Bachelorette finale chat

Who do you think Georgia Love will choose?
At least regardless of who she selects there won’t be the uproar that resulted from Richie picking Alex because the edit seems equally weighted between Lee and Matty.

Here we are in Singapore, so don’t expect any walks along the beach or passionate kisses atop cliffs. They obviously couldn’t get Singapore Airlines on board
It’s pretty sad watching Georgia talk about her mum being unable to make the trip to Singapore with the rest of the Love family, knowing that in “real life” mum was admitted to palliative care this week.

Matty is up first to face Dr Love and Sis Katie and surely their first question has to be: “When are you going to drop the “y” from your name?”. He looks super tall when he’s not next to 15 other dudes in tuxes.
Poor Matt is wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt – perfect for the humidity of Singapore. Sis peppers him with questions and – phew – he’s not allergic to cats.
This whole Syd V Melbourne thing is such a beat up. It’s 90 minutes on a plane. They can deal with it for a year. Neither Lee nor Matty is a Dad so there is no son in the picture to create faux drama, as the producers did with Alex and Richie. Matt says he decided to leave London to return to Sydney earlier than expected because his sister was pregnant, which just speaks to him being even more of a good bloke than we already think.
He tells Dad he could move to Melbourne in the future but it’s all a bit awkward. Dad isn’t sure whether he’s legit. We don’t get to hear what her sis thought.
Lee has also been condemned to wear pants and long sleeves and is unfortunately wearing his contacts.
Sis looks a bit googly eyed when she looks into Lee’s baby blues. Lee is holding Georgia’s hand but she’s not leaning into him. Sis thinks he’s a smooth talker – just as well she never met Jake! He should have worn his glasses and a chunky cardy.
Sis gets the alone time with Lee and fires away: “What are your feelings for Georgia, and have you told her?” Lee says he’s falling “head over heels” in love but hasn’t told Georgia yet. Lee has spoken more in the last five minutes than he has the whole series – and he’s been hitting the teeth whitener.
Sis and Dad both don’t want to commit to telling Georgia what they think about both the guys.
Georgia really has to push Sis for an answer and you can tell she wants to grab her arm and give her the worst Chinese burn to force it out of her.
Eventually Sis says Lee is too smooth but Dad is worried Matt won’t leave Sydney. The drama!

The dates
Later, Georgia goes on a date with Matty. “Just being around him just fills me with joy,” she tells the camera. How could she turn him down after saying something like that? Or is that more of a “let’s be mates” comment. Matty loves her heaps and is up thrillseeking activities. Uh oh – is he getting the Nikki edit?

Lee gets to go on a more romantic date, involving fireworks and an amazing infinity pool that’s 57 floors up. And he finally tells her he loves her and gets a big pash in return.
I was all about Lee and his dad jokes to start with but now I’m on the Matty train. If he goes, Matty for Bachie next year!

Decision day
It’s the final day so Georgia takes a stroll in her gym gear, lugging a yoga mat around in the Singapore heat. As Lee contemplates his love for Georgia, it’s like watching a cologne commercial as we get a closeup of the product, then a spray over Lee’s ripped frame and a close up of his handsome face.
Here comes Georgia in a pale blue sparkly dress with a very high front split and very heavy mascara. “How are you, darl?” asks Osher. She says there’s one guy she loves just being around but he’s not the one (yep, so Matty is gone).
“I’ve fallen madly in love with someone else,” she says. Doorman Osher ushers Georgia into the waiting car. What, is he not coming to the site of the big reveal? it’s in the rooftop garden of a swanky hotel and it’s a night-time affair. Ooh -that’s different.

Matty is the first one out of the car and she reminisces about their “slow burn” relationship and how she adores him. And here comes the “but” because she’s tearing up…
“I came here to fall in love and I have, but it’s with someone ese.”
He drops her hands, bends over slightly, and lets out a muffled “urgh” at this kick to the guts.

“I guess I’m absolutely devastated,” he says but keeps it together enough to tell her she’s unforgettable. “It sucks you don’t feel the same way. I’m so happy you found what you’re looking for and I’m sure you are going to make Lee the happiest man in the world,” he says graciously.
Georgia is going to need her makeup redone. Aww, poor Matty J. Go home and cuddle your nephew heaps.

