MasterChef – Wed, Jul 6 – service challenge

The remaining eight contestants are split into teams of two to cook a two-course meal inspired by quality Australian produce for 80 diners. The two least impressive teams will face elimination.



  1. What Maz and Littlepetal said…. let’s hope She Who Knows All doesn’t drag Elena into elimination.

  2. Gary is rude. They are chefs and the chef on the blue team didn’t question the dish but Gary did. That is saying the chef is no good

  3. Please stop heroing the dish. Chloe said she must get the mousse right at it is the hero of the dish.

    When you are doing mousse, of course the mousse is the main ingredient

  4. Not quite getting the point of this challenge. What are those chef/babysitters actually doing? By this time in the comp, they’ve prepared dishes for this many people before.

    • I suppose he means it is not drowned in fennel and coriander jus. Which seems to be the reason Gary doesn’t like it.

  5. The marron was such a small serving. I thought it was an entree. Guess they’ll be stopping at maccas on the way home!

      • Best evah cooks. Marco told them that generosity is the greatest garnish in the world but these amatas know better and they want it real bad, yeah? Maggie’s “largesse”……in one pierced , ear and out the other. Dig deep , passionate ones.

        San Franci$co is gonna be a bad trip, man. I know there won’t be a street challenge where the amatas feed the legions of homeless people in Frisco.

      • Elena didn’t do too well today. Why can’t Chloe give a hand. Her dessert is not so complicated and not many elements

          • I thought she would get through – she usually does – but am now convinced (after watching the season preview from ep 1) tomorrow is her last hurrah. I’d forgotten that I kept a copy on my IQ, which I didn’t watch till recently.

  6. Mimi made sure to blame Matt for her cake fail, because she had to help him.
    Matt had to pick a big fish, which always takes ages to prepare.
    Chloe could barely contain herself – she looked so shocked and displeased when yellow got the best dish, Elena had to restrain her.
    Definitely has issues.

    Maybe Elise will manage to make something one day without a silicone mould. And maybe she’ll even say something grammatically correct.

    • When are they going to learn when doing these service challenges not to pick fiddly, time consuming things like fish which needs to be pin boned & filleted & prawns which need to be peeled. They do it every time, then half way through, say I shouldn’t have picked this to cook it’s taking too long.

  7. Couldn’t face watching tonight.
    I’m so surprised at myself practically giving up like this on my usual addiction – but these cliched ego maniacal hacks are just annoying and “best Evah”is a Big fat whopper. Ability and arrogance in inverse proportions to what I would like.

    Agree that Chloe’s protected status will ensure a San Fran berth- her contract said the tie dye would go down a treat on Haight st.

    So tomorrow. Yuck. Two people I like and two I hate. Best remaining option is that the gesticulating one will get chopped off mid gesture. But I know my way around disappointment….

  8. These people have learned nothing from previous team challenges. The meat person does the meat, the dessert person does the dessert, and never the twain shall meet. There’s no discussion on how to work together to complete both courses, no offers to help each other, beyond the ubiquitous “You right?” and “Yep.”, barely any communication at all until one or the other is up shit creek and then it is panic stations. Even the chefs trying to gee them up a bit only get “yep”, but no corresponding butts getting into gear.

    Every one of these contestants needs to get a couple of fish, some big hunks of meat, and some crustaceans. And then time how long it takes to prepare the flesh for cooking and remember the time for future. Then cook the whatever-it-is over and over and over until they can tell when their damn protein is cooked properly. I hope it’s cooked perfectly…hope? Stop it. Shut up. Go home. Airheads.

    • Exactly my thoughts, Von. Why couldn’t they work together? Matt and Mimi could have done a production line for the fish – one filleting the other boning and portioning, then one could go one to the cakes.

      From the way the judges were talking, it seems that they wanted the one-person=one-dish dynamic. I presume they encouraged that, rather than teamwork.

  9. Judges loved Harry’s dessert but it looked to me that they barely touched it. They had no comments about the small main served by the yellow team but thought there was too much on the M’s dessert dish. The judges complaining about too much food….what a shocker.
    Did Mimi poke holes in the little cakes so the syrup could really get into them?
    Elise needs to learn how to count.
    Gary back to himself…rude and condescending. Criticizing Brett’s dish with the guest chef approving of it.
    I’m hoping that Chloe will not be boarding a plane to CA but it will probably be Mimi or Elena who will be eliminated.
    Upcoming CA trip:

  10. When Mimi was pouring the syrup on her cakes, I kept thinking of the woman on MKR who squeezed her babas. Mimi wouldn’t have got to watch that, being in filming whenit was shown, but I can’t help thinking she would have been better to immerse the cakes, then drain.

    • Yes, that was Lauren , for the benefit of those trying to forget her and her maniacal tilt at the two fiddy k.

  11. Got my wish – Trent’s going to San Francisco with flowers in his hair, or is it LA? The USA, anyway. Hooray!

    Even better, Chloe’s expectant face for best dish…Hahaha.

    I didn’t have a problem with Gary’s criticisms – he’s there to give his opinion, positive or negative, that’s his job. I did wonder if the guest chef or anyone else asked Elena about her jus or her soz or whatever it was meant to be; seemed weird to forget something so basic and essential as the soz.

    But happy days! A ‘favourite’ is going home. Hope it’s not Intense Matt.

  12. Tonight will be the best ever episode of the season as potentially 1 of the 3 most annoying contestants could be leaving… which means that Elena will be eliminated… but one can dream.

    Wonder if it was an edit fail that we got to see the look of shock and sadness in Chloe’s face when she didn’t get her team over the line to be the best team and win the secret prize. Have noticed she’s been tarting herself up a bit more lately… red lippy… etc…. wonder why?

    I just hope next season they part from negative spaces, parfaits, soils, one bite servings and actually make real food that people are after.

    Lets hope either Chloe and Mimi bomb tonight……

    Peace out!

  13. First there was “Harold”, then it was shortened to “Harry” and now, thanks to Quaggy ~ it’s become “Haz”. Do I need a lobotomy to relate to these amatas?

    I recall posters writing to the effect that they’ll be glad when MKR finishes and Ma$terchef starts . I too, clung to the vain hope that it would be better than MKR and thought there would never be a more exciting time to watch a cooking show.

    How wrong can you be?

    Ma$terchef 2016 Ordinary food. Ordinary judges. Ordinary amatas. Ordinary muzak.

    The greatest culinary train wreck evah. Every night the show manages to “soil” itself.

    Thanks to Juz for being able to “keep pushing” through the worst season evah.

    I have Elena in my top two. George bleated that she could win Ma$terchef but this year a drover’s dog could knock out a putrid parfait and cover itself in glory.

    So I hope it’s a Chloe cull~ but the dice are loaded in her favour.

  14. We have been rob!!! Ch 10 and the judges didn’t deliver. This season is boring. So far hardly any food that stand out that you want to cook it right away.

    Even Heston was bored.

    I have little hope that San Fran will be exciting! Just a week of promoting California (since they are the sponsor)

    Glad that the show only have 2 more weeks to go.

    • False advertising, for sure….
      It’s not as bad as “the really bad season” Was that 2013? It’s close though.

      Really LP – two weeks to go?

  15. lol – must admit all I heard was NSW produce. I thought the most well known “premium” pork was from Bangalow, a bit further north than Hunter.
    Farmers market contestants may be better than the TV savvy group we normally see?

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