Australian Survivor finale

Here we are – finally! It’s the last day of Australian Survivor.
Who do you think will win? And who do you want to win?

Tonight I’m recapping as the program goes along (SA time).
Here we are and – oh my goodness – they are doing the walk of the fallen comrades! Original Survivor hasn’t done this for yonks, because so often the final three is reminiscing about people they never met. And that’s evident tonight, with a lot of “nice girl” and “what a character”. “Ah, Sammy boy,” is all Sam gets (from Lee), who follows it up with “Ah, Matt”. Yep – that was a worthwhile few minutes, although it’s nice to hear the former contestants voices again – and be reminded who some of them were.
Leel and Kristie arrive at the final immnuity challenge and, for drama, JLap meets them atop a cliff that looks like it’s made from volcanic rock, with the odd wave pounding against it to spray them.
He also reveals their loved ones are here, and this move is actually pretty annoying, because in “real” Survivor, loved ones visits are usually held around final six to eight (although not every season). I always shed a tear when the castaways realise their loved one is here and look forward to some noses getting out of joint as, inevitably, only some people get to spend time with their loved one. Usually the challenge winner gets to pick two or three other people and their love ones to accompany them on a reward, or to spend the night back at camp, and this can expose some alliances. Or it can lead to sneaky gameplay, a la Jonny Fairplay and the Dead Grandma Incident (and if you are new to Survivor, you have to YouTube that episode of Survivor: Panama).
But this is Australian Survivor so the loved ones are being brought out at a time when it really makes no difference to the game, other than to dehydrate contestants from crying so much.
Kristie’s dad is here and we know she’s watched Survivor with him since she was a kid, and he says some lovely things and we’re reminded that Kristie won only one reward the whole season, and gave up her letter from home. Lee and El get their sisters (and you have to wonder if anyone whispered “that’s my new squeeze”). We learn Lee once had major back surgery and thought he wouldn’t run or play cricket again, but went on to play professionally. (Sorry – I missed the bit about El because my 4yo woke up briefly).
JLap lays down the immunity challenge rules, which we already know from Survivor Borneo, the season that started it all. Back then, Rudy, Richard Hatch and Wiggles stood with both feet on a stump and leant in to a central pole relatively comfortably (see a pic here), but here the Aussies have to really lean in to it and have each foot on a pole at different height (as in Survivor: Africa). First person to lift their hand from the idol pole is out. In Borneo, Rich deliberately stepped down, knowing he couldn’t outlast the others and trusting that both would pick him as their final two opponent. Wiggles won when Rudy had a brain fade and lifted his hand.
Here the waves are an additional challenge, soaking them regularly. El at least manages to change position by squatting but Lee tells JLap his knees are buggered from sport so he has to stay standing. After 90 minutes in JLap starts with the questions about the pain and Lee’s feet are starting to look a bit purple. Eventually JLap gets sick of getting soaked and goes to sit with the loved ones for a chat.
Kristie’s Dad tells JLap Survivor started at the time of his divorce, so Survivor became an example of triumph through adversity and calling on inner strength for him and his kids. The waves are getting massive as the tide comes in so the trio are drenched, freezing and accidentally swallowing gobfuls of salt water.

Six hours later …
Six hours later they are still going.
“My wrist – I can’t move my wrist. I’m going to have to step down,” says El, screaming as the waves hit again. Finally she does hop down and Doctor JLap comes over to help her to her feet and almost carries her over to hug her sister.
No matter what happens now kudos to Kristie to outlasting an army major in and endurance challenge.
“Lee, you’ve got to let me have this one,” Kristie tells Lee.
“I don’t want to go home,” he replies.
“I will take you … I promise. You ave me an opportunity in this game that I could never have gotten without you. I swear to you, I promise, I will take you. And you know what you will probably beat me … I won’t have the votes,” she cries.
His response: “Keep fighting.”
“You remind me so much of my Dad,” she tells him, thanking him for his support throughout the game, throughout the “crazy”. Now, this is likely true but it is also very good strategy on Kristie’s part, because she knows how much being a role model for his kids is. “I swear on my Dad,” she continues.
“I’m so proud of you,” he tells her. And then he falls hard off the poles.