Here comes Lee, who seems a good bloke and it would definitely be handy to have a mechanical plumber in the family. And hopefully he’s being a huge support to Georgia right now. “Not many guys bring a donkey when they first meet a girl,” she says, adding there was a spark from the start. “You make me excited for the future … I’ve fallen so madly in love with you.” He grins the biggest grin. “I love you so much.”

Kiss, kiss, kiss. Loud music. Happy people. (Producers on the sidelines are yelling “keep kissing!”).

So, that’s it. No Survivor Australia and no Bachelorette.



  1. I am ready …. with TimTams.
    I don’t think this is a wine night. No matter what happens, my heart is going to be broken and that calls for chocolate.

  2. So why is Matty’s sis so insistent that Matty stay in Melbourne and Matty is her only family. Now Matty said he has another sibling.

  3. I think it is Lee. The music for the chosen one when they kiss is always the same on all The Bachelor and Bachelorette.

  4. I think it is Lee too because it is the more logical decision. And they seem very suited.
    But she looks happier with Matty.
    And she did say in an interview that she did not notice the chosen one in the beginning.
    Ping …. pong … ping …

    • I liked that we couldn’t let the finale get away without once more getting the guys to take their shirts off. Bless them.

  5. I can’t read any of the comments because I’m on SA time, but I am doing a bit of a recap and updating it after every few ad breaks. First part is up.

  6. I don’t think it’s Lee because it looks like he’s chewing her face off and she’s not reciprocating as much.

  7. Sob for one but joy for the other.

    No reason why both guys can’t find love before. After this, one of them will have no problems getting dates.

        • WHHAAAAAT?? I LOVE daylight savings. It makes me so happy when it’s 7pm and it’s still light outside! Although I do kinda run on Asian time.. I was quite at home in Hong Kong and Japan where everything opens late and closes late.. oooo yeahh!!

    • Just go for it. I keep my eyes off comments until I have watched. Don’t wait for me. I enjoy going back over your comments.

        • Go for it. I don’t expect you Easties to wait for the sun to set over here. Anyhow, I often enjoy the little clues you leave.

          • That’s right though, isn’t it? You just don’t read comments until after you have watched! I can’t stand it when people read comments about stuff then bitch and moan it was spoiled before they watch it. If I haven’t watched something and I am LATE to the party then I stay away from all social media, news websites, etc.

  8. I liked the way Lee acknowledged Georgia’s Mum’s illness and absence. Maybe they just didn’t show Matt but often people don’t know what to say so say nothing.

  9. Well, that was gut-wrenching.

    The worst part was immediately after she told him, “But it’s with somebody else” and Matty stumbled back half a step like he’d been hit, and there was a second where it looked like he couldn’t quite stay upright. Poor guy. The look on his face in the limo ride afterwards, you could clearly see it on his face, he was absolutely crushed.

    I mean, I’m happy for Lee (and didn’t Georgia just look so happy at the end as well), but that was still hard to watch for poor Matty.

    I’d be tempted to say, “Matty for next year’s Bachelor!” but that’s what they did to Richie, and look how that turned out πŸ™ . Still, not only is he an amazing guy (and unbelievably beautiful, as a man. His curly hair, his broad chest, I mean, going forward, I think in the long run, he’s gonna be okay), but he just seemed so sweet. I hope he finds happiness.

    Meanwhile, Georgia pretty much confirmed that it was the donkey that was the deciding factor. You gotta say, good move there, Lee. Good thinking.

    I thought the conversation between Georgia and her sister was hilarious. I think Georgia was this close to becoming violent. Even I found myself shouting at the TV, “JUST SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!” It’s terrible news about Georgia’s mother, this week. As Juz said, hopefully she’s got Lee to help her through it.

    Although Singapore airlines evidently didn’t get onboard (pun intended), I feel like every other part of Singapore did. Seriously, when Georgia has to pause during her monologue about how much she’s in love, so we can focus in on what kind of tooth-paste she’s using? You’ve crossed a line, channel 10.

