MasterChef – Mon, Jul 4 – Peter Gilmore’s lamington

The three contestants with the least impressive dishes from last night’s invention test face off in the pressure test. At the end of the cook, one of these contestants will be going home.
It’s Peter Gilmore, he of Snow Egg fame, back to set Mimi, Trent and Theresa their elimination test.
Will it be another dessert?

Yes – it’s his take on a lamington.

Probably no recap til tomorrow, gice. SA is getting battered by heavy rain and wind at the moment and Mr 4 doesn’t want to go to bed.
I do know the eliminated contestant was Theresa, which won’t surprise anyone.

The usual footage of mopey contestants back in their MasterChef jail – ahem – house, but Theresa is the only one who gets a flashback.
Upon their arrival in the kitchen, they know it’s a Peter Gilmore challenge the minute the judges say the chef has set two finale challenges.
He tells them today’s dish is not quite as difficult as the chocolate creation Laura and Brett had to replicate, buut it’s on par with the Snow Egg Callum and Adam tackled.
It’s a cherry jam lamington and it looks pretty cool – literally – as dry ice vapour is drifting off it.
Mimi and Theresa don’t seem to have any dramas with making their cherry ice cream (hooray – real ice cream, not Another Bloody Parfait) but Trent is having anglaise (aka custard) trouble. So we get a brief flashback to remind us he’s some kind of electrical safety inspector.
Half an hour in and it’s sponge-making time. Trent gets to do this dish exposition and this could be the most we’ve heard him speak this entire season. Mimi talks about how important it is to bake the sponge for 20 minutes. And then forgets to push “start” on her timer. D’oh. Luckily she put it in around the same time as Trent’s and he knows how to set a timer.
Next is a coconut cream mixture that will be used to create the coconut “flakes” in which Peter Gilmore’s creation is nestled. Then it’s on to cherry jam which, judging by the footage of Theresa pitting cherries, will include several long strands of dangling hair. She misreads the recipe and weighs her cherries AFTER she’s pitted them. Luckily Intense Matt is on hand to tell us that’s bad, because her jam will be sweeter.
Oh dear – they’re making ABP so they can shave off their coconut flakes. Mimi has misread the recipe and put the wrong amount of coconut mix in her parfait. But she twigs before she gets too far into the process and adds some double cream to thicken it up. IM and Chloe lean over the gantry railing to see what’s up.
So far this dessert, while having a lot of steps, doesn’t seem to use any techniques that are too tricky. Time is the biggest issue.
The judges come over to taste Theresa’s ice cream and Peter just says “interesting’. Aw, come on, Peter – other guest chefs have given more clues. IM reckons it may not be setting because it has too much sugar and Chloe agrees, so it must be true.
Their last step is to make a ganache and Mimi goes rogue and blitzes hers without checking the temp first. She and Trent seem to be ahead of Theresa.
With 15 minutes to go, Trent gets to shave his coconut flakes on a mandoline.

Everyone is getting all their bits together, ready to assemble for the judges.
Mimi is having trouble with her coconut shavings and it’s because she stuffed up her quantities earlier. Theresa’s look great.
Trent seems to have had the fewest dramas- who’d have thunk it – Trent doing so well in a dessert challenge.
Ooh, here’s Brett with a talking head – didn’t realise he was even here. Thanks to him we know Theresa has added too much jam to her sponge. Luckily Mimi had one chuck of extra-frozen parfait left and it shaves well, so Elena can stop having a conniption up on the gantry.
Time’s up and it’s hugs all round.

Time to taste
Gaz says lamington is one of his fave desserts. “You’ve got a lot of favourites, Gary,” deadpans George, finally finding his sense of humour.
Trent: He’s up first and he gets to retell his foodie farm restaurant dream. “Pretty good effort,” says Peter. It all tastes great but Peter says some of his proportions of the different elements are a bit off. So, Trent’s safe then if that’s all they can find.
Mimi: She has another of her brain freezes as she plates up and can’t remember how many coconut shards to put in the bowl. Don’t they all sketch the dish at the start of the challenge or at least write notes? She hardly puts any in. “It doesn’t look great,” says Gary. Luckily Peter says the shard flavour is great. All of the elements taste great. Gaz pretends Mimi is still in trouble.
Theresa: George ensures Theresa tears up by asking her about her kids in Canada. She puts heaps more shards in her bowl and the dish looks good. George loves the mirror glaze and Peter liked the lammo, but the cherry elements were too sweet. So Theresa was the only one who cooked something that didn’t taste as it should – Trent and Mimi just made minor plating errors.