Kristie wins immunity! Five seconds later she follows, tumbling to the jagged rocks below. “Kristie, are you ok?” JLap asks as they both lie helpless on the rocks.
“Can you get me up, please, because it’s hurting,” she sobs. Her dad picks her up and carries her off. She is both crying and laughing as she shakes on the ground with fatigue and what looks like hypothermia. Don’t they have blankets for them? And water? We do get to see El put an arm around Lee as he apologises for not lasting.
Will Kristie take Lee? I reckon she will. JLap gets dad to come over and put the immunity necklace on his now-crippled daughter, which is a cool moment for the both of them.

Tribal council
I want to see their faces when they see Kristie has the necklace. There are gasps from Matt, Nick is open mouthed and and there’s a whispered “I can’t believe she won” from Flick. Tonight, Kristie is the only one casting a vote but Leel get to put forward lacklustre pitches.
“What you see is what you get with me. I think I’m less likely to get votes off the jury,” El laughs.
Lee says: “We all three of us have been together since day one. It’s up to her – it’s her choice. It’s the first time she can have a decision by herself without any pressure.” God, Lee, you still sound patronising.
And the 22nd person voted out is El. Yep. No surprise there.

Lee and Kristie head back to the beach for one final night and to hone their jury speeches. Kristie should kick Lee’s arse when it comes to conveying emotion and passion for the game – it will come down to whether the jury thinks she fluked it – and whether they are annoyed at Lee for distancing himself from the game for so long.

Day 55
Kristie is delirious with happiness whereas Lee is rather subdued, but he perks up with the final day breakfast arrives and they can eat bacon.
“I’m very happy with how I played the game; good people can win,” Lee tells the camera. Urgh – does this mean Kristie is not a good person by your standards, Lee? This is the girl who gave up her letter from home to someone else. Although, to be fair, I can’t see either of them doing much opponent bashing at final tribal.

Final tribal
“Looks pretty, doesn’t she?” murmurs Lee as a showered El arrives at the jury bench. JLap announces they will do opening statements (which US Survivor ditched a while back, or at the very least started cutting them from the edit).
Lee’s jury pitch is, as expected, about playing a clean and honest game. And unless there was a lot that was cut out, that’s about it from Lee.
Kristie has obviously thought long and hard about her jury speech. “All of you, you thought I was absolutely crazy,” she tells them. Her “move” was successfully gunning for Phoebe, who had flipped on her, and how, despite her name always being mentioned, she outlasted everyone.
“I have had to fight my way through 20 tribal councils. In the end, I was able to get through two whole tribes. Who in Survivor can say that? I can,” she says with conviction.
Well said, Kristie!
Time for jury questions .. El’s is a Dorothy Dixer about what his first “selfless acts” will be. Apparently, looking after his folks, his boys and some unnamed philanthropic works. El’s question is just a criticism of Kristie’s perceived lack of strategy but Kristie responds with some good examples and how her strategy of stepping back and watching them eat each other paid off.
Flick tells Kristie everyone is pissed at her for “not playing the game” and making big moves (because that worked so well for you, Flick). Kristie schools her in the difference between subtle moves and big moves. “You look at the jury and the people who made big moves were voted out straight away afterwards,” Kristie responds and she’s getting the swelling music and nods from the jury.
Brooke asks Lee an awkward question about whether he and El had a secret romance. “There is no romance going on,” he replies, stating they will be good friends. Brooke tells Kristie it seems she let Daddy Lee control her, but Kristie replies it was all part of her masterplan to make others think she could be controlled.
JL goes in hard, telling Lee he is ignorant and arrogant for thinking people who wanted to win were greedy pigs – and reminds him she is an aid worker. Go, JL! Lee does not compute. Lee apologises to her and says he made the comment at tribal councils, which were “not his forte”. (He was worked in the media, previously, though, so he should be more eloquent.)
Kylie basically just gives them a pep talk
Sam accuses Lee of taking advantage of Kristie. Lee mentions Kristie had a rough time in the early days and he supported who through that. “I didn’t force her to do anything; she probably played me as much as I played her.”
And now to Nick, and he gives Kristie a big compliment: “Tonight you have come out balls to the wall and you are literally a different person.”
Nick tells Lee he is hypocrite for playing the “morality” card, and mentions they initially got on, doing “manly things” together.
“And that is not as weird and as Brokeback Mountain as it seems,” Nick jokes. (I love that JLap starts cracking up at this.) Lee says he didn’t realise, coming into the game how impossible it would be to stick to that moral code.
“Kristie, you did my head in. You did a lot of flip flopping … and I think you now that,” Sue says. “Of course,” replies Kristie, saying she was sorry but she had to deflect heat off herself. “Well, you outsmarted me – well done,” concedes Sue.
Matt, a fellow huge Survivor fan, tells Kristie she often appeared panicked and yet at other times was friendly and supportive (is that a reference to her giving him the loved ones letter?), and wonders who is the real Kristie. She admits she had two panic attacks early in the game and didn’t realise until she arrived in Samoa she suffered from anxiety.
That’s it. Kristie has soooo got this. Sure, El will vote Lee but will anyone else? Maybe Flick?

