Australian Survivor – Mon, Oct 3 – Jennah Louise make the edit

It seems like Nick was voted out ages ago, but in Survivor time it was just a few minutes. Back at camp besties Lee and Sam don’t hide their contempt for him, which just makes them look like tools who need to move on when they are still in the game and the so-called snake is gone.
Magic Matt ponders over some of the bombs Nick threw at tribal council, when he knew he was going home, including that Matt is at the bottom of is alliance.
Holy moley – Jennah Louise is talking! She and Matt whisper about the accuracy of the truth bombs and Matt agrees Nick was right about “the group and the fractions”. Yeah, how bout those fractions! Matt is feeling a little lonely and is reminded of his school days, having no BFF. Aww – lucky you are now a cool magician, Matt.
Flick goes into damage control mode the next day and flat out lies to Sue: “I’m not in an alliance with Brooke and El.” Geez, Flick – even Sue will be able to see through that. She tries to get Sue to join her posse with the girls and the muscle bros. Which leaves Matt, Kylie, JL and Kristie on the outs. Sue says she’s in, but she’s not fooled: “Not in a fit would I take any orders from Flick, Brooke or El … but I’m in a very weak position here, and I have to lay down dead dog for a bit.”
Sure, play dead dog, Sue (and did you see how bruised her poor knees were>), but even better would be to ally with the other outcasts so it’s 5-5.
I really want to see a tie at tribal so we can have a fire-making competition.
Flick and Brooke have Matt in their sights, as he’s now paranoid and acting weird. Cut to Matt wearing jeans that have been cut into shorts, but he’s still wearing the bottom part of the jeans as leg warmers.
(And look – I tweeted about it and the official SurvivorAU account replied with this!)

Brooke would prefer Kylie gone as she’s a physical threat but she’s letting emotion get the better of her – Kylie is a physical threat but she has no social or strategic game.
Case in point: Kylie still thinks she’s in alliance with Brooke, Flick and Sam.
We are getting a lot of talking heads from Matt tonight, saying how his weakness is wanting people to like him. You and everyone, Matt. I hope you can make it through but the amount of camera time you are getting worries me.
OMG – JL is speaking again! “I’m ready to make big moves,” she says. Yes, JL – please, finally, can someone not let the majority alliance trample them without organising an opposing alliance that’s not a complete shambles.

Challenge time
We get a “Come on in, guys” from JLap, who has a chat about how well the girls are doing at challenges. This one is a three parter with people eliminated after each section
JLap warns that the first four out of the challenge face some consequence, but doesn’t say what.
Kylie, El, Brooke, Sam, JL and Kristie are first across the balance beam section.
JLap tells losers Matt, Sue, Lee and Flick: “You are leaving immediately for Exile Beach.” What! They won’t return until tribal council. So it’s a mini version of Exile Island. It’s a twist that will probably see Matt voted out, as the outcasts what have time to band together – unless someone stands up at council and does the “I’m voting Brooke” thing.
The next part of the challenge involves crawling across a wildly rocking bridge ladder. JL, Brooke and El make it and most then try and knock balls into baskets with a giant stick. And JL wins! Now she’s guaranteed some camera time. Well done.

At Exile Beach
Matt, Sue, Lee and Flick arrive at Exile Beach to find this sign: “You have been exiled but just within reach, immunity is hidden here at Exile Beach … You have until sundown.”
Does this spark a Cagayan-style idol scramble? Seems unlikely. Flick does a lot of talking about how idols just make people targets and seems to have convinced everyone not to look for it. Unlike Exile Island is Survivor seasons past, this beach seems well supplied with coconuts and shade and they’ve been given what looks to be machete and flint.
Flick and Lee have a quick chat about who their alliance could be voting for. Flick: “What do you think?” Lee: (Silence.) Flick: “What did El say?” Lee: “Matt.”
Come on, Lee, it’s Survivor – you have to strategise at some time.
Back at camp they fool Kylie and Kristie into thinking Sue is going, even though why on earth would you get rid of Sue so early when she’s not a challenge threat? Sure, if she makes it all the way to the end she could win but they still have the numbers and Sue has shown she’s not one to build her own alliances.

Tribal Council
The winners enter and then the exiles. I wish the exiles had played with everyone’s minds by rocking up wearing yellow fabric bracelets, but it was not to be.
The first member of the jury, Nick, enters, and he looks very different clean shaven and about 10 years younger.

