MasterChef – Thurs, July 21 – MasterClass – the judges cook

The final MasterClass of 2016 sees the return of the eliminated contestants. The shoe’s on the other foot for George, Gary and Shannon who must cook a dish from ingredients from a special mystery box.



  1. No recap tonight since it’s just Masterclass and I can’t watch til the weekend. I’m guessing the judges will be given a mystery box. Can someone please comment with what was inside? Ta

  2. Boring. The judges pretend to be scared. Contestants repeating what the judges used to say to them while they are cooking.

    As if the judges don’t know what are inside the mystery box

  3. Inside were one ingredient from each of the previous mystery boxes: Miso, kohlrabi, parsley, ginger wine, monkfish, garlic, dates, fennel pollen, cauliflower, and I think I saw limes and a packet of stuff that may have been pistachios.

  4. They didn’t specifically list all of them so I could be missing something.
    Ginger wine
    Miso paste
    fennel pollen

    • I know. It is a national tragedy. Losing the will to live.

      Not even smoked miso can redeemed the deprivation.

  5. George is doing a brilliant job of playing a contestant. Trotting out all of the faux drama cliches. Love it.

  6. The judges pick mussels, mandarin and brussel sprouts and from that the contestants choose mandarin as the core ingredient for the Invention Test.

    • What a relief! I just could not deal with an episode without Beetroot if there were no compensating red mounds. What a total episode redeemer- thank you Elise.

    • We’ve got a 15 year old daughter and it’s practically compulsory in that demographic!
      So yes! Plus we met Richie during filming at an indoor climb place and she’s desperate to see herself!

    • I’ll be watching The Bachelor. It’s very entertaining … ultimately rubbish, but no one does rubbish as well as Ch 10.

  7. Harry also got a bit of ‘revenge,’ asking Gary if his sauce had depth of flavour (for which he got criticised before).
    All a bit of scripted fun as usual, but really Elise?
    Over and over with domes and ice creams. She needs to get those silicone moulds surgically removed.

  8. Ha ha, love these episodes when they give it back to the judges. It’s always funny.
    And the judges committed the cardinal sin of leaving a bone in their chicken. And they didn’t seem to ‘hero’ the mandarin very much.

  9. I thought that was really fun. There were some good moments. Harry doing the table thump with the spoon. Matt teasing George about the level of salt in his sauce. The general goodnaturedness of Shannon Bennet. Plus great to see Charlie again, and glimpses of people I’d already forgotten who I really hoped would be around longer, etc, like Anastasia.

  10. I actually caught this lame episode (I’ve a 4 week old baby/gremlin, so have kept up with MC via this site, thank you all) and quite enjoyed Shannon cooking his quail despite being told the boning wasn’t finished.

    Can’t friggin stand George pretending to be a wide-eyed clueless contestant. Also funny how they all consider Gary such an underdog against Shannon and George. Why is that? Gary had successful restaurants too, and he’s had plenty of tv work (that old show “Boys Weekend’ with Gary, Manu, Adrian Richardson and that spanish guy Maguel or Manuel from The Living Room is on SBS Food Newtork. I watch that channel A LOT). But he’s the lame duck of the 3 apparently. Having eaten at his old restaurant Fenix, I’ll go along with that.

    So basically IM is going to win, have I got that right?

    • Congrats Bel. I think I.M. is going to win. If not him it ‘ll be Harry.

      I’m expecting in advance that Elena will be robbed.

      • I suppose the good news is that you don’t had to win to turn Masterchef into a successful career (Poh and Justine being case in point).
        I think Elena will do well as, being a teacher, her presentation skills will be excellent.
        IM might be likeable and a good cook, but that wide eyed stare could be off-putting week after week.
        I am not sure about Harry. I suspect that he’s a natural in front of the camera.

        • But he’s so up himself and a walking cliche. …which means he probably has got a long career in tv!! Even if I won’t watch him evah.

  11. It had some funny and silly moments albeit scripted.
    Elise surprises us with her and fellow contestants innovative dish of domed panna cotta created using silicone molds, jelly and ganache…LOL
    I assume that we will be seeing yet another domed dessert during finals week unless the producers hide the molds.
    I hope Shannon returns next season. He has been an asset to MC.

    • Maybe they could ditch the double-Gs and replace them with Shannon and that Alla chef from a few days ago. Even imagining that makes me sigh with relief.

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