The Bachelor – Week 4

Tonight White Rose wielder Alex finally gets a date and the girls get a fake baby challenge. Luckily they are already used to tanties of the grown-up variety.



  1. I lasted ten minutes into the episode, and then gave up. This was the stupidest episode of any television show in the entire history of humankind. Like, WTF channel 10.

    Meanwhile, somebody needs to give Richie a slap over the back of the head, because it seems like he’s stuck (like a record skipping) on, “You look amazing,” “You look amazing,” “You look amazing,” “You look amazing” …

    I mean, yeah, the girls are all gorgeous, but that can’t possibly be his idea of establishing a deep bond with a woman he’s dating, right?

    • Richie is about as deep as a teaspoon with his grab bag of cheap compliments. He’s been doing it since day one. Run gels.

      • I genuinely liked Richie at the start of the season (which was barely 5 episodes ago), and I’m sure he’s an entirely pleasant human being.

        But (a) he needs to keep his mouth to himself for five minutes, and (b) the edit he’s getting, I mean, you’re absolutely right. He’s coming across with the emotional depth of a teaspoon.

  2. And he comes at them with a wide open mouth, two girls in one day, no subtlety. Alex not happy. Going off Ritchie big time.

  3. I just couldn’t. I really tried. I wanted to be with you to the end. I had dreams of waxing lyrical or being a little funny. Perhaps we could have a laugh? But it was so awful.
    I’m going to have to tune into the Olympics from here on.

  4. OK, it’s the teacher in me but I get annoyed that Alex keeps saying “Richie and I” at the end of a sentence when it’s “Richie and me”, eg the muso was playing for “Richie and I”. Not her fault that schools stopped teaching grammar in the late 70s.

    People who never learned this rule: when you don’t know which pronoun to use; I, me, he, him, she her …take out the other person/people and try out the sentence. You will easily be able to tell which pronoun to use, then replace the others. It’s because I’m old that I learned this.

  5. Hmmm. I didn’t mind it, but then I’m mainly here to watch the catfights. I don’t really care are about the romance side of it, except if it means the claws come out.

    Aside from the bad grammar, Keira’s tongue habit is still annoying me. I bet she stops giving tongue when she sees how ugly it makes her. She’s not attractive imo even without looking like she has just eaten a greasy chicken.

  6. Poor, goofy Eliza never stood a chance. Her goofiness was just awkward.

    The girls look lovely in some shots then ‘myeh’ or mean in others. Alex doesn’t seem authentic. She brings out the big seduction which prevents Richie seeing who she really is. The girls with good character and nice personalities are starting to show themselves. I like Sasha because she has spark and humour, Nicky because she seems a good dte girl (although we don’t want to hear one more time how she has NEVER been complimented. Maybe she wasn’t listening. Girls usually compliment each other), and I like Olena because she was intelligent enough to give Nicky a reality check; “These aren’t your friends” I don’t mind Georgia either, even though she isn’t one of the best looking. She just seems ordinary and not try hard. If I was a guy, it would be Olena for looks or Sasha for personality.

  7. I like Nicky. She’s my tip for the win. I agree Daisy, Olena is gorgeous and Sasha seems like someone I’d like to hang out with. Alex forgets she’s on a dating show, and had makeup overkill at the cocktail party, as did Megan.
    It was def time for Eliza to go.
    I liked Alex’s final dress choice at the dress shop and thought the others were awful on her.
    Was nice to have minimal Keira this evening.

  8. Richi is stupid to pick Alex. She is very possessive. She already spent a day with Richie and receive a rose. Still she wants to use the white rose.

    So far I think Nikki is the best choice for Richie. Richie is not my type and I dont find him good looking.

    Olena is one smart classy lady. Alex is all fake.

    • Agree, I find Alex the most fake. She knows how to be all charming and seductive, but that’s all window dressing to snare a man.

  9. I was quite tempted to skip tonight’s episode entirely and just watch the football on 9. Alas, the first group date (as a general Olympics-themed athletics challenge) sucked me in. It requires a few skills and the girls get to show off (as opposed to twirling in front of him, eugh). I’m slightly concerned about giving Keira a deadly weapon, but we’ll see what happens.

    Also, it’s been mentioned a few times in various funny recaps … but Richie really does say, “ha ha” a lot, like, at the end of most sentences. Now that I’ve actually noticed, I can’t not hear it.

  10. Okay, I made the right decision. Faith running over Keira in a zorb ball was the greatest thing ever. Ever.

      • I would be like Keira in not wanting all that sport to compete for a date. Maybe if it was a jug making competition. Something where you don’t need to run or catch.