JLap’s questions tonight are pretty much a rehash of everything Nick said at the previous tribal council about who’s on top.
And then the questions turn to morality and values, which is where Australian Survivor is differing greatly to US Survivor.
Sue: “I always pull myself back because my family are watching and I don’t want to be a bad example to children and my grandchildren.”
I really hope we get a second season of Australian Survivor because we’d get some very differently gameplay.

The votes
We see Sue vote for Kylie and vice versa. Sue, Sue, Kylie, Sue, Kylie, Kylie, Kylie, Kylie and it’s Kylie.
She’s gracious in her exit.

Next time: JL tries to make a move with Kristie. Yes!
And: A grinning Kylie tells the camera she knew she was going and says Brooke is in charge and there needs to be an uprising: “You’ve got to start to play at some stage,” says the person who repeatedly ignored opportunities to do just that.



  1. Ugh Kristie giving Fluck a hair massage.
    Stupid Kylie talking about her strong alliance with Briom El etc – she really has no clue

  2. And how did I know JL was going to win Immunity on the last throw? Because of the music- way to give it away Ten

      • i hadn’t noticed it until you kept mentioning it, it has been ruining every challenge and tribal council since!

        • Sorry. I can’t believe you didn’t notice it though. Eddie McGuire & Hot Seat play a better poker face than the Survivor producers.

          • all good, i’ve known for a few weeks now. and I don’t always watch “live” so if it isn’t the crescendo, I’ve already been spoiled from their social media accounts anyways!

  3. Dang it, daylight savings means you guys are now an hour ahead of me :(.

    Don’t worry about spoilers if you wanna live-chat, I’ll just train myself not to read comments until the episode is over. But if there’s a weird delay in commentary between me and everybody else, that’s the reason why, hehehe.

  4. They really killed this game a few episodes back when they allowed one tribe to pick their members.

    Everyone left outside the girls 3 alliance are weak and it’s not fun to watch anymore

    • Summed it up! Producers rooted it then and when they pulled a blind side that prevented Phoebe from making the merge. They, knowingly or not, basically orchestrated for a boring show. And I no longer watch – just come here for the summary.

  5. It’s only just started here in Qld. Please tell me that “Sue’s big move” isn’t simply to follow along with Flick and see how far Flick can carry her ??

  6. As easy as it is to rag on the bad girls’ alliance, I can’t believe the sheer gall of Flick who goes for a walk with Sue just to tell her, “Oh no, I’m not in an alliance with anybody!”

    Then we immediately cut to a confessional with Sue. “Blind Freddy can see these three girls are running the show here.”

    We cut to an ad break with Jenna finally getting speaking time, and saying that she wants to make some big moves. With Matt paranoid thanks to Nick revealing his place in the tribe, Sue on the outer and Jenna wanting to make a move, surely one of these people should be trying to get the others onboard into a coherent voting bloc. Forget Kylie, you could easily get Sam and Lee to see that the girls are a problem who need to be dealt with.

    • Wait till you see the fall of her convincing Lee Sue and Matt not to Search for an idol because it puts a target on the person meanwhile she doesn’t need it because she has an alliance And these three idiots follow her orders 😳 If this turns into the blood Fluck Broom and El show then I am out of here – they are not enough to keep watching

      • I felt so disappointed with Sue at that point. FFS she’s a mature woman with loads of life experience allowing herself to be manipulated by a barely out of school brat.

      • I think Matt and Sue would have loved to sneak off and find the idol but Flick wd have been watching them like a hawk. For some reason, even looking for an idol is a no no. That’s stupid.

    • They should get together while they have the numbers to do so. I don’t know if they could get Lee onside since he has a thing for El. But Sue could try being sneaky and telling Kylie that F/B/E putting her her name up.

    • Lee is hopeless. He is just being a sheep. 🐑
      Notice I chose the emo without horns and not the ram. Sam and Matt have at least tried to think for themselves. I wonder if Lee is already having the hots for Elle and therefore his brain is switched off.

  7. I am beyond incensed with the lack of game play – is it simply we are getting a better overview of the game from the TV ?? – I mean really, first Kate & now Nick have spelt it out for them & still they can’t add or subtract. Lee & Sam 5-2 = 3 & hello there are currently only 3 ring leaders & now 6 followers – please wake up & play Survivor.

  8. Well I’m glad that Sue is still here, and I’m glad that Kylie has been eliminated (I don’t think we’ll get any curly questions from her on the jury. I get the feeling that Kylie didn’t really understand the show that she was on. Her parting words were telling everybody to play the game … and this is from somebody who spent the last month of her life being a toady to Brooke and Flick. For that reason alone, I’m glad to be rid of her).