Time to vote
Here comes the crazy loud music. Nick is first and, for dramatic effect, draws a downward stroke that could be the start of an L or a K. Matt does the same – love it. Bet they talked about it beforehand.

We see El votes for Lee – der – and Kylie for Kristie.
At this point the US show would normally cut to a studio several months later, for the big reveal in front of an audience.
JLap is set to read the votes but first announces that their families are here, and it’s lovely seeing Lee sob as he quietly hugs his boys. Asked by JLap what they think about Dad’s beard, the elder replies: “He looks like Obi Wan Kenobi.” Kristie is so happy to introduce her family to JLap.
So here come the votes.
Kristie, Lee (and we know that’s El’s vote because of the smiley face), Kristie, Kristie, Kristie and the winner is Kristie! She collapses screaming and is picked up be her family.

(I can’t be sure but I think they did and MKR and recorded two endings, which is such a shame.)
Well done, Kristie. You absolutely nailed that final tribal.
We get to see how everyone voted.
“I don’t know how you’ve done this, but it’s inspiring, it’s incredible,” says Matt.
“Good on you, but you are still a naughty little girl,” says Sue. The others congratulate her and a smiling Brooke says Kristie’s words changed her vote.

That’s all folks. Well, that was actually a pretty fun end to what at times has been a lacklustre season due to the lack of tribe shakeups.
A reminder the Survivor Family Feud is on Ten, Sunday at 7.30pm (and how strange is it to see Phoebe all dolled up in the promo. A lot of people online wondered why Craig wasn’t selected to take part as he seems such a natural fit for game shows, but on Facebook he messaged fans he’s travelling overseas.
Oh, here’s a fun tweet from JLap:



  1. I think Lee will win, because I feel like the jury will be more annoyed at El, than him. But it could go either way. I don’t see Kristie winning the immunity (and it’ll be hilarious to see the jury’s reactions at that night’s tribal council), but it’d be nice if she did (just because it would throw a huge spanner into the works). If that happens, she’d probably take Lee out of loyalty.

    To be honest, I feel like I don’t really want any of them to win, but one of them has to, so, eh. I’ll make my peace with it.

    But I’ll be avoiding any and all social media for the next three hours, just to make sure I don’t accidentally spoil myself :).

  2. So love Kristie messing with Lee’s head in the challenge. I’m not sure that was her plan but it was an interesting strategy.

