1. Right, so, geez. How many boys will Georgia be turfing out of the house tonight?

    And as a quick aside, damn, that woman can rock a pair of stilettos. Just an observation.

    • Not that I saw. I read somewhere Georgia said that first impressions can be wrong and she didn’t necessarily feel it from the start with her final choice (paraphrasing there), so maybe Matty for the win.

      • Matty is kind of cute, and he seems to be delightfully happy all the time. I’m okay with Matty for the win, but I do like Cam.
        In fact I’m okay for any of them to win except Courtney. And even then I would just shrug, merely assuming that there’s no accounting for taste. How’s that for a change from the Bachelor?
        But I did think she had a preference for Cam.

        • I was thinking at the beginning of the show that with Rhys and Sam gone there won’t be the audience backlash that there was with Richie’s choice.

        • With Lee, I can’t tell whether I think she likes him, or that’s just me talking because I really like him, but he’s my favourite.

          I thought it was interesting in the group date, today, that it came down to a top three of Lee, Jake and Cam. Those have been 3 of our collective favourites since the season began.

          But Matty is surprising, isn’t he? He’s a late starter, but he’s making up for lost time.

          • I quietly had my eye on Matty from week2, but sometimes he looked looked good, sometimes not so much. But seeing his sparkly personality helped me decide he was cute, and not in a puppydog way.
            Cameron is really nice but for me, he would be that guy your mum says, “Why don’t you go out with him”. He’s a sweetie but there’s a dork in there which would keep the chemistry at friend level.
            Aside from Courtney, who I haven’t liked at all, the remaining guys are quite sweet and I love the way they are polite and considerate. That’s unusual for Bach.
            The challenges were weird, and bringing in grandads to declare their love was creepy imo. They could have got Rolf Harris or Eric Forrester.
            Lastly. I love Georgia’s laugh. It is so natural and joyful. I have warmed to her for her ready laugh.

      • I read that too, JB. This means Courtney is not the one as he has the white rose. Matty is very likely the one. Smart boy too.

        But I still like Cam

  2. Interesting that Courtney said that he wasn’t disinterested (I think that is true) but I do think he might be uninterested. And clearly I need to get out more!

  3. I kinda figured Clancy would be going home. Darn it Georgia, he let you shave his beard off! In some cultures, you’re practically married! But Clancy never really left much of an impression. Like I said, he was just kind of … there, being all beardless in the background.

    I still can’t get a read on Courtney. I loved Lee as the old guy (“What kind of material is that?” “It’s boyfriend material.” I doubt Georgia was in the dark about who she was talking to). And Cam seems like a teddy-bear with the body of a Greek deity.

    And doesn’t Jake just tick off every box of tall, dark and mysterious?

    • In Peru, I think it is, some peoples save their wee and wash your hair in it as a welcoming, honouring gesture. Perhaps the beard shave just wasn’t enough.
      I guessed Clancy based on the other boys being better looking than him.

  4. I would like to see Cam, Lee, Jake and Matty for the home town visits. Somehow I think Courtney is losing out to the others in expressing his feelings for Georgia.

    • They’d be my picks as well LP. Even though Jake doesn’t really do it for me I think he is more genuine than Courtney. I think the letter writing was difficult for all of them but most difficult for Courtney because the feelings aren’t there to be written.

      • I thought the same thing Jaybee. That Courtney had writers block because he was having to make it up, rather than just express what he was thinking & feeling.

      • Cant see any career with Courtney. By now it would have taken off. He has done Getaway and other small shows. No impact.

    • We share the same top four LP, with Cam and Matty my favourites to win. Never liked Courtney from the start and I still don’t get what others including Georgia sees in him.

      Georgia is amazing and she’s my favourite bachelorette ever and I’ve seen a lot… she seems genuinely in it for love so I hope she ends up with Mr Right.

  5. I remember reading at the beginning of the series that the person Georgia chooses is an unlikely surprise. Jeez, I hope it’s not Courtney. Any of the others I will be happy with!

    • Hope not, Sara. But Courtney gave her the best impression at the first episode. So hopefully she meant she didnt pick the one that gave her the most impression initially.

  6. If you do a bit of snooping at dailymail, one of the hometown visits has been spoiled… Its also another big reminder that the whole set up isn’t as romantic as it looks on tv!

    • Holy balls.

      Yeah, you expect the camera to be there, but you don’t expect them to be literally sitting ten centimetres away from you. That must make it hard for the poor contestants, particularly in the early episodes for those who don’t have any prior media experience.

  7. One on one, hey?

    This looks like a dictionary definition of “Two’s company and three’s a crowd”

  8. I totally agree with you all re Courtney. At first I thought maybe.. MAYBE he was just a bit more on the shy side, but I think that was just me projecting on to him. My gut is with you all – that he doesn’t like her at all and is in it for the exposure. You can tell Georgia wasn’t listening to her gut instincts if she really did want to keep him around and not the producers.

    Cam was my fave from the beginning… phwoar. I love that he is a bit nerdy. It’s like a dream come true. Lee was always my first pick as winner because he looks like a “winner” of these shows but I’d be happy if it was Matty. I have never liked Jake. He seems odd to me.

  9. I don’t even know who Lee is. 🤔 As for Courtney, I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned but he look weird. He’s got a long head like when you make a paper maché puppet and it turns out a bit wrong.

    • HAHAHHAHAHAAHAHHAA that’s hilarious!! A paper mache puppet gone wrong.. Lee.. the good-looking one who wears those fake nerd glasses and man cardis. Oh man did Clancy pull of a man cardi well!

      • Now see a cardie to me says either “Grandad” or “camp”. Not a fan of the man cardie. A surfer or snowboarder can get away with one but only if it’s stretched and a bit ratty.
        A man in a cardie might as well carry a purse.

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