The decision

Come on – we know it’s Theresa. At least she went out on an episode where she didn’t get in a huge flap. She can start a dessert cafe making her fallen ice creams and that groovy green sphere on a bed of grated chocolate she made in the Heston ferris wheel challenge.

Where is she now?
Who knows? There’s no exit blurb. Last time they left it off was because the eliminated contestants came back to fight for a second chance – which Theresa won.
Bye, Theresa.

Tomorrow night
It’s Elise, Brett and Harry fighting for a chance to cook against Shannon Bennet.

Oh, Theresa has posted this on Twitter:



  1. Apparently, it’s a cherry jam lamington with 37 steps to prepare and a further 17 to plate up.
    Will Theresa be able to suppress her urge to sous vide?

  2. Just tuned in. Doesn’t look like I have missed anything.
    Same old cliches being trotted out. I will have an extra drink to compensate.

    • Have one for me while you’re there. It’s nauseating to watch.

      Didn’t know Theresa used to be an actress. Guess she can go back to that, now!

  3. I doubt this dish will have people queuing up like the snow egg. Not really my thing at all, then again having parfait in it puts me right off.

      • Just to make us believe she could be going home. Not to make it obvious that Theresa’s dish is too sweet.

        Also the work experience at Koi has helps Theresa with the good glaze. Reynold’s desserts have lots of glaze

    • Gary stating that there were some negatives in her dish but the only thing they critiqued was the sparsity of shavings.

      • We’re down to
        Mimi Brett Matt Harry Elena Chloe Elise Trent
        Just not sure whether 7 or 8 go to US, think there is elimination on Thursday, which would mean 7 go, I guess. Mimi can clearly be seen on the preview they showed along with most of the others.

        • There is an Elimination this Thurs. So 7 going to California.

          Also read there will be 4 guest chefs this week. This could only mean another pressure test on Thurs

  4. Did Theresa actually go home to her family or is she scouting around for another show? She’s been in Home & Away, TV competitions – maybe she’ll show up in some other reality TV.
    “Home renovation has always been my passion …” etc.
    I think she’s a bit of a fame ho.

    Even so, her lammy looked the best. Mimi’s looked awful – the taste must’ve been extraordinary to compensate for that mess.
    Glad that Trent survived – but why was he saying ‘lemmington?’

    • On her twitter, she is saying she is in talk with a production company on media opportunities !!! Hopefully it is in Canada and not here.

  5. I didn’t think I’d need to spray the mould again tonight, but it’s lurking in every kitchen crevice. It’s been hanging round, but at least it’s now taken rectilinear form. Chef Peter Gilmore probably suffered from Elise induced round mould undersupply when creating the dessert. Unfortunate, cos my Mum used to make terrific round lamingtons. They benefitted from the crunchiness achieved at the sponge’s circumferential midline.

  6. Happy that Theresa has departed but where has she gone? There was no info as to what she is currently doing. Not very sanitary with her stringy dirty looking bandages and her hair hanging into the food until she pulled it back again. Have the judges ever found a hair in their food? I would be surprised if they hadn’t.

  7. Oh the drama and muzak was nauseating last night.
    jumped to other channels more than usual last night.

    Why dont they just show us what’s happening without trying to colour in their producer’s comic book story line every episode? Plus I dont mind the contestants narrating BUT only if they stop adding the melodrama: if the ice cream didnt set, I’m going home. Enough we get what an elimination is.

    • Chloe with top knot and pretend hippie t shirt was the most nauseating part of the show for me.

      As if I give a **** whether your autumn leaves parfait doesn’t set , amata. Your deluded journey means nothing compared to the frisson of waiting for an election result. It’s the toughest week evah for us.

      Peter Gilmore is good chef but hey, I think I’m watching The Biggest Loser when his time rolls around. Do a few squats and liven the show up,ffs.

  8. That lamington looked really yummy. I love cherry. It was odd though that it had parfait with it. Who knew that churning your ice cream too much made it too sweet?
    I thought it was going to be Therese going when they said hers was too sweet.

  9. Watch for Harry to recreate the Peter Gilmore lamington with a few twists of his own. Of course, it will be one of the best desserts evah and could be served in a 3 star Michelin restaurant. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

      • With little bits of meat or seafood chucked in it~ it could become a “lambington” or “clamington”. Spit in it, it’s “phlegmington”, sure to be a big hit at Flemington.

        When it comes to culinary creativity and the art of surprise, success is just not an option with these amatas. The hushed ,reverential tones Gary uses to say “Ma$terchef final 9” is just hogwash.

  10. Tweeteth Theresa~ “……., I’m looking at opportunities which have presented that combines my love for food & acting background! ”

    You did a great job of acting like you could cook.

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