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Over to delightful Daisy for the August Bold thread …
Hi Again B&B fans (and not so fans). I suspect you are all feeling peeved and frustrated at the Forresters’ inability to stay out of trouble. Of course it would help if any of them would marry outside of the immediate family, but we can expect the barn dance to continue as they swing their partners and dosey do back to another brother or sister’s wife or husband. Of course it’s the ridiculous cycle of life in LA. Well, at Forrester creations and Spencer Publications.
This months we commence with Wyatt and Stephie discovering they were married by a con man, and Katy declaring her love for Bill and Brooke, and pledging alliegance to her family. This leaves Bill and Brooke with a dilemma as they were just planning a life together, again. One where Brooke doesn’t hide under the bed.
So I think we can predict that Stephie will wrestle with her emotions, while Wyatt and Liam will fight for her love. But in good old B&B fashion, she will love them both. More people will discover the (not so) secret of Douglas’s paternity. And Katy might find Bill and Brooke hiding together in the shower, but they will claim to be putting her interests first and saving water.
One day our grandchildren might watch young Douglas marry or fight it out in the boardroom or bedroom with Rick and Maya’s…or is that Nicole’s baby. Feel free to predict or rewrite your B&B plot.

Brooke is now 1000 years old and has been married 34 times, but you'd never know it.

Brooke is now 1000 years old and has been married 34 times, but you’d never know it.



  1. My grandchildren won’t have to wait for Douglas. I predict we will all be invited to his 21st in the next year or two. Soap years are a bit like dog years – they go by at a speed dictated by plot and casting requirements.

    • Oh yeah. That’s a good one. Liam and Stepie will definitely ask Wyatt to be the best man like they are honouring him. It’s what the Forresters do.

      I just hope Liam doesn’t get a priest off Craig’s list.

  2. Liam has become a nasty, self absorbed individual. Stamped his feet and spit the dummy last night.
    This change to Win TV for ch10 programs is causing us country Qld viewers problems as all I have is ‘To be advised’ for hours on end so I am unable record any of my favorite programs. I will be on Magnetic Isand all next week and won’t be able to catch up on return.

  3. We’ll keep you up to date all happening. Don’t get stuck on Magnetic Island.
    Get it? Boom. Boom. πŸ˜† I suppose that’s a tired old gag for Mag Island.

  4. Looking forward to visiting the family and then hopping across to Maggie. Yes Dave my family were in the Quest apartments while they were moving up to the ville and it overlooked the island. 26 deg most days up here so should be good. I don’t think I will miss B&B next week.

  5. You’ve probably discussed it before Daisy, but did you see Brooke on Have You Been Paying Attention? I love that show. Love Sam Pang the most.

  6. Getting pretty steamy with Bill and Brooke tonight…..but I couldn’t watch it all to see if it went all the way.

  7. Woolif has a man cave too. But I don’t think he keeps a woman in there, least of all my sister.

    I love how Brooke always says, “This has to stop”, then goes for it.

  8. I hate that look Brooke gets in her eyes, it must be her guilty look, while she is having it away with her sister’s husband.
    I don’t think they went all the way but they didn’t show us.

    Quinn wasn’t happy with being kicked out by Wyatt, she had that look in her eyes again.

  9. So will Brooke have a secret door so she can come and go to the secret room to make love to her sister’s husband? Because otherwise people will still know she is in there.
    And I think they left more than an earring on the sheet so will Bill take the washing home to Katy?

  10. Now Liam has to hunt down the wearer of the other earring and after that heartfelt speech he just made his dad on what such an honourable man he is and how much he respects his dad’s morals.
    Bill you should be ashamed and you too Brooke.

    • Bill is a cad and a scoundrel. “We’re Spencer men, Liam. Loyalty. Commitment”.
      “I will have zer tolerance for infidelity. That’s how much marriage means to me”. Brooke is a narcissist. Katy is a fool. And Bill and Brooke are willing to let Katy eat dirt. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Just watching B&B now and ha ha, Liam just spotted the earring. Too bad it wasn’t a shoe. He could have searched LA for a girl to fit the slipper. Now he will just see Brooke wearing one amethyst and gold earring.
    I can’t wait to see his finest acting then.

    • Haha Daisy yes it might bring out Liam’s finest acting yet. I think the shit will hit the fan after his father’s hypocrisy. It’s about time someone gave it to Bill and I’m sure he won’t like it getting told off by his darling Liam.
      Maybe Liam and Katy end up together. How would Bill like that?