  11. I am going easy on Richie’s cardboard cutout performances because I am picturing the camera men, producers, caterers all there and Richie being told do this, hold her there, tell her this. The girls at least get a bit of a chance to chat.

    • Hopefully , the women are comparing notes on the compliments and platitudes Richie’s throwing around like cheap confetti.

  12. The longer we go, the less I like Alex. She seems really, really possessive. Which makes me think that, maybe going on “The Bachelor” wasn’t the best choice for her reality TV career.

    • She seems fake because she keeps trying to perform her seduction. That means insecure and doesn’t believe in herself.

    • I’m amazed that Georgia is still here, I mean, she’s got the darkest hair of all the girls remaining.

      • If Georgia promises to dye her hair any shade of blonde , Richie will gibber and gush how amazing she looks , all the while picking his teeth, staring at the table and fidgeting with a glass etc. He’s a player on the stairway to hell, ladies..

        • I have this mental picture of all the brunettes sneaking out of the compound in the middle of the night — ‘Great Escape’ style — to go and find a 24 hour pharmacy and raid bottles of peroxide.

  13. Then the gatecrashers arrived. Alex is such an insecure person. The girls from previous seasons were so much better

  14. Osher being dressed as a funeral director before grimly advising the losing contestant to “say their goodbyes” is getting a bit too much. A black rose would be the way to go for the vanquished.

    Fail, Richie. Feisty Sasha was good value. She was a pearl cast before a tasteless , beige swine.

    It seems love can’t blossom unless a helicopter is somehow involved. I almost fell out of an army helicopter one time, not a pleasant memory.

  15. I don’t know why they need to bring in new girls or have the stupid white rose. Its never necessary on the American version.
    And I’m sick of Ritchie telling all the girls they look amazing.

    • I sort of feel like he doesn’t really have a connection with *anyone*, so he doesn’t really know what else to say. He likes gorgeous blondes (spoiler alert there), but once you get past the superficial level, he’s not really establishing anything deeper with any of them … and unfortunately for everybody involved (including the audience), he’s stuck with them for the next how many episodes?

      Maybe I’m reading it wrong, or maybe the editing is really messed up this year, but it kind of feels like the girls are (mostly) invested in their friendships with each other, a lot more than Richie’s invested in any of them. Which is a bit sad, really.

  16. Keira is just rude. And I still think she’s the producers’ pick. In fact I bet Richie was told to go up to her first and ask her for a lawn dance. Richie does not look like a lawn dancer…as in he’s not 70 years old.
    The girls haven’t done the formula “who’s going to tell Richie, that Keira is a bitchie?”.
    I hope Alex wins now because the poor girl wants it so much. And she foes look very pretty when painted up. But I am still liking Megan, and Olena. I think Megan and Alex will be two of the final three. Georgia will probably make bridesmaid. Nicky reminds me of Louise from Blake’s season and Faith reminds me of the girl who played Sabrina the witch.

    • I don’t care much for Keira’s attitude … but by gosh, at least she has a personality (which makes her a thousand times more memorable than just about everybody else onscreen this season). At this point, it’s like, just pass her a bottle of champagne and let her go. At least it’ll make for interesting viewing.

      I really like Megan. I agree with a comment from another thread, though, re: Olena. I think Olena is too smart for him. I think she could do better. I see Alex sticking around, but I don’t see her winning … and gosh, what if he actually does eliminate her? Oh, the drama.

    • Even if Alex win, it wont last. Who want a possessive girlfriend? I can also see the control freak in her. She will be telling Richie you cant do that or wear this etc etc

  17. It’ s so demeaning, those girls looking desperate to be chosen and their faces saying pick me pick me. Body language expert reckons it’s just lust with Ritchie for Alex. Someone walks out soon, perhaps because there are now intruders – can’t wait to see Alex’ reaction😨😨

    • Definitely lust. But don’t underestimate the power of it. Pretty sure the lustometer will be involved in their choices. Kiki got a 1 last night and will therefore go home soon imo.

  18. There are some very uncomplementary articles flying around this week about The Bachelor, and specifically Bachie Itchie.
    Sadly, I think they have a point.
    He is not setting the world on fire and no amount of editing can make him interesting. It certainly explains why most of the girls don’t look particularly upset when they are sent home. I wonder if they are volunteering to get on the bus.

  19. No spoilers here but both Daily Mail and are quite uncomplimentary about both Alex and Ritchie. Alex is desperate and I think it shows. One dating etiquette expert (yes, there are those!) has said that the wide open kiss between Alex and Ritchie was quite inappropriate for a first date. I’ve gone off both of them – I think Ritchie was much more appropriate on his previous outing on reality tv as one of the boys.

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