  3. Halfway through the episode … and holy shit, Kristie won the immunity challenge.


    There’s a twist.

    I quite liked the challenge design, actually. Not only do the castaways have to deal with the stress of the actual challenge, but the tide was coming in, and every five minutes they got drenched by a giant wave (and even JLap was getting soaked, there).

    I don’t want to be that guy, but … did it look like Lee slipped, though? And I thought it was great how JLap and the family members ran forward to help the castaways once they fell off the totem pole.

    Probst would’ve just let ’em drop.

    Anyway, that changes things. She’ll take Lee (although it’ll be hilarious if she knifes him and takes El instead), and honestly, she may just have a chance of winning. Wow.

  4. Still an hour behind everyone else …

    Wow, big decision from Kristie. Honestly, if it was me, I probably would’ve kept El and knifed Lee, because I think El was right. The jury is pretty mad at El, so it made sense to keep her. Having said that … notice the eye-rolls and knowing nods among the jury when Kristie picked Lee. I think they’ve got Lee’s number. I think everyone has figured out that he’s very good at playing people. So this might not be a foregone conclusion.

    I actually think Kristie stands good odds of winning this. Wow, for a crappy season, talk about a curve-ball right at the end.

    Now, bring on the jury. I think this is going to be *epic*.

  5. Okay, Lee and Kristie’s opening addresses to the jury were both *hilarious*.

    Lee’s speech can be summarised into, “I was a good bloke, right?”

    Kristie’s speech can also be easily summarised into, “You all sucked, and I’m fucking awesome!”

    Seriously, write Kristie the cheque right now, and be done with it. I’m pretty sure she’s just won this. Lee will get El’s vote, but I don’t see him getting many other votes.

    Interestingly, the bad girl’s alliance (who controlled the game for so long, with such comfort and ruthless ease)? Not a single one of the head cheerleaders actually made it to the final two. For some reason, that makes everything a little bit better.

  6. Well, I hope that was a “meaningful experience” for Lee. I felt sorry for his youngest son who said he was sad since Lee “left”

  7. When Nick mentions the word, “morality”, watch the sneaky edit cut to Sam who immediately rolls his eyes.

    Man, can we give Sam a cut of the half-million prize, just for that moment? I nearly fell off the couch laughing.

    But bless him, Nick really delivered. I loved his monologue where he just tore strips off Lee, that was hilarious. Even JLap looked like he’d been waiting for this all season long.

  8. Hahahahahaha
    Wasn’t a fan of the family dramatics, but well done Kristie. Watching the whole season (lot’s of ffwding tho) was worth it in the end.

  9. ok before tonight i thought i would disappointed to see Kristie win but she did well in the final TC. Well done Kristie.
    i found the family dramatics and such a little bit much so glad i taped the episide and managed to fast forward through the whole thing in less than an hour.
    would have been nice to see a live result and reunion show too.

    • Yes, I love the reunion show because Jeff asks questions like: “So if it had been Lee and El in the final two, who would you vote for?” And: “Brooke, are you and Flick mates again?”

    • I was happy with the winner announcement being then, but I do think a reunion show is really necssary. But it needs to be stripped of the American showmanship, and spend more time just letting them talk.

      I wonder if it was done this way, on the cheap, because they weren’t sure if the series would fail. If so, I expect the next series to have a reunion.

  10. To all the uncool unique quirky strange girls, Kristie Turned it around and beat the smug and cool kids.
    The underdog wins!
    She saved her best til the last challenge and tribal council.

  11. Well, that ended up being much better than I thought it’d end up being.

    A twist right at the end that nobody really saw coming (I know I didn’t), and an unexpected member of the final two (who went on to win the damn thing).

    Although I agree. The family dynamics just got on my nerves after a while. No, JLap, I don’t want to meet Kristie and Lee’s entire extended family, just read the damn votes.

