Bold and the Beautiful Oct chat

Over to B&B correspondent Daisy for her Oct precap:

Hey, it's that dude.

Hey, it’s that dude.

B&B Oktoberfest
October is underway and so are the troubles and predicaments in LA. Liam still can’t find a girlfriend outside of the Forrester family but we can predict is glum and anguished expressions will soon be replaced with smug ones as Stephie is sure to turn to him to escape her psychopathic mother in law. Quinn, I think will may play her royal highness of the Forrester mansion for awhile and have her portrait painted for centre stage over the fire place, which will send all the young heirs and heiresses into a frenzy. It’s nice to see Rick and Ridge teaming up to fight the intruding Quinn. Pam will be freaking out as once again, her sister’s portrait goes into storage in the shed.
What I would like to see next is a little mishap as Quinn continues to introduce Eric to the delight’s of sado-masochistic lovemaking. Something a little Michael Hutchence but maybe with Pam and the ever alert Charlie running in to cut him down just in the nick of time. Failing that, a failing ticker with a heart transplant from a sacrificial lamb. I expect Brooke may return soon from selling kaftans and she will give Eric what for. He will listen to Brooke.
Thomas and Sasha should just get on with it because they both know what they are after but are beating around the bush; both playing the supportive, understanding listener. Yeah, yeah, we know they just want to jump behind the nearest shrubbery. That’s why Sasha has been wearing her shrubbery camouflage jump suit. There you go, another triangle when Caroline and little Dougie return to reclaim the baby daddy (as they say on Judge Judy).
None of this however is certain. The only things that are certain is that, as BDD pointed out, there is a spare crib at Forresters for Quinn and Liam’s love child, should there be one, none of the Forrester or Avant babies will get colic or cry during scenes, and no one will get fat or clean their house but dust will magically disappear and floors will sweep themselves.
Bill will need a new girlfriend, but will Brooke be preoccupied with saving Eric and the Forrester empire from Quinn. And the Avants are getting boring like a suspiciously, politically correct fifth wheel. They need some action. Nicole is gorgeous but could be used in surgery to put patients to sleep. Wyatt will soon be needing a new girlfriend. Who will it be? Will he just loiter around waiting for Liam and Stephie to break up.
And last of all; do you think it’s going to hurt when Stephie gets her tattoo removed? Should Liam just get a tattoo as well? We shall see.



  1. I tend to watch the channel 10 5 o’clock news, so I’ll usually catch the end of BandB (when I’m not at work or out walking my dog), and I caught one earlier this week where they were in the Forrester Creations board-room, and the entire Forrester family was lining up to tell Eric how insane and crazy Quinn was … while Quinn was literally standing two feet away from them? I mean, yeah. There’s a healthy family dynamic, right there.

    • Windsong if you realize that Quinn has committed murder and fraud (to get the Hope Diamond, attempted murder, (Alleee, Deacon and Liam), precipitated the miscarriage of her first dil, kidnapped and slept with Liam in order to sabotage his life with Stephie, and sabotaged his marriage to Hope, I think she san take the Forresters calling her out to her face. Quinn stirs the cauldron while Brooke stirs the men’s vital juices.

      • Isn’t the Hope Diamond like a $300,000,000 famous jewel? I mean, props for setting her goals nice and high.

        I read somewhere that Brooke is often applauded for being a dynamic, powerful, strong female character who does what she wants and pursues whoever she feels like … and I just think, the guys she pursues are almost *always* married to somebody else at the time. I think that’s kind of a bad thing. Hasn’t she married Ridge like four or five times? To me, if you’ve married (and subsequently divorced) the same person 4 times, then you need to reassess your decision-making processes.

        • You got this, Windsong. Brooke is the villain in pastel. If it moves and has a million bucks in his pocket, Brooke has slept with it. No one is off limits.

    • He’ll unwrap her to find some damaged goods, if “goods” is the right word when discussing Quinn. I think she’ll be bad for Eric’s health and a cardiac arrest is on the cards.


    • She’s trying so hard not to squirt vomit into the degenerate silver fox’s mouth. Great acting, from Quinn at least.

      • Is that what it is. I thought she might be like in the Danish series Heartbreak where they suck out the life forces of their victim/host.

        • I suppose Quinn figures as long as he’s groping her Eric can’t get to the piano for one of those sickening Viagra inspired serenades he deals in.

  2. Brooke won’t wait long to jump back into bed with Ridge, but in the meantime she is baffled at the disfunction in Stephie’s life. She knows that by being there for Ridge she will soon ‘be there for Ridge’.

  3. And undaunted by mounting opposition to her “shacking” up with old man Eric, Quinn sizes up the position above the fireplace for her portrait.
    Really, the Forresters should be happy to know there is someone on hand to manage the oldman undie mishaps, and wiping soup from his old man chin. She has proven when she kidnapped Liam that she makes a good nurse.