    All I’m sure is that I really want to visit Singapore.

    • Georgia: ” I came here to find love. I have ….but it’s with somebody else”

      Last time I heard anyone else say something that brutal, it was Donald Trump. That’s how tactless Georgia came across. It was as Juz described, a kick in the guts.

      The price of donkeys is sure to soar on the back of Lee’s triumph.

      A lot of ads Ch 10. Just brayin”

    • Windsong, Matty is so like my second son. Also, if you go to Singa…I like the Park, Clarke Quays because it overlooks the same view of the river you saw tonight, but you really need the exec suite because the rooms, even deluxe, are too small. Other good hotels in good locations are The Marriot in Orchard Road and I love Fort Canning because it’s central, is in a big botanical garden and has good pools.

  10. Lee has met Georgia’s mum. I think Matty can string sentences better than the boring Richie.

    The clause for the contestants has to be Sydney resident only or else………

  11. I think Lee was more suited to her, but the way she told Matty was cruel saying “I have fallen in love………but its with someone else ” he looked devastated poor thing!
    I wish they did the after the rose ceremony thing too, its always interesting on the US version.
    I’ve never been to Singapore but this has made me want to go as it looks amazing!

    • You’re not wrong about Singapore. I want to climb the giant statue of the merlion there in the park. And I really want to do the rainforest-to-beach zipline thing, that looked incredible! πŸ™‚

  12. Nooooooooooooooooo. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😭😭
    Georgia, what are you thinking? Matty just got more and more adorable. And he looks like my youngest. And everything he says is so adorably, easily funny. It’s nights like this when I hate this show.
    But it has been a very good season, even beating any of the US series. Georgia has been delighful and the guys were OK. Except for Matty who is gorgeous.
    Littlepetal, I bet you enjoyed seeing Singa. I did too.
    Now I am up to the bit where Georgia tells Lee, but for me it’s an anti climax.
    However, pleeeease, can we have Matty for the next Bach. If I had a spare daughter, I would send her to audition for Matty.

    • It’s ok, I will audition for Matty’s season haha. Nah, jokes.. He is too cool for me. He never stood out to me at first, at all, it was all eyes on Cam bc I think I dismissed him. He is def very handsome and will have no problems.. I don’t want him to be Bachie either, same as Windsong, because they will wreck him like with Richie who went from being a top bloke to plain uugghhhhh yuukkkk.

      • I was quietly eyeballing Matty all along, but I was waiting to be sure. Then when they started showing his personality I was ready to give the thumbs up. You definitely should go for him Eliza.

        • Ummm, he would get a girl 50 times better looking than me!! It is how it works. Even “ugly” guys get pretty girls these days. I am too tired to be PC but am still on puppy pee duty for a little longer.. zzzzzzzz

          Yeah, his personality was preferential over Lee’s in my opinion, too but did we see the real Lee? OooOOoo

          Oh! Oh! And Matty isn’t allergic to cats and likes animals. Big ticks!!!

      • I read that they didnt show the real Lee. I also read Lee (and Matty) had many girlfriends before. Hopefully Lee has finally found The One.

  13. I don’t think I can ever go to Singapore again now, without thinking of Matty. 😒😒😒😒😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Bachelor I hate you. You’re too cruel. Beats me how Georgia could have been so romantic and passionate with Matty when she must have known she was going to dump him. That too me was the cruelest part.
    Matty for Bach. But they had better get him someone really beautiful, kind and funny. He deserves it.

    • That threw me. It looked like Georgia was getting it on more with Matty than Lee in the passion stakes.

      I guess it just came down to Melbourne and the donkey.

      • Given all the back-and-forth between her and Matty, I think she probably ended up seeing him as more of a friend, more of a mate to have a laugh with. With Lee, she probably clicked more as a romantic connection (although one thing both guys did have in common was a great sense of humour, so the old adage is on-point).

  14. I was guaging the whole time too. She looked way more into Matty. She was the one diving in to lock lips. I’m a bit cross at her for stringing him along on her final date. She looked about ready to marry him then and there.