      • What a slime ball Bill is. That secret room must have another door because he pushed Brooke in there and told her to go homeπŸ˜€ Now who is going to make the bed and what will Liam do!

        • I’m more worried about washing that sheet. AΔΊl the Logan/Spencer DNA on it.
          How come Bill has never used his love cave before? I know he said it was a gym, transformed, but still, it has suddenly appeared like a love portal into a world of Spencer delight.
          I wonder if Brooke will come up with a good lie about the earring. I’ll start:
          I loaned Bill the sheet set and my earring must have dropped into it.

          • Bill’s just like Michael Jackson with his creepy secret room. It’s where he practises his rock solid beliefs about “marriage”.

            No one on B&B has pets, so no chance of blaming the dog about the earring.

            Prarie rats loose in the mansion? “It must have been the wind”…. Katie will believe anything.

  12. You know the acting on this show looks really easy. In fact I rhink when Ivy comes back she should being her Aussie mum.
    I could get the boobs, face lift, pumped lips and lipo done and throw on a stereotypical Croc Hunter, “Geddai Myte” to compliment Ivy’s corny dad and enter wearing Blundstones and safari suit. Seriously, how hard could it be? Then I would have to have a brief fling with Eric, rekindling a brief affair we would have already had without his brother’s or Stephanie’s knowledge.

  13. How could slutty Brooke go and sit and have coffee in her sisters kitchen right after she had been having sex with the husband?
    It’s only a matter of time Brooke and I am sure that lost earring will be your undoing, good!
    I don’t know what the rest of you think but Caroline’s acting yesterday was shocking. I don’t think I have noticed before as she hasn’t been given that much to say in one stretch but she was abysmal to watch, at least I thought so.

    • I didn’t notice 5he act8ng. Woolif and I were too busy complaining thar Thomas gets off scot free for pretty much raping Caroline.
      Yes, I was thinking how can Brooke sit and act all high and mighty and loving with Katy. Katy knew straight away if not Ridge, then Bill because there cast is too small.
      I shouted to Liam to take Stephie next door to the secret room….but the kiss was his imagination. If Katy makes Bill dismantle his love chamber I think, next, it should be a sewing room.
      To think all that time that both Katy and Bill have worked there, they could have had a nice little creche/playroom for Will, just off the office.

      • Was thinking the same about Thomas. Now all of a sudden Caroline is saying she knew what she was doing. Talk about a kick in the guts for Ridge.
        Now Thomas wants the mother as well, although he has always wanted her.
        You never know down the track it could turn out to be Ridge’s son. He may have had a wee bit of sperm left. It wouldn’t surprise me.
        Funny how we have never seen this love shack/ gym whatever before.
        What a couple of lieing so and so’s Bill and Brooke are, grrrrrr……….
        Can’t wait for the sh#t to hit the fan when Liam finds out what his so called loyal, self righteous father has been up to?

  14. I am gggrrr at Thomas, Brooke and Bill atm and at Caroline a bit.

    But how about this Survivor fans. Marcie, who can do everything and looks like Lilleth from Frazier, is Deb from Survivor.

  15. Back to Brooke and Bill; can you get any lower? Brooke always says, “Bill, I can’t do this”, while she is doing it.
    And when Katy finds out and goes kerrrazy, Bill will put the blame on her. Still waiting for the earring to surface.
    Watching atm, and fingers crossed Brooke doesn’t sleep with Ridge in the 5 second haitus.

      • Brooke is smelling lunch like a black widow spider smells a fly. And she is spinning her sticky web of tea and sympathy…or vodka and sympathy. You can see her radar zeroing on her next man.

  16. And Wyatt is showing he is a chip off the old block by push, push, pushing until he gets his way, like getting Hope, then Stephie to agree to marry him in spite of Liam being their first choice. Now it’s the business venture. But blind Freddie and the three blind mice can see whose big project Stephie is going to get invested in.

  17. The facevof someone not interested in Liam’s project.

    BTW, Stephie has been looking very pretty lately, imo.

  18. Well, as promised I didn’t post any spoiler, but there it was for all to see this afternoon – the coupling you just wouldn’t have thought would happen!

  19. Hmmm. Oh boy. Sitting at the hair dressers and am reading about an “unusual coupling” that made Dave feel sick…and involved Eric. Worse than Quinn and Liam? Let me guess…. Eric and (they have no pets, so not that)…..I’d like to say Stephie….but I will giess Katy. She probably saw the earring and needed solace. The deadly solace. It’s going to be Ridge’s (zipper) undoing.

    • It’s not Katie. Things are looking up for her ‘cos Bill got dumped. She even poured a bottle of booze down the sink. Not Steffy.

      Trust me, this is an an “unusual coupling”, the sooner the lemon bars are brought out the better.

  20. OK, I will go home, pour myself a large vodka, slip into a flimsy kaftan, and get ready to be sickened…and amazed.

  21. lol at most of the comments. I don’t know why I watch this show. Caroline annoys the crap out of me. Bad, bad acting. And Liam….. whinging, whining Liam. How embarrassing to front up at work every day and have to keep sprouting the same lines “I love you Steffy, come back to me Steffy” barf, barf, barf.

  22. I’ve had to walk away from the tv. The sight of Eric playing the part of a ‘dashing’ lothario with the new hairstyle makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. And Ridge and Brooke – well almost time to give the programme a break! That room Eric and Quinn are in looks as if it could be Bill’s secret love nest

    • If any one of them got an std Sara, it would go through the families faster than one of their family secrets.

  23. Hmmm, so I wonder; will Quinn hit Eric over the head and put him in the boot of her car? Then tell him her name is Stephanie?

  24. I’m now certain that there are no other people living in LA, this family need to look outside their little circle, its getting ridiculous!

  25. Well August Bold &Beautiful has had a few thrills. For old man Eric anyway.
    He needs to take up lawn bowls. It would be safer.

  26. Brooke goes over to Bill’s AGAIN to discuss not going over to Bill’s.
    Lust consumes them both, but Katy’s well being is foremost on Brooke’s mind. It’s hard for Bill too.

  27. At last, Liam takes a peek into the not-so-bachelor pad. “Dad. Auntie Brooke. You’re not napping”.

    A locksmith would make no money at all in LA.

  28. Poor Katie. That bastard making her doubt her sanity – all the time preaching about commitment, marriage, fidelity. I think he’s heading for trouble!

    • They’re still playing loose and easy with the truth. An “emotional affair” doesn’t require a secret room with a double bed and candles.

      We have yet to mention those very fine tummies on Katie and Stephie. Well done especially to Katie who has carried a child in there and, although not old, is no spring chicken.

  29. I hope Katie finds out about Bill’s annex. Mind you, it wasn’t long ago that Katy took a short break from swilling vodka and tearing her hair out over B&B, to destroy Ridge and Caroline’s little set-up. Karma Katy.

  30. Yesterday’s was a riveting episode. I really thought Katie was going to walk into the ocean the other day…..but she’s come back for more……Vodka.

  31. So much for Quinn saying a couple of weeks ago that Liam was the only man for her and she couldn’t live without him. Evil, manipulating cow and silly old Eric with his brains in his pants.
    Thank goodness the secret about Bill and Brooke is finally out, that was getting tiring, same old, same old.
    Now we want Katie to be strong and take him for everything!
    Bloody Brooke expecting to be forgiven and telling Katie she has to fight for her marriage.
    Yeh right, just so Brooke can seduce her husband for a third time.
    I would love Katie and Liam to get together, think how much Bill would hate that.

  32. I expect Stephie will tell Liam that Bill wasn’t the only reason she needs to “honour her marriage” to the guy who pressured her into it then made sure the wedding band couldn’t be taken off or pawned.
    Yeah, it was a reall laugh hearing Brooke, once again, telling Katie she can have her dirty stolen undies back now. And please wear them. But I still haven’t f orgiven Katy from busting Ridge’s story apart. Still, at least she didn’t back down on Brooke and buy the ‘platonic affair’ crap. Yet.
    Will Katy get back into bed with Jim Beam? I don’t think so.
    Will Stephie find the lure of Liam and the shock of having Quinn, not only as an evil mil, but a new Grandma, enough to drive her from her marriage to Wipes? I do think so.
    Will Rick and Maya come back to take their turn at family disfunction? You can bet on it. As sure as Thomas will remove his shirt to make a sandwich while Caroline is in the kitchen using her breast pump.

  33. If Katy dug deep into her pool of raw emotion tonight, Bill dug deep into his bag of evil tricks. What a bastard he is and what an evil-doer the secretary is.

    Now Eric; does he also have a secret conjugal visit annex in his office? Where did he get the blankets and pillows? And pleeeease can we not see Quinn’s rubies…ever. Nor Eric’s gold bar. I hope Quinn got paid extra to kiss Pops.

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