General chat – Nov 11

That old chat thread was getting a bit long, so here’s a newbie. What’s everyone watching?
Benny & Joon was on today so I caught most of that, being an Aiden Quinn fan and liking Johnny Depp (that’s 80s and 90s Depp, not present day Depp).
Tonight I hope to catch up with the latest Walking Dead ep.



  1. I watch GABO on a site for TV shows. I am not from Australia so I have to find other sources.

    GG-3! Cannot wait. Season 6 and 7 were so bad, I really hope the 4 episodes on Netflix will be great. πŸ˜‰ And I hope they won’t let Rory end up with either Logan, Dean OR Jess. She should either find someone new or stay single… They should not define her by going after an ex and have a guy.

    • Yeah, i could probably find a way to get the GABO episodes if i really wanted too but I am just not that interested in it to go to the effort.
      But for GG, Can’t wait either, I am having a viewing party with friends!! Season 6 and 7 are a write off for me too (don’t even get me started on Luke having a lovechild)… I used to be Team Logan, until i did a recent rewatch and realised that none of them ever really cared about what Rory wants, only about themselves… so now I’m Team Someone New or Team Single.

      • No viewing party for me. My best friend has birthday on Saturday and I have to prepare her cake (we will have chats though, I am sure about that^^). She is a huge Friends and GG fan. So her cake will be GG themed. πŸ™‚ Coffee cake and I try to shape it into a coffee mug with Luke’s logo on it plus some dragon flies. Hope it works.

        Yeps, I feel the same with the rewatch. Maybe it is because I grew older. When I watched it the first time I was roughly Rory’s age. So a lot of things made sense to me. Now in my early 30s, the show feels different. And wow, am I the only one who thinks that Rory and Lorelai were often pretty nasty to other people? They are often worse than Richard and Emily when it comes to treating others. I still like them, but not as much as I used to.

        None of the 3 guys should end up with Rory. It simply is her past. She would end up in a neverending story like her mother with Christopher…

        The lovechild, I HATED that story arc. It was so bad. But they needed something to create drama which forces Lorelai and Luke to break up. So the best they could come up with was a Rory clone, just interested in science instead of journalism.

        Still sad that we won’t have Richard. He was my favourite. He and Emily were awesome characters. At least we have Emily. And Sookie (also one of my favourites). The show thrived from the special characters like Michel, Miss Patty, Taylor, etc.

        I already read a German review. The journalist was super disappointed, some of the criticism I can understand. But some is unnecessary. He mainly criticized the 4 new episodes regarding the pacing, that it is still so much like the show was 10 years ago and shows have changed now. Nope, I don’t buy this, the pacing IS what made the show. You cannot change that. It would not feel modern enough and he used examples like Orange is the New Black etc. They are completely different. It is like comparing apples with oranges. It doesn’t work that way.
        What the critic loved though was the way the show handled Richard’s passing. When I read the description, I think we are in for some tears. πŸ˜›

        • Oh, I’m sure the cake will turn out great! You must show us a picture of the cake when you are finished! I’d love to see. πŸ™‚ I’ve been trying to come up with GG themed snack ideas for our party! lol! I won’t be watching until Saturday afternoon Aust time, and by then the eps will have been available for nearly 24 hours, so i’ll be doing my best to avoid major spoilers until i can watch!
          Lorelai has a very “my way or no way” attitude, and if it ain’t going her way she didn’t want to hear it. I did feel she was unnecessarily nasty to Emily, in particular, at times and then didn’t understand why Emily would give it back to her.
          Yeah, the Lorelai and Christopher get married thing is another storyline that irks me! I believe it is not a prominent part of the revival, thankfully! (Apparently even Lauren Graham forgot that they got married and had to be reminded when they were filming!!)
          I have no idea what else they could have come up other than a lovechild but they really should have done more brainstorming! Much as that storyline irks me I am curious as to the Luke / Lorelai and Luke / April relationships now thou, what they have been up to and where they are at etc. Especially now that April would be about College age, i think. Even the April / Lorelai relationship.
          Yes, it will be sad to watch the show without Richard. I’ve read a couple of reviews (thou treading carefully as i really don’t want to be spoiled) the tribute to him is done very well.
          I am so happy that they managed to get Melissa McCarthy, and I hope it ended up being for more than a scene here or there, because it will feel weird to me if she is barely in it.
          I wonder if the German reviewer is a fan from way back. Or has just watched the new eps without seeing any of the other seasons, because i don’t think you can watch the new eps really without knowing the history of the show / characters etc etc. Agree, you really can’t compare GG to many other shows especially not OITNB. And I would think with lots of people watching tv usually with a phone in one hand or on the couch with a laptop or whatever (2nd screening or whatever they call it), the pace needs to be fast to keep viewers interested… numerous times i have got the end of a slow ep of a tv show and realised i didn’t see half of the ep because i got distracted, because it was so slow.
          Counting down the days!

