my mind there are two who are equal on that measure so I’d be interested to see if a poll reflected that, especially if people had to choose one or the other,not both.

  21. From today’s Dr.Phil….

    “I spend about half my time hearing what isn’t said”

    I always knew he was crazy….

    • Yes, I pulled the plug on him about halfway through today. He wasn’t shakin’ his tail feather. I wonder what would happen if you went to a Dr.Phil taping and walked out?

      • I had seen that Dr Phil ep before. I suppose Dr Phil has security to prevent all mishaps, such as anyone showing up in the same bedazzledobble cardy as Robyn. You would probably get shown the door by two burley bouncers if you did that.
        I would love to get a nice face lift like Robyn and Phil but it’s not gor me so I am just gping to tie my pony tail really really tight and tie it at the top of my head with a plastic bread clip.

        • I’ve seen a celebrated Adelaide drag artist take years of his/her age with just a sellotape facelift. I’m told it’s an old art.

      • A treasured possession , my Bad Boy Bubby DVD. I’ve been to several of the venues where the movie was shot. Real Adelaide and SA locations on offer.

  22. I have seen a couple of the DrPhil ep are repeats lately. It wasn’t even on one day this week. We will probably get repeats of lots of things until Olympics are over. Did anyone see the new show on Lifestyle Food called Creme de la Creme. It is 3 teams of 3 professional patisseries each ep. They have to cook amazing food. I think each week will be different types of pastries.

    • Someone told me because of school holidays atm , the Dr. Phils will be pretty tame…..there was the Oprah ep last week. Love to see Dr.Phil and Robyn take lie detector tests. That’d be fun.

      I haven’t seen that show all happening.

  23. Bad Boy Bubby was great advertizing for Glad Wrap, but then they changed their packaging and insulted their customers by telling us to watch the video on how to pull and cut a section of wrap. I wanted to cling wrap whatever uni graduate geniuses thought it would be a good idea to tell millions of housewives that they needed lessons in wrapping sandwiches in order to cope with the new packaging.
    Ha ha. Eventually gladwrap ate humble pie…wrapped in Multix. πŸ˜‚

    I never did go back to gladwrap.

    • I’m told Glad Wrap was a useful high school contraceptive, along with Coca Cola , back in the day.

        • So folklore has it,Coca Cola ~ because of it’s acidity, contained in effect a spermicide and was used as a post coital douche. Seeing a half bottle of Coca Cola on the side of the road or especially at the Drive In (remember them?)in the 70’s didn’t always mean that someone had been thirsty. I believe the bottle had to be shaken until frothing etc and then used. The poor person’s contraceptive foam.

  24. Hey, how is the weather where everyone is. I didn’t wake up until 9.00am today l and got up at 9.30 to a beautiful blue sky, sunshiny day. It looks and feels more like a beautiful October day. 🌞🌞🌞🌞

    I’ll be going to the Farmers’ Mart, doing a bit of cooking (egg rolls) and going for a walk. 😊 5 gkids coming at 5.00pm.

    • 13 degrees here, grey, bleak. More coming. Yesterday was nice ….but it’s gawne. Lunch with Dr.Phil , as usual.

  25. Bbbrrrrr. 13Β° ❄❄❄ But 24Β° sounds good. I could handle that. It’s a good time oc year to be in QLD or Darwin.

      • πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

        I fogot to glaze the cake while it was warm and the top is wrinkly! Still happy as it didnt crack!!

        • Hmm, it looks very Japanese. Good job, Littlepetal. πŸ˜‹

          I am in the process of making the egg rolls because they take ages to make so I am doing them in stages. Yesterday the pork filling and I added shredded black fungi because I thought it would work. Today made the egg pancakes, and will fill & roll them tonight when the kids have all settled. Then I will freeze them for Sunday and deep fry them for family dinner.

  26. 25 here today, but I’m going to Nowra for Sunday, forecast is 13c. It is going to be a shock after today.

  27. Hmmm. I just noticed my little avatar has changed back to the generic head. Does that mean I need to f o it again? Has this appened to anyone else?

