1. The channel 10 marketing department seems to be implying (in it’s last few ads for tonight’s episode) that 4 guys will be leaving the mansion tonight. So maybe Georgia will deep-six both Sam and Rhys, and then eliminate two more later on at the rose ceremony? Because when you’re trying to fall in love with someone, you want a ticking clock and somebody else’s schedule :).

    Then again, this is the channel 10 marketing department, who could’ve been implying anything in this or any other Universe.

      • Rhys is a sleaze imo and Sam is just a big naughty kid. Neither are there for Georgia. I agree I think they will go.

        • Sums it up nicely AH. I think Rhys is full of false confidence with really poor social skills and sleazy on top.I especially laughed at him saying he would only be nervous if the other date was like him.

          • I can’t help seeing pple as students sometimes and I see Sam as a pain in the neck, and Rhys as cloyingly always seeking approval but in annoying ways.

  2. Idk, there is something slightly off kilter about Courtney. Maybe I think that if this was real life, he would have moved on already. Or maybe it’s because I think there are at least half a dozen guys who seem to have a more genuine interest in Georgia.

  3. Well done Georgia. Good decision(s).
    I like her more and more all the time. Especially showing the producers that she’s no Richie.

    • Excellent.
      I like these shows short, sharp and sweet. And there was a bit (perhaps more than a bit) of fatigue following the long, tedious Richie season.

  4. Wow, bloodbath in the Bachelor Pad tonight. She knocks off four guys! I’m gonna miss Sam’s snarky commentary. I think AllHappening was right, Sam was just a big kid. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing, and y’know, he and Georgia may have had a lot of fun as friends, but he wasn’t what she was looking for in a relationship.

    I did like that, five seconds into her alone time with Rhys, she saw through him.

    But I thought there were two really good moments tonight. The first being her date with Courtney. Courtney isn’t my favourite guy in the mansion (and he’s not my pick for winner), but I flat-out loved the moment where Georgia sits down and says everything that’s in her mind, and totally puts everything on the line and is really honest … and Courtney doesn’t even reply but he leans forward and kisses her. I was like, dude, of all the moments for a big dramatic passionate kiss … that was it. That was your moment, and bless you son, you took it. I wanted to give him a high five.

    The other best moment was the “Getting to know Matty J” game at the cocktail party. It was quite a lovely gimmick (and Georgia seemed to giggle her way through it), but what I really liked was how the guys decided to step back and not make Matty nervous, except Cam. “I’m watching this!” Why? Because apparently Cam spent all week colouring in the sign, to help Matty. Because Cam totally would, wouldn’t he? Oh gosh, I nearly fell off the couch laughing, just at the mental picture of Cam helpfully colouring in the sign alongside Matt. That was hilarious.

    Very glad Lee survived the rose ceremony. I’m still leaning towards him, Jake or Cam (but Lee’s my favourite). Poor Todd the musician. You’ll be missed.

    • I really enjoyed the Matty J game too.
      How did Rhys think she was going to react?
      I agree Sam is just immature (a big kid) but I think he got cocky thinking because Rhys was gone he was safe. I also think she was probably pretty offended when he suggested she could teach him to be a TV presenter – I think she has genuinely worked hard in and is proud of her career.

  5. According to Lee, Cam is a top bloke. He said if Georgia could see Cam in the mansion, they all might as well pack their bags and go.

        • I really like Cam but I think he being in Perth is making it difficult for Georgia. Her parents are from Melbourne and I would think she rather be near to her family.

          Even Sydney is not too far from Melbourne. Except for Cam, the others guys are either from Melbourne , Gold Coast or Syd.

          Matty or Lee is still a good choice. Not too sure with Jake and I have nothing to say about Courtney.

    • It is sweet of Cameron to colour in for Matt. I like the way the boys are getting along. It’s very unBachelor of them….but more real than contrived villainy.
      I was bored at in the first week but am enjoying the show more now.

  6. I couldn’t tell the difference between Clancy, Lee and Matt. They all look the same to me.

    Whereas Sam was playing the ratbag villain, I don’t think Rhys knew what a slimey, vain jerk he seemed. To say he didn’t really like Georgia but suggest who she shouldn’t choose was pretty arrogant.

    I do like Georgia’s laugh. It’s natural and joyful. She does seem like a nice, sensible girl. Matty is still my favourite. Easily. Love a sense of humour. Love being around funny people.

  7. I just don’t know what these two guys were thinking.
    I think that it’s easy to say that they were both incredibly arrogant (because they were) but it also looked liked they became so focussed on their own relationship that they lost perspective.
    And just gently, they clearly demonstrated their absolute disrespect and disregard for Georgia. How stupid did they think she was? Or maybe that’s how they see all women?
    But nevertheless, a gift to the show.

    • “And just gently, they clearly demonstrated their absolute disrespect and disregard for Georgia. How stupid did they think she was? Or maybe that’s how they see all women?”

      You don’t think that’s a little bit of a jump? I don’t feel totally comfortable making huge assumptions just to get to the worst possible conclusion.

      • Slightly drawn out ‘no’ with a feeble rise at the end of the sentence.
        This is a long conversation best had over a glass of wine. I’ve take a while to come to this conclusion and I’m not emphatic as 40 words probably made me sound. So, sorry. Way for than 40 words to follow. You can tune out ….. here.
        I think it starts from seeing Georgia being very open and clear about her feelings. She says that she is there for love, and whether you believe her or not, she seems very open. It could make her incredibly vulnerable and open to ridicule and I respect her for that. Look what happened to Alex and the girls on Survivor. The Australian public can be very harsh.
        And then it follows from a multitude of comments made by both Sam and Rhys have made.
        Mainly Rhys not coming to terms with the fact that Georgia is not smitten with him, like every other girl he has ever met. And he brings it up again and again, as if just saying it out loud will make it not so. It’s like he’s in total disbelief that this is happening to him. Shock, horror. it was like he was demanding it of her and that’s lack of respect. And not giving her credit to have the brains to be capable of independent thought is treating her as stupid.
        And Sam is frat boy and I wouldn’t put him in the same category as Rhys (hence the ambiguous tone to my ‘no’). The lack of respect comes from assuming that he can appear on a dating show for a couple of weeks and, with a few helpful hints from Georgia, can then move straight to presenting. It’s a bit like saying to a published author, I have a plot and if you write it, we’ll go 50/50 on the profits. And yes, I have heard that said.
        This posting is too long now and there is much more to be said. I never read long posts. So total respect if you don’t get this far.

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