    I thought Kristie did really well in front of the jury. I think Lee’s biggest kryptonite was his overt moralising (which annoyed his tribe-mates as well as the audience. Go figure) which bit him in the ass because at least two of the jury members grilled him on it.

    I think Lee probably would’ve done a lot better if it’d been him and El, but Kristie gives us a good unexpected win, so I’m happy with that. And talk about a landslide. It was 8 votes to 1. That’s not even a fight, that’s a curb-stomp. But if I’d been on the jury, yeah, I would’ve voted for Kristie.

    I don’t think it makes up for a lot of the show, but it was definitely a good end. I did enjoy everybody’s voting confessionals, where most of them asked Kristie, “How the hell did you do it?”

    And at the end of the day, we got Lee in multiple pairs of clingy black trunks. So I think we’re all winners, really.

  12. Thanks for all the fab recaps Juz.
    I know Kristy swayed a few of the jury at TC but it also seems that the other players were already fully cognisant of Lee’s hypocrisy and holier than thou arrogance.
    I really enjoyed JL and Nick telling him what they thought.

  13. A big thank you Juz for all your great recaps, they have been entertaining.
    That challenge was crazy. I wonder if they were not allowed to wear shoes. Those poles would have hurt their poor feet. 6 fucking hours they stood there. Good on Kristie, she won the one that mattered. I was so glad neither Lee or El won again.
    I was so glad to see them do the walk of the former comrades, the US version stopped doing that ages ago. I’ve missed it.
    Loved the reactions of the jury members when they saw Kristie had won immunity. They were so shocked.
    Nick didn’t disappoint in his speech to them. He was hilarious.
    I’d forgotten about the loved ones visit, the US usually do it earlier.
    Since they didn’t do the live reunion show, they should have let them shower & put some nice clothes on for the final tribal. Having to wear their grotty clothes wouldn’t have been too nice. Hopefully if enough people complain next year they will give us a live reunion show. And reduce it to 39 days like the US version.

  14. I loved tonight’s show. And I loved that Lee only got El’s vote. I think the others saw through Lee’s bulldust. I have no problem if he wanted to hold himself accountable to his moral code but he fell down by imposing it on everyone else. Who died and made him God.
    Although I was frustrated with her flipping in favour of Lee and El, I do think that Kristy deserved it in the end. I believe her when she says that it was all strategy. If I was on Survivor I would plant the seeds and let others think it was their idea. It’s how you keep the target off your back, and have others want to keep you for their puppet. Ha! Lee chose the wrong puppet. He should have kept Flick.
    Sweet justice when Lee got one measley vote, and lied to the end about his romance. Well, played semantics maybe.
    Anyhow, for me that was a satisfying end to a good season. There are others I would have preferred for the win, but that was a good inquisition and a good result. And I too loved Kristy’s happy dance gloats to camera.
    Forgot to mention the bone El threw Lee, “tell us what philanthropic works you will do with the money”. Lucky Lee didn’t win. He would have had to corrupt himself with cash.

    • Daisy, I believe her exact words when she threw him a Dorothy Dixer were: “And what will be the first good deeds you will do, Saint Lee of Samoa?”

  15. I wouldn’t want to be Lee walking around the street, patting himself on the back for his high moral standing. I reckon lots of people will take the piss.
    Lee, if you want to be good, just do it, but don’t play like a high priest.

    And because it’s the end, I will say it now; thankyou juz. ๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿต๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’

      • Lee sure got a big bash when the votes were counted.

        Go your hardest, Lee. I mute commentators on all sport and besides , you aren’t Richie Benaud by a long shot. Cricket commentators are like autumn leaves.

        I just watched the encore, Dr.Phil will be screening late because of it.

      • How is he going to get a job commentating if he appears so taciturn on Survivor? As an audition piece, he didn’t say much.

  16. Lee would have made more impact if he had emphasised the ways in which his moral stand failed. If he had humbled himself a little, explained the ways he felt obliged to backstab, and how much it hurt to do so, it might have helped those who were wavering.