  28. This weekend I saw Star Trek Beyond. I’m a Star Trek fan. Have seen every episode of every series and every movie (some more than once). Movie was just OK. There were some very good moments but overall too many plot holes, not the best CGI, too many long moments of the camera lingering on parts of the Enterprise and, at least for me, although he is cute, Chris Pine is NOT Kirk. Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto excellent as Bones and Spock. Even though it didn’t meet my expectations, if you want a day or night out at the movies, it’s not a bad choice.

    • That’s disappointing. I am a Star Trek fan and was looking forward to this movie. Maybe I’ll enjoy it more for having my expectations set low.
      I was disappointed with Ghostbusters – hard to put my finger on what went wrong there. So that only leave Bourne to excite me. Assuming it is based on the book, at least we know they are working with a good plot.

      • Agree with you regarding Ghostbusters, Bob. Maybe the original was just that….original…and so the new one was just a copy which didn’t always work.
        The ST movie was worth seeing but there were some things that were unconvincing and illogical as Spock would say. Someone needs a lesson in creating a good Star Trek/science fiction story.

      • I just can’t believe there’s another Bourne story. Not that I don’t enjoy them. But it’s like, you’d think the various intelligence agencies of that particular world would’ve sent out a tonne of memos, by now, saying, “FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, LEAVE THIS GUY ALONE! JUST LET HIM BE! LEAVE HIM ALONE! IF HE SHOWS UP LOOKING ANGRY, IMMEDIATELY SURRENDER AND GIVE HIM EVERYTHING HE WANTS. IF HE’S IN A GOOD MOOD, HE MAY NOT KILL YOU AND EVERYONE YOU’VE EVER MET!”

    • I’m with you Smythe, I grew up watching the old black and white series of Star Trek and fell in love with Captain Kirk ( William Shatner ) there and then, and no one can replace him in my eyes. I have every dvd from the original series, and the 6 original movies. ( All the new generation, voyager etc don’t interest me, its the original for me all the way ). I have watched the first two “new ” movies and will watch the third, they are okay, but obviously not as good as the originals ( especially Star Trek 2, The Wrath of Khan ). I think the actors do a good job getting the characters right, especially Bones and Spock as you said, and it was a tragedy what happened to Chekov being run over by his own car. A young life cut short unfortunately.
      What made Star Trek successful was the comradarie between Kirk, Spock, McCoy in particular, and the new movies don’t always show this, we don’t need all the special effects, and lingering shots of The Enterprise as you have said Smythe. Its not Star Wars, its Star Trek!

      • Pandy, it’s hard to replace Shatner. He was over the top. I’ve watched this hysterical remake of the series with a guy named Vic Mignogna playing Kirk. He does a good job of capturing Shatner playing Kirk. The series is called Star Trek Continues. Not saying it’s excellent and it’s more of a parody but it’s interesting to watch.
        I actually think that the only person who can do Kirk is Shatner. Mignogna comes close. He has the mannerisms down pat. Pine is a more modern understated Kirk.
        I actually like Next Generation better than TOS except when it comes to the movies. The 2nd and 4th Star Trek movies were my favorites followed by the 6th one and then the first Generations movie.
        It was sad seeing Anton Yelchin on screen and knowing that he had been killed in that freak accident.

      • I loved Star Trek 4 as well Smythe, all the jokes , and set in the 2oth Century, Dr McCoy curing a patient on kidney dialysis with a magic pill, transporting two humpback whales , what could be better?
        I have seen a few clips of Star Trek Continues on line and keep forgetting to have a proper look at it as it looks good considering it was done by unknown actors on a small budget.

          • No, but there is a big convention in Las Vegas next year apparently and my daughter wants us to go so you never know. Would never wear a Spock costume, only Kirk, my beloved lol!

          • I actually went to a convention several years ago but no costume and no Spock ears, just regular clothing. It was interesting but too crowded and a bit weird. People speaking Klingon, Andorian, etc and some too serious about it. A friend of mine talked me into going. Have no plans to go to any conventions again in the near or distant future.

            There’s a convention in about 1 1/2 weeks in Vegas.

  29. Karl Urban is awesome. I have to wait until the end of August though as summer time in France is VERY slow for movies. I liked the first two movies but they are just not Star Trek. They are good action movies in a scifi setting (just like Warcraft was a good action movie in a fantasy setting) but the spirit of Star Trek got lost in the reboot. JJ Abrams did a much better job with Star Wars. The cadt of Star Trek is quite good but it just lacks the Gene Roddenberry spirit.

    • Think you are right Zhee. The new movies are missing Roddenberry. Of these newest ST films I liked the first one the best. The 2nd one didn’t work for me because Benedict Cumberbatch was NOT Khan. Of course they can cast whomever they want to recreate a role but this was just “off” for me. The best part of that 2nd movie was the return of Nimoy as Spock.

      • Mr Juz is at the movies right now seeing the latest Star Trek. I hope to catch it during the week. I watched all of TNG (mainly because of the awesomeness that is Patrick Stewart) and Voyager but only some of DS9 and Enterprise. I agree – the reboot movies have been big on action but not so great on the spirit of Star Trek. And now we no longer have the fun of Leonard Nimoy cameos to look forward to. Did you hear there is a new TV series coming next year?

          • Nice… I recently read that for people outside of the US and Canada, the new show will be available on Netflix. Within 24h after it was available in the US. They will also have ALL Star Trek shows plus ALL movies at the end of the year. Another reason to not unsubscribe from Netflix, I guess.
            Star Trek for me has a lot to do with childhood memories. I was around 6 or 7 when TNG started in Germany and I always watched it with my opa (while oma was telling me to go play outside instead of watching TV). But it was fun, my opa and me were thick as thieves and we always did a bicycle tour after my homework and when we came back we watched the new episode of TNG. God, I also adored Mr. Data and Deanna Troi.^^
            My father wasn’t a Star Trek fan, but with him I watched Star Wars (which he loves^^). So opa for ST, papa for SW. No wonder I grew up becoming a geeky girl…
            Btw, don’t hate one me, but the best Star Trek series is DS9. I loved the dynamics between the characters and that they actually showed growth over the 7 years. But I cannot decide which show I disliked the most: Enterprise or Voyager… I really, really disliked Neelix. That guy ruined it. But then the show had the Doctor.^^ Enterprise had the cute doggy, but the Vulcan silicon Barbie (those boobs look like torpedos…).

            PS: They should really change the title of the new show. DidN’t they realize that fans like to shorten titles? “Hey, ABC, did you enjoy STD yesterday?” – “‘scuse me? STD, are you kidding me? I do NOT have a STD!”…

  30. Zhee, In order of preference for me: TNG, TOS, Voyager (due to the Doctor, Seven of Nine and Chakotay. Kate Mulgrew was OK but did not like any of the other characters.), DS9 and Enterprise (both pretty much tied for the bottom). I can’t think of one character in either DS9 or Enterprise that I really liked except for the Captain’s dog in Enterprise. I actually watched all of the episodes of Voyager and Enterprise recently. I could barely get through Enterprise. I don’t even think I am going to attempt to watch DS9 again.

    As for STD…..hahahaha. Didn’t think of that.

  31. I worked in Customer Support for too long. πŸ˜€ You learn all sorts of weird stuff and read things where normal people don’t see anything…
    I liked DS9. It was not as much Star Trek as maybe other shows but the characters were good. Odo and Quark were fantastic and had that wonderful Bones/Spock-bickering going on (which they tried with the replacement doctor and Data in TNG and failed miserably). Major Kira was a good and strong female character as was Dax. Plus I thought that Dr. Bashir was kind of a cutie.^^ And it had Garak!!!!!1111
    *featuring the most impractical cups created by mankind or so…*
    Enterprise was just… I remember when it first showed on German TV it was a primetime series. And I started watching and gave up after 3 episodes. The captain was good (and his fabulously cute beagle) as well as the doctor. But everytime that Vulcan girl had screentime… All that plastic…

    • I just couldn’t get into DS9. I don’t know what it was about it but I never was drawn into the show and didn’t like the characters. On TNG I liked Data but could have done without both of the doctors. Worst TNG characters…Wesley Crusher, Barclay and Lwaxana Troi. The first season of TNG was pretty bad but it got better after that.
      I hope the new series is watchable.

  32. I went and saw the new Star Trek movie today and enjoyed it very much, there was one emotional moment near the end with Spock which brought a tear to my eye!

  33. We have to wait until August 17 here in France. It’s weird here. Sometimes we get movies wayyyy before the US, then sometimes we have to wait 1 month or more… Ghostbusters has a delay of 1 1/2 months, Star Trek 1 month. Absolutely Fabulous is 6 months delayed at least (they had it for August and pushed it back to at least November). Captain Uh-merica and Warcraft ran 1 or 2 weeks before US.
    But I just read an article stating that basically every movie so far in this summer period disappointed at the box office. And lots of movies get apparently saved by Australia, EU and especially China (best example is Warcraft, which was a catastrophe in the US plus it got bashed completely by critics).

    • I saw the latest ST last Saturday and I quite enjoyed it. I won’t pretend to be a “Trekkie” though and don’t *really* get it like those who have watched it all. There were definitely some elements off again in the plot, but I enjoyed it enough to look past them for the most part. Plus, Spock and McCoy together.. LOVE IT! I could watch a whole movie of Karl Urban just saying things like “damn it, man”, “damn it man, I’m a doctor”, “typical” and so on.. The first of the reboots is still prob my favourite, though. Agree, Chris Pine doesn’t do Kirk like Urban and Quinto do Bones and Spock. I still like CP though in the role.. πŸ˜‰

      Foxtel has all the movies on repeat at the moment on a special channel so I have seen all the movies now, but none of the TV shows (although I did watch a bit of TNG TV show the other day). Starting out watching the latest movies first, I actually thought that Karl Ubran had turned into a terrible actor since Lord of the Rings.. Until I saw the original Bones and now I realise that the man is an acting genius!! Urban always cracked me up as Bones but I didn’t realise how spot on he was! So good.. It would have been amazing to have the original and new Bones together on screen… I seriously just keep re-watching the new movies for Karl Urban..

      I quite liked the original ST movies (2, 3, 6 and 4 the most) but didn’t enjoy TNG ones so much, I felt like it lost “something” and isn’t the same without the original characters. I don’t mind PS and that Data character grew on me.. But they did turn into action films. Watching all the new ST movies without any knowledge of the original material, I get the route that they took in this day and age, where everything has to be big and loud to be a hit (not so), so I liked the latest one for the fact that it felt, to me, the most like the original ST.. but that could just be me? I liked that it wasn’t as big (at times) and spent quite a bit of time with the characters. I also get people’s dislike of Into Darkness when compared to Wrath of Kahn. It was very different and it was funny seeing the references from that movie in the latest two.. haha that Romulan ale.. I still didn’t terribly mind Cumberbitch but he probably should just have been a totally different character rather than essentially re-making WOK (which it didn’t need) and that prob would have been better. KHHAAAAAAAAANNN!!!

      That sucks, Zhee.. we mostly get things here before the US now but they do delay the odd thing. Six months is a bit much, though, like it’s out on DVD for everyone else at that point! We got Captain America the week before. I read that article too (the one comparing big blockbuster movie scores over the past decade?) and that this is the worst year since 2009 which I have to agree with. Can’t beat 2014 with CA: TWS (LOOOOVE), X-men: DOFP and Guardians of the Galaxy. This year was pretty sad. Although I didn’t hate the new X-men it had high expectations coming off DOFP and was a real wasted opportunity! Captain America lived up to the hype for me and that was really it..

      I haven’t seen Ghostbusters and decided I wouldn’t because it doesn’t look great and because they were labeling everyone who wasn’t all into the film sexist, etc which was wrong (although there are some crazies out there). I will prob check it out when it comes to DVD and give it a chance.. Still not sure what to think about Suicide Squad after Batman v Superman and am looking forward to Doctor Strange later this year.

      Sorry.. got too into that..

      • I heard Ghost Busters was rubbish, but then I don’t think Ab Fab got great reviews but I am still planning to go with my gf “Pats”. Not her real name but she reminds me of her. She owns a boutique brewery.