      • Ohhh myyy gosh! Gilmore Girls! I don’t have Netflix (used up all my free months usages).. although! I guess I really could “borrow” my brother’s log in just to watch this show as I only watch the odd thing like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Kinda unrelated and I love the binge watching aspect but I HATE having to wait a whole year for more episodes of shows, especially Master of None.. dude! 2 years to wait for more. I know Aziz wanted to take a break on it but I am ready for more as you just start to get into things after the 12 episodes. I guess I can just watch Paro clips over and over.

        I despised the Luke love child story line too.. it was terrible and just ruined things in a way for me because of how forced it all felt. Although I am a sucker for nostalgia I have to agree with both of you that Rory should have a new guy or no guy and not back track. I haven’t really re-watched much GG recently but I think it would be the same for me watching it as someone older now rather than being a teenager.

        Oh, I hate stupid criticisms. I would be pissed if they changed the show to make it more “modern”. Bahhh humbug! I love shows like this. I also enjoyed “Hart of Dixie” which was another “slow” type show and used much of the GG set.. I always felt like Lorelai or Rory would walk past the gazebo at any moment. So sad about Edward Herrmann and he was still rather young, too. I am not a public crier so it will be hard to hold back the tears.

        • Well,Netflix is rather easy to share. I have subscribed to the biggest option and could use 4 sub accounts. Maybe your brother has something similar or can upgrade (it is usually just 1 dollar/euro more). So 2 or more people can watch Netflix. I have one sub account for my boyfriend(his own sub ran out and we move in together). One for my sister and my mum in Germany and for a good friend here. We can all watch at the same time. πŸ˜‰

          Btw, I loved Hart of Dixie as well. πŸ˜‰

          • Ah yeah, I remember this about the packages. I’ll look into it! I do want to watch season 3 of Brooklyn Nine Nine in that nice Netflix quality rather than poorer streaming quality. Our pay TV is so slow with some shows it is frustrating and I missed it when it randomly popped up on one of our free TV networks!

            Ohh yay.. I was sad it ended although it probably didn’t need much more. It was just such a fun escape type show!

        • Apparently Amy Sherman Pallidino asked Netflix to only realise the episodes one at a time so people couldn’t binge watch. Of course Netflix never does that, but even at the premiere last week, she was telling everyone not to binge watch. Once i get started, if those episodes are available, there will be no way i’ll be able to stop!

        • Episode 3 of the Gilmore Girls Revival was hysterical, at least most of it. I couldn’t stop laughing at one scene due to a certain character/person who I won’t mention because I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone.
          It was sad not to see Edward Herrmann although he is present in spirit in several scenes.

  2. Just stumbled upon an ancient series of The Block on 9Life at 8am. And one of the contestants is Dr Andrew Rochford! Never knew that he had done competition shows before being a medical expert.

    Have to admit that this show feels worth watching compared to the current Block – the couples are nice!

    • That was back when they had to have day jobs, I think he was in the middle of getting his medical degree while being on The Block.

        • If you mean with a budget and style that viewers at home could relate too? Then for the most part yes, but this series was still in an apartment block.

      • Yes, all these people are going off to their ordinary jobs, and one couple are getting married in the middle of the show. I haven’t watched enough to see actual renovation but the feel of the show is so much better.
        Andrew Rochford has been dolled-up now compared to then. He used to be dark-haired, and just ordinarily handsome, instead of looking like the Chesty Bond man.

    • Back in the day when I actually enjoyed watching The Block. It was on once a week, not 20 times, minimal bitchiness and didn’t have mundane challenges or Scotty or Shelley and I looked forward to watching it each week. Those were the days!

      Yep, I remember Andrew on there, that was how he got his start in media I guess. They had like “EAT” or something written on the splashback in their finished kitchen??

    • The comments after the video are very much in conspiracy theory territory. I’m not sure about the girl’s expression – it could be just nerves – but I would be concerned about where his hands are placed and how they move during the clip. Also, the moving of the hair at the start – to my mind, that is something you only do to a child you know very well.