    I liked that everybody was happy to see a clean-shaven Nick.

    Tribal council was interesting, too. Everybody voted for Kylie, regardless of the exile beach twist (which means there was more of Flick and Brook’s conservation on the beach that channel 10 didn’t show us). IIRC, Matt and Lee voted for Sue, so that may have been part of the plan (just in case the other group was voting for Sue and they were not). It kinda sucks that Sue’s place in the tribe is still pretty fragile.

    Thumbs down on channel 10’s marketing department, but we all knew that going in, right? Whenever they advertise a big episode … it’s not. Conversely, whenever they don’t promote an episode, that’s the time to tune in.

    I liked the twist of Exile Beach. It’s been years since I’ve watched American Survivor, so I don’t know if that’s a regular feature of the parent show, but I still liked it. Not that it made much of a difference given the bad girls’ general level of organisation. If I’d been there, I think I would’ve been, “Screw it Flick, I’m looking for the idol. Do whatever you like.”

    I said earlier, I like that the production team is trying different things. But like Bolders said, they should never have done the, “blue tribe picks their own team-members” twist. Hopefully, the franchise never does that ever again. It just screwed up the power balance between the tribes far, far too much.

    I also agree with the general disbelief at the lack of game-playing going on this season. Everybody knows the three girls are running the show. Everybody also knows that only a small number of people make it to the final episode (maybe two, maybe three, whatever). And I know we’re not being shown everything … but it’s like everybody’s just resigned to their fate. Like, everybody collectively decided, “Yeah, the three girls get to the end, and we’re all here to just be picked off one-by-one and pad out the episodes until the finale.”


    Now, I’m beginning to think that Lee is a non-factor with his alliances (since he’s doing what El tells him to do, and that’s the end of it), but surely Sam and Matt and Sue and JL and Kristie could do *something*, as opposed to calmly sitting there waiting to be knifed one-by-one. It makes for a very frustrating (and mildly boring) viewing experience, but I don’t think there’s much channel 10 can do about that, that’s all on the castaways themselves.

    Finally, when JLap asked Flick about how great it is that the girls keep winning the immunity challenges, I had the flash of realisation that the numbers are split in a really interesting way. With Nick gone, it’s 3 guys and 7 girls. It evened up a little with Kylie’s (long overdue) departure, but I imagine the girls are gonna keep cleaning house. Flick never really seems to be trying much, in the challenges, has anyone else noticed that? WHAT A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO BREAK UP THE POWERFUL THREE-GIRL ALLIANCE, RIGHT CASTAWAYS? Sigh.

    • Their smiling faces seeing Nick…they always suck up to the jury like that. They are desperate to do a “no hard feelings I knifed you, I really like you so be nice and vote for me”.
      I like your idea, Windsong, of them saying, “Whatever, I am going looking for the idol” even just to see what Flick did. But she wd have followed to see if they found it.
      Don’t they realize that Flick’s disregard for the idol indicates her power?

      • “Don’t they realize that Flick’s disregard for the idol indicates her power?”

        I’m beginning (beginning?!) to suspect that a lot of the castaways are either quite new to the ‘Survivor’ experience, or they weren’t prepared for the toll that the game takes on their bodies *and* minds.

        Because what’s one of the oldest Survivor maxims? If you don’t care about immunity, that’s because you don’t *need* to care about it. *That* should be the biggest clue our castaways need to figure out what’s going on here.

  9. Thanks for the great recap Juz.
    Well that was an interesting twist, exile beach. It’s a pity they didn’t all ignore Flick & still look for the idol. That’s another way they differ to the US version. They would have definitely looked.
    Poor Matt, looks like he’s always been on the outs. For all the talk about wanting him to go, no one voted for him.
    Flick, brook & El are deluded if they think no one realises they are an alliance. How stupid do they think they are?
    So all those promos about Sue’s big move were bullshit. She did nothing.

  10. Bloody hell this has gotten far too frustrating! Kylie telling everyone to play the game was just laughable!
    Flick is really giving me the shits…i would have been out to find that Idol immediately…
    The production on this Aus version is great, just wish we had scored a group of players that were willing to take a risk and not care how they are perceived at home…i dont think half of them have ever watched a US version…

  11. My favourites are Matt and Surly Sue.
    I hope either of them win.
    Usually, once the teams merge anyone strong at individual immunity is out as soon as they lose one immunity. These guys haven’t figured out they might want to get rid of Brooke because she is too good.