        • Yep, nothing wrong with women but Hollywood needs to stop trying to reboot E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G esp when it doesn’t need it.

          I will watch Ab Fab but not in the cinema. I am not sure how it will translate to a movie. They always feel like they have to go big with all the cameos and OTT plots.. My mum would watch it when I was young so I’ve seen it all and loathed the way they treated poor Saffie haha I remember just thinking they were the worst.

      • Great that you liked ST. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t think it was that good overall. I especially thought the way they destroyed the drones was silly and inane. The villain was too much of a caricature and that didn’t work for me either. I don’t want to write too much more because that will be a spoiler for those who are planning to see it. As I wrote previously the portrayal of Spock and Bones by Quinto and Urban is excellent and there interactions were the best parts of the movie.

        I have seen some really BAD movies this year and not a lot of GREAT ones, something that really draws me in and captures my attention. The worst movie I saw this year was “Hail, Casesar”. I can’t believe I sat through that drivel. There were two women in the row in front of me and as we were leaving the theatre I overheard one say to the other, “Who chose this stupid movie?” She hit it on the nose…STUPID! There are no movies that I have seen so far that I would consider memorable. Did not like Batman vs Superman, Deadpool, I was surprised by “Eddie the Eagle” and “Room”. They were better than I thought they would be although most of the Room was depressing. 10 Cloverfield Lane held my attention but the ending was unimaginative.
        I am debating if I want to see Suicide Squad. Maybe I’ll just wait until it comes out on DVD. I am planning on seeing Star Wars Rogue One but will not have any high expectations for that so I won’t be disappointed.

        • Smythe, I agree with what you said, the ST movie was good, not great, I’ve been too spoilt with the original actors. I did enjoy the emotional bit with Spock towards the end though.
          Can’t believe you saw “Hail Casesar” as well! Total waste of time and money, I hated it so much, but I did love Eddie the Eagle, that was funny and heartwarming.

          • I wanted to see a comedy. Unfortunately, “Hail Caesar” was not it. It should be retitled “Fail Caesar”.

      • No one can compare to the original Kirk, Bones and Spock in my opinion, and the Wrath of Khan was definitely the best!

        • Well, I will give my critique to Star Trek in roughly four weeks. *grrrr* πŸ˜€
          William Shatner is such an awful and cheesy actor that in his own little world, he’s a great actor. In my opinion he was only good as Denny Crane.

          And I will never forget that horrible Warcraft commercial he did years ago:

          Btw, has anyone yet watched Stranger Things on Netflix? I couldn’t do it yet as it has horror elements and I am the fluffiest bunny on earth… :S

          • Zhee…that’s why Pine just does not work as Kirk. Shatner’s acting is over the top and over emotional and that’s how he portrayed Kirk. I much preferred Patrick Stewart as Capt. Picard. Now he can act!

    • Are the no Bourne fans out there? I love me a Jason Bourne.
      There has been much discussion in my household over what went wrong with Ghostbusters. The ‘general’ conclusion is that it is poor editing. Maybe they should have hired a woman editor. Is editing the fault of the director?
      I am looking forward to both AbFab and ST. There is no such thing as a bad ST.

      • I am a Bourne fan….of the books but not so much of the movies or of Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. However I will probably go see the movie.
        No bad ST…wish that were true. It was great to see the cast back together again but ST The Motion Picture was a big fail, IMHO, and then there was ST The Final Frontier story by William Shatner. Very bad story = very bad movie. πŸ™

        Ghostbusters…something was missing and I think it was the original Ghostbusters team. πŸ˜‰

      • Well there you go. I haven’t seen either of those two movies. Remind me to give them both a big miss.
        I wasn’t a fan of the original team of the original Ghostbusters so that would be a no from me. But now you come to mention it, there was no real baddy in this movie so maybe that’s it. Zool (?) and that next door neighbour was the good bit – and the fridge. I have never thought the same way about a fridge ever since.
        That’s it. Thanks for that. Worked it out, although it only took a week. No real protagonist = no care factor.

  34. The abusers in the youth detentio centre need to lose their jobs and be prosecuted. Those kids already had hard lives and needed to be treated better.

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