1. Who cares, this is the shirtless episode! I’m even going to record it, just so I can rewatch it later at my leisure. For science!

  2. so 2 out of 2 people that Courtney has tried to force on to Georgia are now gone. It’s not your job Courtney! Just focus on dating the girl πŸ˜‰

  3. I really, really liked the episode. But not for the reasons I thought.

    Mostly, I loved the episode for the group song. That was such a sweet, lovely gesture, and the fact that they all got involved (with some self-depreciating humour. I loved Sam not-so-subtly angling for a single date next week, and Rhys starting to read a shopping list was funny, too) was really amazing. And Georgia just seemed genuinely to be thrilled to pieces. Good work boys. And sure, most of them are not — nor should they ever be — professional singers, but that just made it more charming.

    I also liked how happy everybody was when Matty finally got a single date. They were all so happy for him. It feels like there’s a different vibe amongst the male contestants on this show, as opposed to the female contestants.

    The date itself was very cute. Matt’s horrible English accent was the icing on the cake.

    I also liked Cam’s date. Oh my gosh, the puppies were so adorable! And that was a long kiss, like, it felt like Cam and Georgia were making out for a good half an hour. I was worried about loss of oxygen, there.

    As for the Turkish wrestling … yeeeeaah. The surprise was that Sam’s body wasn’t as toned or built as I’d assumed, which was disappointing (thank goodness he’s a funny bastard. When Rhys announced himself on the group date, Sam looked straight at the camera with a frown, and oh gosh, I nearly fell off the couch laughing). But the other surprises involved Courtney (wow. Dude, seriously. Wow) and Lee (where the hell have you been hiding that rig for the last 8 episodes dude? Seriously? Damn).

    Anyway, yeah, that was great. Next week looks interesting. Sam and Rhys in a battle-to-the-elimination date with Georgia. That worries me, because I’m totally on team-Sam, but Rhys is so much more smarmy.

  4. Fabulous comments again Windsong. Perfectly said. My sentiments exactly. You are basically reading my mind! I totally loved the group song, and my husband said the US Bach will probably try to copy that because it was awesome. Perfectly suited to Georgia’s fun side.

    Courtney, mmmm had to pause that oiled moment!
    Loved Sam mimicking Rhys’s hairstyle!
    Poor Heath Ledger. He never really said a word did he.
    Totes enjoying this season!

  5. Well, little Matty has been the one who I kept thinking wasn’t bad looking. Not a big boofhead. But he clinched the deal for me tonight with his personality. I loved the way funny comments came so naturally and easily to him and that he was sparky and smiley. He is definitely my top pick after that date. And he reminds me of my youngest son. 10/10 for Matty.

  6. Ryan was OK looking and didn’t act like a jerk. I bet producers have made her keep the two creepy guys; Sam and Rhys around a bit longer.
    I definitely would have given Rhys the flick without feeling bad. His dibber-dobbing wasn’t necessary, and was immature.

      • She didn’t seem that impressed with Rhys first hinting at the men/boys state of the house, and even then when he finally fessed up to having issues with Sam. She was just, “Oh, well, thanks” and then they awkwardly moved on. So I wonder if she thinks that Rhys is playing a game? Surely she’s realised he’s a smarmy bastard, and his poetry is average, at best.

    • Ryan is so much better out of the house. Many of the contestants both males and females are so much better looking without all those make up

  7. Are the producers playing us or are both Sam and Ryse going in the double date? I have enjoyed Sam’s comments even though he is not husband material. Really enjoyed the show last night. My favorite, Cam is lovely and hope he stays long term. Song was a bit of fun.

    • Anyone else think Sam is a bit Warren Beatty?

      Cameron is on my “friend” radar, all happening. He would fall into the too nice, “nice guys finish last” category for me. Nice eyes, good person, but a bit to Disney Prince with the Disney Prince/Roger Ramjet jaw.
      I like the larrikin in Matty, who I suspect is only called Matt because there is another Matt.
      Pop me in a time capsule and take off 40 years and Matty would be all mine. 😍😍😍😍 I like them cheeky. πŸ’–

    • The voiceover said 4 will be going so there is a possibility both of them will go. Even if only one left after the date, the other will go next.

    • I was also thinking that both Rhys and Sam will be going home.
      I am getting the impression that Georgia is not as at the mercy of the producers as what’s-his-face was and would not hesitate to make that decision. Sam has not had a single date (so no interest) and I think that Rhys’ game playing (and crap poetry) has worn thin.
      I know that they are both entertaining but I am sure that some of the others will step up.

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