    Kristie performed brilliantly at tribal, but I can’t buy all her rhetoric. She made it sound like she orchestrated every move, whereas many times she was just lucky that someone else stuck their head above the parapet first. Yes, subtlety is a tactic, but many people who try that are eliminated early as well. And her claim that she knew every person who was going home, well who can refute it – a clever statement that can’t be proven wrong.

    In essence, I think she won because she said all the right things at TC, flattered the jury, and because Lee couldn’t put it together at TC. She certainly outlasted, not so sure about the other.

    • I agree with your observations about Kristie. Personally, as I was watching last night, I couldn’t help thinking that maybe Kristie was doing just a little bit of revisionist history, there.

      I believe that she was playing the game in her own way. She was right in that, everybody who made big moves got ousted. In a game that drove the viewers crazy with the passive, uninteresting game-play, big moves tended to be punished, so it would’ve been good strategy to sit back and let it happen.

      And Nick was right. For 54 days, Kristie was conflicted, manic, panicked and generally only one short breakdown away. Suddenly, come day 55, and she’s this intelligent, confident, well-spoken castaway who was playing the game from day dot. So absolutely, I think she was successfully playing the game.

      But I think it wasn’t all her. I think she benefited from other people making wrong moves (like telling the victim they were getting eliminated before it happened. How many times did that bite somebody in the arse?). And I think she benefited from a bit of luck, as well (remember when Sue and JL decided to vote for Kristie because they figured that the mean girls alliance would split their votes between Sue and Kristie? The plan only failed because Matt luckily didn’t vote for Kristie. But Kristie was one vote from elimination, there). So yeah, I think she did play the game, but I don’t think it was all her, I think fortune was on her side a couple of times.

      Having said that, I don’t think the final TC was the deciding factor for most of them. El voted Lee because they’re basically dating (whether Lee admitted it or not), and maybe Brooke changed her mind there, but given the anger directed at Lee (and a few of the jury members didn’t even bother talking to Kristie at all) I think Kristie was likely to win long before they faced the jury. It may not have been so one-sided (and that’s probably where Kristie did very well in front of the jury), but I still she would’ve beaten Lee regardless.

      • I agree that Kristie would have won anyway. In fact, all in our house agreed that if she got to the two, then it was a given. What we didn’t expect was her performance at TC to be so good.

        A small part of me wonders whether Lee himself thought that Kristie deserved it more than him, and he might have not tried as hard as he might have at the final TC. Much as he got into her head, I think she got into his quite a bit, especially playing the “daughter” thing, and all the tears during the challenge and with her family. Maybe he felt quite conflicted about winning over her.

        It would be quite easy for her to see how was as a Dad to his boys, and to play his natural tendency to nurture those he saw as weaker

        • I thought it was quite interesting that one of Lee’s kids was named Sam.

          Probably the betrayal from spiderweb-tattoo-Sam stung a little bit more than it otherwise might’ve.

        • Lee looked worried and was squirming when Kristie was saying how she played and strategized. Even he was thinking, “F*ck! Good answer”. I was surprised that the entire jury has Lee pegged.
          Anyone found any good post show interviews.

    • A lot of people are challenging Kristie’s assertions with some of the arguments you raise Fijane. My view is that No One gets to the end by themselves. There has to be some alliance that protects you or an agreement with someone else to vote a certain way. The fact that her agreement to vote with Lee and El is seen as being used by others is not fair. She go there – she survived all of the machinations and lies and devious plays. In an early comment in the previous post I said, that it shoudlnt be assumed that her voting with Matt and Flick against El and Lee was the best thing for Kristie. It may have been the best thing for Flick and Matt but not for Kristie. Because Flick was a liar who would have taken Matt or even EL to the final two as well and Kristie could trust El and Lee more. So it was the right decision for Krisite.

      There are many strategies to win Survivor, which is why we love this game so much, the more leader type approaches of Boston Rob are great viewing (but you have to have the charm to pull off the arrogance) but equally there are other strategies like the “As long as it ain’t me” approach – which Kristie seemed to employ. That approached worked for Sandra twice in Survivor US:
      With Kristie the other thing she did well was choose who NOT to work with.

      • As Kristie pointed out to Flick, her strategies worked. She won. ๐Ÿ˜š Kristie’s ‘to camera’ talks showed that she always tacked and stayed on the move. If she has been a fan since 8yrs old, she would have a good idea how to play.

      • The other reason it was the right decision was because if it was between Flick and Kristie, I would’ve chosen Flick because her trajectory was easier to trace – she had some obvious moves whereas Kristie seems a little slippery- her “achievements” are more nebulous to me.

  17. I forgot to mention this last night, did anyone else get an inkling that it might be Kristie to win the whole thing just by the fact that she was the one to do most of the narrating on the walk to the fallen comrades?

    • I thought the one who does most of the narration gets the boot cos it’s the last we’ll see of them. I think there was an ad for a program (the project?) which appeared before the winner was announced saying the winner will appear tomorrow and then they showed Kristie talking, then the others who didn’t talk – it occurred to me they maybe gave it away then. (My memory may be faulty).

    • She might have got it anyway because she was interesting and she she didn’t fake it but said, “Bwaah aah aah aaah”

  18. I came here to make a comment but there’s nothing I can add to the perfect commentary that has gone before.
    Don’t we love the justice of it all.

  19. Thanks for the recap – excellent work, especially as I missed the finale.

    please tell me that Kristie said to Flick at some stage, “Who’s the idiot now, psycho?” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Flick got in first. She laughed, hugged Kristie, acknowledging her error of judgement. Bolders, the end was good, especially when they showed everyone commenting on their vote.

      • Flick said in her jury speech that she didn’t make any big moves. She seems to have forgotten that when anybody tried to go against her, El & Brooke they would rant & rave about them & say they are dead to us how dare they go against us & would be promptly voted out.

        • Flick can kiss Kristie’s arse.
          I hated listening to and watching that girl all season. That stupid “I love you” to her besties, the gut churning black head removals, the intimidation that no one should search for an idol, the lies to and about Connor early on and her acting all innocent at the tribal council when Connor raised it. Her loud “WOW” whenever something happened.
          Everything about her irritated me.

          Just a nasty piece of work.

          • ‘Flick can kiss Kristieโ€™s arse’ lol love it.
            And the fact you spelt arse correctly. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  20. So basically, Kristie did a Bradbury and melted into the wallpaper whilst the goliaths knocked each other out, then bull-shitted her way through Tribal Council to make herself sound more pro-active than she was. (I know that’s very simplistic).

    If Lee was incapable/unwilling to prosecute his own case, then Kristie deserves the win. He said himself in the voiceover, he played a better physical, social game – he created the most trustworthy alliances in the game – both El and Kristie would pick him for final two; his alliance with El gave him succour and emotional security that the others didn’t have and kept him strong (witness Kristie’s emotional reaction to her dad – that’s when you see how lonely it must feel in that game), his physical abilities, prowess and determination was instrumental in giving any Tribe he was on a winning advantage, then he kept himself in the game by winning multiple individual immunities when it really counted towards the end, all the while maintaining good relations / alliances with the others who should’ve been gunning for him big time cos he was a physical threat. So why couldn’t he mention ANY of that at Tribal?

    Kristie disguised her abilities well – the way she spoke at Tribal reminded me of Bianca – whose capabilities put a fatal target on her head early on.

    • If Lee played a better social game than Kristie, as he claimed, how come he got no votes bar El. No one seemed to like or respect him.

    • Nick didn’t bother me. Kylie got on my nerves after a while with her “I did my homework, Miss” demeanour.

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