      I wouldn’t condemn someone on the basis of a 15 minute clip but it could be quite damning if part of a bigger picture.

  3. And now Fidal Castro has died. He was 90 so not in the tragedy department.
    But it does add to the ‘another’ category using that tone of voice. It would be interesting to see if there was something in astrology or numerology.

  4. I am watching the Gilmore Girls 4 episode Netflix revival.
    Saw “Fantastic Beasts” a few days. It was OK. Took a long time to get to the real story and seemed that the last 30 mins or so was the best part of the movie. It was fun but Harry Potter was better, IMHO. Maybe it’s more “fantastical” in 3D.

    • I watched the first episode/season this evening. It was pretty good and I get the concept of having 1 episode per season, and how it wouldn’t have worked so well to have 2 episodes per season but I didn’t like how it flowed. I totally get why Amy PS recommended to not watch it in one go. We found ourselves.. not confused.. but like “ehh” the way the two went together. It sounds silly as you can easily watch multiple eps of a show together but it’s weird without that something to signify the end of the episode. I am now going back and watching the old episodes! Our new Smart TV box is better than our old one and it’s so amazing having Netflix through the TV rather than plugging in the laptop πŸ™‚

      Haha, I doubt the 3D would improve the movie πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be waiting for it to come online/on Foxtel. I’m still not sure whether Rouge One will be worth the watch at the cinema or not.

    • Well, I am on the fence. I was looking so forward but somehow I feel disappointed in the way it turned out. The ending made total sense. It’s basically a full circle (but still leaves the viewer with excitement as in: Will they do more episodes?), it was nice to see that Rory wasn’t the success story as most people thought she will be I actually enjoyed it a lot. Emily was fantastic! And the dialogue in the 4th episode with the money. Exact the same one from the very first episode.^^

      What I did not like was Lauren Graham’s face. Holy shit, why do you stuff your face with fillers when you are an actress? I did not like the way they weaved in the characters. It didn’t flow. And somehow the charme was missing. But I suppose it is hard to bring that back, as the show lost it already in season 6.

      And boy, do I dislike Christopher. πŸ˜€

        • Cake went well, except for the Friends part.^^ Fondant teared and cracked. So I only did the Luke’s coffee mug and made it a stand alone cake. My friend liked it, I hope she can send me the pics soon.

      • Lauren Graham’s face did look “off”. Too shiny and plastic doll-like.
        I would have liked to have seen more of certain characters and less of others. I actually thought the scene with Logan, friends and Rory was a dream sequence. Didn’t enjoy that part at all. It was too long and didn’t serve a purpose, IMO.
        I guessed what the final 4 words would be and was right. Not surprised.
        Overall, though, I enjoyed the revival.

        Am planning to see Rogue one and am hoping for the best.

        • I have watched 3 now.. I am spacing them out a bit but I will most likely watch the 4th on Sunday. It’s hard for me not to look up spoilers.. I get impatient haha.

          I am leaning more on the fence as it goes on whether I like it or not. It’s not the same, which is to be expected and there are bits I like but others not so much. It wasn’t feeling too smooth in the way they brought everyone in, I agree. When Jess turned up I was like “ohh okkk Jess is here”. I would have liked to have seen more of him. I don’t know if he turns up in the 4th but I doubt it. Hopefully Dean’s cameo is a bit more natural…. Oh and Sookie! I forgot about Sookie!

          I was reading an article about what a terrible person Rory is. I kinda agree, she is very entitled. I can’t really judge, but I liked it too that she wasn’t just this super successful superstar with the best job and was going through a crisis. It makes it more real and I can definitely identify with it! You end up at the point where you’re like.. I had all this potential but I seem to be going nowhere yada yahhh. They need a reason for her to be this big “failure” who moves back home.. “I’m NOT back!”.

          I am starting to dream up in my mind how it will end. I also agree about Lauren Graham’s face but I did get used to it after watching her on Parenthood so it became “normal” to me. I hate the way they all feel the need to use fillers and crap to look youthful but it just makes them look older and the same. They all end up with the same face!

          I will eagerly await your Rogue One review then, Smythe once it comes out! Anyone going to see that “Passengers” movie? To me, it sounds boring but ohhhhh I will watch ANYTHING with Chris Pratt in it. I don’t think I could handle him and Jennifer Lawrence together, though.

          • I probably shouldn’t have done a marathon watch of the Revival because no it’s over. Dean’s cameo….only comment is that it added nothing and seemed forced. Sookie….wished she had shown up sooner.