  12. It seems to me that the group are now ruled by fear. The outer people have seen what happens to those who try to oppose Flick and Brooke, even Sam who was magnanimously forgiven but so effectively put in his place that he will never be brave enough to try it again.
    They are all so scared of the evil twins that they are paralysed. All they are hoping for now is to be carried as far toward the end as possible. Even Sue has now succumbed to the fear, which I think is her big move, to finally sell out.
    Windsong, Jonathan has already stated that it is two in the final, which should have given El a boot up the backside. I believe she couldn’t help but see that she is the third wheel. A couple of times she has hinted that she knows, but her comments last night that she doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings mean that she won’t make a move either.

    I can’t see any change to the game unless someone manages to conquer their fear and convince the others to do likewise.

    Interesting as the exile was, I think it worked against getting a blindside of the twins. For the misfitsto band together, they need absolute certainty of the vote, which they couldn’t get with two of the people off the beach.

    • The dynamics of about 6 or 7 of them is like a school group instead of like Survivor players. That is why Brooke and Flick feel so secure. They are probably used to being head girls of a group of followers.
      In a US game, they wd have been broken up for being too tight. Brooke wd have been ousted for being a physical threat, Flick for being a manipulator but certainly the pair would have been split by sending at least one home. For Flick to say that the pecking order isn’t obvious is ridiculous. Kate pointed out the heirarchy, then Nick did.

      • Yeah, and still nobody listened.

        Kate drew a pyramid chart, for crying out loud. Nick specifically pointed to all the alliances. I can’t shake the feeling that tonight, one of the castaways (Kristie or Sue, I imagine) are going to pull a slide-projector out of their pocket, and give everybody a half-hour power-point presentation on the evil twins (and El)’s dominance of the game … and then we’ll cut to Flick with, “Oh no, we’re not in an alliance, I promise…” Sam will say, “Uh, I don’t get it.” Matt will ask where he fits, while Lee will immediately turn to El to find out what his opinion is.

        Idiots. That’s the frustrating thing about Survivor viewership. If the players are passive non-factors, then the whole thing gets very boring.

        What I fear is that the final two will be the evil twins, and this whole entire series will have been a gigantic waste of time (as everybody just sits there and waits to be picked off one-by-one).

  13. If that Kristy snitches on the blindside JL is trying to create (cos that’s what the preview alluded to) – I don’t think I can watch any more !!!

    • Well Kristie was massaging Flick’s head at one stage – I don’t think the girl is strong enough to do anything. That vote outing Phoebe was because Kate explained the birds and the bees to her. Otherwise all we saw of her was repeating slowing to Phoebe everything that Phoebe said to her:

      Phoebe- Craig is a strong player and a threat to the game. We have to do something
      Kristie – I think… Craig…is a ….strong player.
      Phoebe – we should do something.
      Kristie – we definitely… need to do something [*thinks to herself, let me play with your hair]

      While I agree the production looks good, the OZ manipulation of this game (going to tribal but switching tribes etc) just stuffed up the game. And as everyone has complained, what’s left is barely worthy of Survivor (why didnt they spell it with a u?)

      Saw that there are two episodes of the new US version on Channel 9 this Thursday. Joy!

    • 🙂

      My jam’s still with a clean-shaven Conner, Sam (although I’d have to explain what was happening with a flow-chart and a ten minute instructional video) and Lee (provided El tells him what to do). Either or all-at-once, I’m not picky.

  14. Kylie seems to like to think she was blindsided and that somehow means she was playing the game hard?

    Brooke basically admitted they are definitely an alliance right after Flick basically denied it by saying they’d planned early in the week and she was pretty sure how things would go… isn’t that admitting you’re on top of the so-called pyramid?

    • Kylie’s still one of the more interesting characters this season. Nobody liked her. And we really didn’t see much of that onscreen. But Kylie stayed the weird outsider from start to finish, and there must’ve been more to it than what we saw onscreen.

      • I think we got a whiff of why no one liked Kylie in the last couple of episodes, “Please Miss, I did my homework”. The allude to who hasn’t.
        “Please Miss, I will take that to the office for you”. The annoying one showing how good she is.

    • She said in her endpiece that it wasn’t a blindside and I agree with her. She’s known since the start that she would be voted out. I think the only surprise was that it took so long.

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