    • Thanks Sara. I AM! It’s fireworks today. πŸŽ†
      I wish Liam would come around to give Stephie a lift. She shouldn’t have to catch a taxi. πŸ˜†
      How fickle is Eric with his job offers. I am predicting the big move from Ridge putting grandad out to pasture with his “milady”.

  4. More fireworks today. Ridge v Eric. The acting wasn’t that great , however.

    The Forrester mansion is haunted.

  5. Quite right BDD, I laughed when the portrait dropped! So insular, they don’t seem to have any friends, and anyone can just walk in as the doors never seem to be locked.

    • The lack of security is a good one, Sara. No doors locked. No gates with security codes. And then there is their head of security who eventually saw the video of Quinn kidnapping Liam and didn’t report it. It’s a kidnappers’ or home invaders’ dream.

  6. Where does Ridge live now, I see that Stephie has moved in with Thomas – is he now in Ridge’s old studio. Do the ‘estates’ have lots of guest houses – Liam and Wyatt have beachside homes – seems to me between the Forresters and Spencers there is a lot of property holding. Why am I bothered with this, I have no idea, but it’s the little details that fascinate me! Like Eric had a butler serve drinks the other night to Quinn – first time I’ve seen any domestic help.

    • Ridge said he was living in a hotel. This is not a spoiler but I’ll bet next week’s rent Brooke offers him a room.

      • Brooke has been patient so far; like a cat watching a mouse before she pounces. She will win him over with her eggs benadicts and he’ll be back before you can say, “Did you knock””. Both have done a lot of knee patting and shoulder fondling.

        Sara, they never take more than a couple of minutes to get from one house to another (no traffic jams in LA) so they must all live in their own community…like Amish. And that now makes me wonder…why have none ever turned to religion? Bill or Ridge could become a mormon.

        • Did you see the eggs benedicts and fruit all on the one plate. Yuk. No wonder they don’t often eat anything.

  7. But she does. And Bill has another offer. “Brooke, move in with me”.
    Poor little Will is going to be very confused.

  8. You won’t believe the rubbish plots that are coming up – well actually I think you will believe when you see them. I’m always tempted to find out what’s due, and why the US writers can’t go beyond the family and change the plots a little I don’t know.

    • Well Sara, I think we can safely guess that Quinn has big plans for young Ivy to distract Liam. “Bring me Prince Liam’s heart in this box”.

  9. Liam makes a cup of coffee today, with Thomas’s machine.

    Quinn’s got herself a big fancy desk.

    Ridge: “Life is always about something”

    Who writes lines like that? Which actor has the gall to say them?

    Ch 10.

  10. Well the concert I went to at the Rosemount was as boring as Liam making coffee, and now I have a stamp on my wrist saying, “Fuzz”. I spent the night wishing I had brought my knitting and watching old fogies in jeans trying to relive a cool youth that they probably never had the first time around.
    Pretty C grade bands from the US. Zero dance beats. The good part….I know what I DON’T enjoy. I reckon lawn bowls would have been more fun. BUT it was a great few days in Perth.

    • If that’s the Rosemount Hotel in Nth Perth, I used to live on that street and knew the hotel early 80’s. I don’t think the Forresters would have lasted long in the front bar back then. That bar had a unique “water feature” as I recall. “Luxe” comes to mind

  11. Yeah, my friend said it used to be a derros pub. Now there are a few Ned Kelly’s. Funny how the new cool looks so desperate. Anyhow, it was pretty crap. I could have been home in my dressing gown watching Judge Judy.

  12. My friend and her bf used to live opposite Hyde Park. He was a car and bike head. You might have bought your drugs from him. ☘

  13. Hasn’t taken long for the new improved Quinn to fall back on her old ways.

    How much havoc can she create before Eric comes to his senses or dies?

  14. She’ll have Ivy committing murder for her soon. Quinn has bumped off the Hope diamond guy, attempted to bump off; Deacon, Liam (several times), assaulted Ivy and kidnapped Liam. If criminals escalate, someone will be in big trouble.

    • Liam died today.

      He “dies” in every scene he’s in. He made Ivy’s acting look like Merryl $treep’s.

      Quinn stole every scene today. Does Ivy want her job at FC enough to kill for it?

      No Ridge, Bill, Brooke, Eric etc.

      • Well if she does go on a killing spree, Cherrrrlee will be the last to know, and Wyatt won’t believe she meant it.
        Eric will need a prenup….”If I die suddenly, I have been murdered, the money goes to Ridge…no I mean, Rick, No Ridge….Rick, no Stephie…no Rick…….

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