1. I can’t believe this show is almost over. Four more episodes and she’s got somebody. And “Survivor” is just about done too. What are we gonna be watching in a couple of weeks time, channel 10? Did you ever think about that? No, channel 10, you only ever think about yourself.

    • Haha. They really do go for it, don’t they.. and then the close ups, too. Don’t they know lots of people are probably eating dinner.

      • Don’t forget, the camera man is just centimetres away during those kisses. Actually I reckon the kisses would be easier than trying to have a normal, but intimate conversation with a camera man right in front of you.

  2. Poor Georgia, freezing to death while trying to be Jennifer Grey. Thought for a minute they’d give them wetsuits so they could do the lift properly in the water.

    • I don’t feel bad about Georgia freezing her ar$e off at the lake, given the crazy choice she made later. It was a bleak scene.

      Hard to say what it is about Courtney. He doesn’t need to put on a clown suit to give me a creepy feeling. I think it was the poetry a few episodes back that sent off alarm bells.

  3. There is something not right with Courtney and that doesn’t include his choice in horrid shirts. I don’t agree with Georgia’s choice either.
    Don’t tell me No Idea has it right with their spoiler.

  4. Right at the end, I was actually shouting at my TV, “Pick Cam!” Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

    Definitely think she made the wrong choice, there. You have the honest, upbeat nerdy guy (who’s also a firefighter, no less), and on the other hand, you’ve got the really difficult to read Courtney. She even confessed to the camera, at one point, that she didn’t know why she wanted to keep Courtney around, but she just did … stop listening to that voice, Georgia!

    At this point, my pick is still Lee, although Matty’s firming with an inside chance. I don’t see her ending up with Courtney, and I think Jake is still too mysterious. I think he’s a really great guy, but I don’t think he’s a good fit for her.

  5. Is it my imagination or has Georgia put on weight since the start of the series. When they did the flashbacks you could see a difference in her figure. Too much good food over in the Bachy pad.
    Fb has gone off with her choice tonight.

    • She could be pregnant…..but we don’t want No Idea to find out now, do we? Possibly Courtney is the father. That’s why he got the rose tonight.

    • They do put on weight. The contestants and the Bachelorette/Bachelor on both shows have commented about the weight gain.

    • And in the limo afterwards, didn’t he just seem heart-broken about it? Poor guy.

      I don’t know what the heck she sees in Courtney, but it must be something amazing, because that choice tonight just didn’t make sense … unless she’s already made up her mind, and the individual rose ceremonies are just her whittling down the numbers in no real order?

  6. Damn! She kept Mr Potato Head over Cameron. In fact I could see Courtney as one of those villains in a kid’s movie. You know, the villain who pretends to be the good guy, but winds up tying the lady to a railway track. What does she see in that guy who looks like he is standing in front of the tall mirror in the mirror maze? The one that gives you a long face. He defintely doesn’t seem trustworthy.

  7. Definitely boo to Georgia! But then again.. if Cam wants to come to Sydney.. haha. I am hoping for her sake that the producers just wanted to keep pushing Courtney though for the “drama” that comes with him being ambivalent toward Georgia, like with Olena and Richie. If she did actually like him, she wasn’t listening to her gut that he is dodge.

    I couldn’t picture her with Jake so I believe the spoilers although at this point it’s not too much of a spoiler. I can picture her with Lee but I am hoping she picks Matty.. I don’t know why. I found Lee’s mannerisms odd when he was talking about his feelings and his glasses are off-putting. Dude, we know you look like a perfectly sculpted model :’) I think she suits an older guy as although she doesn’t look old, she looks mature. Georgia is a tad younger than me but her with Lee = normal, me with Lee would look like I was hanging with my uncle or something.

    • Georgia has a slightly long jaw like Ruth Buzzy in Laugh In, so she doesn’t want to marry a guy with a long jaw; ie Courtney, and to a lesser extent, Cam or Lee. Otherwise their kids will all look like Roger Ramjet or Sue Heck. Even Jake kind of has a long head. Better to go with Matty so the genes can even each other out.
      But then again, they could all end up happily ever after with long jaws as a family trait.

      • Cam wont be single for long. He will be swarmed with ladies in Perth. He did mentioned that after each call out, he has to take selfie with those around.

        I really like Cam. I think tonight Courtney will be going home. Georgia was not impressed with Courtney attitude in the hometown visit.

        Jake is still too fake for me. He just said lines that come from Mills and Boon.

        • Yes, you’re right, LP but a girl can dream!

          I have never liked Jake either, he always reminded me of Michael Turnball and was too whiny and attempting to be smooth.

    • A prominent jaw may confer a rather flakey alpha maleness in social situations, I’m told.

      The old Ridge Forrester had one and he would clench it for extra effect.

  8. It’s not like any of us are surprised at the ‘supposed’ final two.
    However, on principle, I am never buying New Idea again. This trashy magazine wants to spoil my fun.

    • I don’t buy No Idea, just have a good old gawk through it while at the supermarket checkout. No Idea have run spoilers before. There was a howler for Ma$terchef a few years back.

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