            Saw “Allied”. It was OK although parts of it were boring and I started falling asleep. Also saw “Hacksaw Ridge”…very gory but that’s war. Funny that many of the actors are Australian doing American accents. The one distraction for me was the main character. Andrew Garfield did a good job as Desmond Doss but every time I saw him on screen all I could think of was Spiderman.

            Don’t know if I want to see “Passengers”.

          • If anyone sees this, now that I finished all episodes, I dislike it. I felt like it went nowhere. I am glad it didn’t continue to idolise Rory too much, etc etc but the last four words! Terrible! I would have hated it even more if the original series ended like this… ughhh. It’s hard for me to say anything much without leaving spoilers but I didn’t think it was great. To me, it was depressing. So, that isn’t necessarily depressing but in this instance, to me, yeah it is.

            I also agree that Dean’s cameo was terrible! More Sookie would have been great and I will eat mt words about Jess.. he stuck around and made it feel more natural and integrated.

    • I watched it all in one go and was kinda underwhlemed by the whole thing to be honest… It asked way more questions than it answered, I felt that alot of characters storylines where written around their actors availability and for some of them, if they weren’t able to do the full storyline the writers wanted they shouldn’t have included them at all… some scenes / plotlines were so far removed from the original series, my friend and i wondered if were watching the right show, or were convinced / prayed it was going to end up being a dream sequence…

      i did like the tribute to Richard / Ed Herrmann. The secret bar was funny, Emily with the decluttering was good too… There were other things i liked too but they would give away major spoilers!!

      I agree about Lauren Grahams face, and Alexis acting in some scenes was a bit off…

      yes, the final 4 words makes total sense to me too, and basically what i had guessed so not really a surprise to me… i’m just not a fan of how they got Rory to that point…

      • Yeps, the 4 words were quite obvious.

        The musical scene was funny for a minute, but that one was way too overdone in the end…
        And the Life and Death Brigade scene I was thinking at first it was a dream sequence as well. It was boring and way too over the top.

        I actually liked Logan back in the show. But in the revival, I really disliked him It felt like he punished Rory for rejecting him at the end of the show and she gladly accepts to be treated like that. *sigh* It would have made more sense if their relationship would have been like that all the time. Like in the beginning, when they only dated and it was open to see others. I suppose back then, fans were perhaps angry at nice little Rory being in an open relationship and they wanted her to have a steady boyfriend so the writers followed that. I believe that Amy Sherman Palladino actually always wanted them to be casually dating.

      • Sorry, missed these and chucked my reply awkwardly up there ^^^

        That musical scene was horrendous. Yep, funny for a bit and some clever lines but then aaarrgghba. Were they trying to make us feel the pain that Lorelai was going through??!!

        Agree that the cameos took away from the story as they had to jam all these people in awkwardly and it made it like.. you’re waiting for the next cameo.. who will it be??? It took me out of the story, especially with limited story time and the actors only being available for like an hour to jump in and out.

        • I just watched Gilmore Girls and was a bit disappointed. Rory had not done much with her life and is still quite selfish and rude to people such as being told they were glad to have her back and she snaps at everyone “I’m not back! “. Lorelei and her mum still arguing back and forth, hated the weird musical and the Life and Death brigade. And what was with the back fat shaming and using young kids as their personal slaves? Seeing Suki back for a few minutes was great but as for the rest, well, it just wasn’t the same. Maybe we just can’t go back…………

    • So whimsical. I don’t really use that word but there you go. There are 700 dots and 3000 lines πŸ˜›

      I am trying to start a pattern of geckos right now but I keep distracting myself and it’s late again.

      • Let’s see them when you are done Eliza…or hang on. You sell your designs so perhaps not. Thanks for counting, but I think there are more.

        • Haha I didn’t count, just being silly. Did you dream about dots and lines in your sleep?

          I sell them on stuff so I don’t mind sharing, I just feel spammy. I am a terrible self promoter. The pattern in my pic I finally have on a t-shirt and it’s my favourite thing ever! I am getting a dress and tote bag delivered in the coming weeks with some other designs!

          • I have a number of shops. My work is getting better as I get into it. I haven’t had much time to do much work at the moment with the new pets and the puppy is taking a lot of work! You can follow me on Instagram, Tweet me on Twitter, Poke me on Facebook, Pin me on Pinterest.. haha sorry, just doing a James Corden.

            Here is my Instagram page:

            From there you can go to my shops. I really want to start getting some stuff wholesale soon and make my own online shop and sell at markets too πŸ™‚

  5. