Australian Survivor recap episode 2 – Mon, Aug 22

Post the first tribal council the reds chat about how Des knew he had it coming. In the pitch black pigtails Kristie starts complaining her bag and shirt are missing and she reckons someone’s moved them because she’s an outsider. Uh oh – if you’re paranoid don’t let it show, Kristie. Although I wouldn’t put it past Des to do a Russell and bury belongings in the sand.
Over at blue everyone’s chilled because they have fire, water and shelter and it’s not raining – plus they won the first two challenges. Secret Squirrel Bianca is waiting for the cracks to appear and has noticed the two younger girls are tight and get on with Spidey Sam. She forges an alliance with firefighter Kylie and hopes to draw in old burny hand Conner.

Finally Kristie’s bag turns up and I wish we’d seen from the edit whether it had in fact been there the whole time. Kristie starts to lose it in a lonely spot in the jungle and good on army lady El for trying to calm her down. Is she losing the plot or did her drama teacher “friend” take it to make his position more secure/
Over at yellow Barry with the dreads finally makes the edit, joking about popping out for a croissant. Poor yellow still don’t have fire, so haven’t drunk water. Nick is licking palm fronds for moisture. He sets to with the flint and finally they get some coconut husk on fire, but they don’t even have a supply of tinder nearby to keep it going. The flame splutters out and Nick is devo.

Drama dude Evan *who is telling people he’s an art teacher) is trying to buddy up to ex-cricketer Lee because he thinks he can outwit him, but Lee of the clingy trunks and over-developed torso has twigged to Evan being a wildcard and is keeping him close to keep tabs on him.

Yellow try again to make fire and, finally, it works. Everyone seems to be chowing down at all the tribes – are they not rationing or were the producers generous for the first season?
Finally, 62-year-old Peter the air traffic controller and ex-military guy gets some air time. He did really well with the physical aspect of the challenge in last night’s episode but is now struggling – and tells Bianca so. He reckons he should leave. Nooo, Peter – we don’t even know you! Meanwhile, Flick and fellow young girl decide fit firey Kylie is totes annoying and should go.

Challenge time
JLap and his sinewy arms are back and he gets red to confess they still don’t have fire, when even the dorks at yellow managed it. The challenge involves, um, carrying, smashing, wriggling, knocking stuff over, yadda yadda. It’s an immunity AND a reward challenge, with the winner getting fishing gear. Runner-up gets a fishing line and hooks. Sue and Peter, the two oldest people yet, sit out the challenge. Can we get an update on Conner’s hand? As a qualified doctor, can JLap check if it’s a serious burn?
Super blues are smashing it in the challenge, yet again, and that poor brunette is going to have so many bruises. And again loser yellow manage to overtake the reds, who are again quibbling about how to do things.

Poor reds then have to do the course again with beefcake Lee as the person being carried. Why didn’t they choose someone lighter? Counting on him to smash all the blocks at the end – I guess he was a bowler when he played Big Bash.
Yellow wins thanks to the throwing of Kate, the women who survived a serious car accident years ago. For blue, weedy student Conner is throwing furiously but he can’t outgun Lee’s mighty guns.

Blue is heading to tribal council. Will Peter put his hand up to go home? Conner is worried he’s on the chopping block due to his challenge performance. Spidey Sam and Firey Kylie pow wow and decide Peter needs to go home because he’s not eating or drinking, even though he’s well liked.
But Bianca is worried that will put her on the wrong side of the numbers, so she tells Conner Flick should go. And he promptly tells Flick. Who then wants to get rid of Bianca.
As magician Matt notes, everyone is going nuts with the scrambling.

Tribal council

Come on – they can’t send Pete home before we discover why he’s wearing crimson pants. JLap is in his tribal uniform of checked shirt and chinos. He tries to find a crack in tribe unity but Flick and Kylie don’t bite. So he probes Pete about his illness, which is explained as not wanting to eat. Conner and Brunette Brooke say they could be in danger for their challenge performance, but they’re not. Hopefully Conner sticks around – he’s a sweetie.
Flick and Brooke tell JLap they’d never considered them being close could be perceived as a threat … der, girls! Have you not watched the show? You need a Malcolm and Denise secret alliance not a sorority sisters alliance.
JLap reads the votes and there’s one for Kylie, two for Pete and the rest Bianca.
Farewell, Secret Squirrel – you would have fared better on another tribe.

Next time
Well, we know Pete is still around because we see footage of him. It looks like there is one of those advantage twists where only a few tribe members are given secret info and have to decide whether or not to reveal it (as seen in the Blue Collar, White Collar etc season). These rarely end well.

Fun fact

I googled who on Survivor has started a fire using glasses, and came across this from an interview with fan fave Yau Man: “You don’t just hold your glasses over dry fiber – it would never work since your glasses are concave lenses and cannot focus the sun. the trick is to put a drop of water on the glass – it acts as a very powerful magnifying glass”
There you go – some sciencey learning.



  1. “Lee of the clingy trunks…”

    Yeah, I noticed those too. When you add those to the picture alongside his over-developed chest, it makes for a nice evening in front of the TV :). I honestly thought the blue team would do better tonight after their performance last night, but alas, you never can tell with this game. I think Bianca just tried to get too much into her strategy-game far too early in the overall game. Even if she was right (and she may have been), you gotta be a little more subtle (or a lot more grossly dishonest) this soon into the season.

    “Survivor” is a marathon, Bianca, not a sprint.

  2. I am curious as to why Pete gave his vote to Kylie…any thoughts?
    Dont like smug..Flick wont last long!
    Thanks for recap…loving this Aus version and reckon La Paglia doing an ok job so far…

      • They can’t write their own name so I think he picked her as a friend, so as not to ruffle feathers. She probably knew. Maybe he picked up a bug on the plane ride over.

        • I think Israeli and Japanese Survivor let you vote for yourself. I cannot see why most versions ban it. Spending some time on you tube watching non-US survivor seasons can be fun. South African Survivor tends to be fairly bizarre.

          • What would they do if as a team strategy they all voted for themselves leading to an 8 way tie?

          • It would only take one of the 9 to break ranks they would be safe and someone else would be going home. the chances such an agreement being made are infinitesimal, The chances of it being successful are zero.

            In any case, there is nothing to prevent such an agreement now, so long as it does not involve any self-votes. It has never happened because it would be contrary to the interests of every player.

  3. Why would Pete not know his own body. Surely you would do some roughing it at home first. I would have a good idea that I could not sleep in the cold or rain.

    I think they were premature voting out Biance. They still need to win challenges.

    Tonight I liked Kate for her cheerful attitude.

  4. I can’t understand that if you know you are going on Survivor that they don’t practice lighting a fire, sleeping outside, building things, etc. beforehand.

    • Practice fire, practice sleeping outside, practice going into the bush and building a shelter, practice weaving palm fronds. If I was Richard, I would know if I could hack it or not. The crying-on-day-4 girl wouldn’t know because I think her social intelligence might be poor.

      That reminds me, it was funny when one of the boys said, “I can do this because I have read Swiss Family Robinson and Lord of the Flies”. I wonder if he thinks that means they will be roasting a Pigsy.
      It’s like saying, I watched Appllo13 so I could be an astronaut.

  5. Thanks for the great recap Juz.
    I was wondering the same thing about the missing bag. Was she being paranoid or did they really move it? It wasn’t shown. Usually if they have they would show them taking it & laughing about it.
    The people being carried in that challenge got very knocked around & would have ended up very bruised.
    I was wondering about the burnt hand too. An update would be nice.
    No hat for Jonathan last night. That’s not very Probsty.
    Poor Bianca she spoke to the wrong person about the girl’s alliance. He straight away goes & tattle tales.

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