    I think the fact that Georgia was really into Courtney shows dhe doesn’t have my taste in guys. Also her family implied she picks lemons.

    • Maybe Georgia’s like Brooke and just can’t decide who to fall in love with from one day to the next. ie

      “It’s wonderful to be in love again , Ridge…. but it’s with somebody else”

    • Yea, her sister did say (in really a not-so-subtle way) that in terms of Georgia’s past boyfriends, it’s been more miss than hit. I do feel for Matty, and honestly, if it was me, I think I would’ve picked Matty over Lee, even with his family situation. But having said that, I really can’t fault Lee either. He seemed like a perfect gentleman (who was incredibly, intoxicatingly handsome, at that). And you could see that her and Lee got on like a house on fire every time they hung out (ever since he showed up with the donkey), so it’s not like she made a *bad* choice, it’s just unfortunate that Matty wound up second best.

      • They were both nice, but Matty was streets ahead. If you read Lee’s media comments, you’ll see that he complains his personality and connection wasn’t shown.

    • I thought she looked more into Matty too and I didn’t believe her for some reason that she had fallen madly in love with Lee. I dunno.. I think too think it was the Melbourne factor (and the ass) that did the deciding for her.

  15. That was a bit anti-climatic for me. I was hoping she’d pick Matty but I had picked Lee as the “winner” from the start.. now if there was a time I should have started a TAB account it was now.

    I am glad the white teeth (seriously, how do they get them so white?? It sure ain’t the toothpaste) and clumpy mascara were mentioned. They put way too much eye make-up on Georgia for the final ceremony but I also doubt that the humidity was much help in the make-up department!

    Oh my gosh, yes! The frustration in Georgia’s eyes with her sis was hilarious.. I could feel the tension radiating out of the TV. She definitely should have given her a Chinese burn.. then I would have LOVED her haha. TELL ME!! TELL ME!! I NEED TO KNOW!! *twists arm and clenches teeth*

    I tried to get a photo last night of our puppy Jake being sad when Jake was eliminated last night but he wouldn’t sit still and was wondering who that was talking to him from inside that weird big box.. plus, it was also breaking the rules him being in our TV room.. naughty puppy πŸ˜‰

  16. Matty is absolutely television-genic and he looks like a fabulous kisser.
    Lee has that lovely family which speaks to how well he has been raised and how, I bet, he is a decent guy all the way through.
    Up until two episodes ago I was Team Lee but Matty is just so adorable. And, have I mentioned, seems much better with the lip action?
    I am gutted.

  17. Now I think Georgia should have held back on the long kisses, eye-gazing and expressions of “I can’t see my life without you in it” because I think Matty was rightly thinking he had won. I didn’t see the previous night but I do think Georgie was too passionate with Matty given that he was hoing to get the boot. And especially as he had been saying he had really fallen hard.

  18. I had a last ditch hope that she would pick Matty, but unfortunately I knew it was Lee. I’m ashamed to Admit that I read the utmost garbage journalism blackhole that is the daily mail, and they have been 100% correct when it comes to Australian reality this year. During Ritchie’s crapchelor they showed Alex’s horrid green suitcase in the exit van alongside Ritchie’s sports bag the day after the finale was filmed, so it came as no surprise to me when she was chosen.
    Also clues as to the winner of Survivor, printing stories of Lee and El leaving Samoa at the same time which indicated to me that they were at least in the final two or three. Plus it was indicated on the Survivor facebook page that early on there was a leak to Sportsbet about Kristys win, so there was a strong inkling that she would make the final. Hmm, clever editing right there from producers.

    Anyhow, I feel as though the final two for this Bachelorette was a bit of a hit and miss. As much as I wanted her to pick Matty, in hindsight it now seems obvious that she had chosen Lee, but took Matty so far not because she wanted him, but equally just couldn’t part with him either.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t it seems.

      • You have to check with his sister if he’s free to do Bach first.

        I didn’t vote for him to do Bach because it’s going to take a long time for the mental scars from this experience to heal for Matty. He’ll probably take years to believe a woman again….unless it’s his sister.

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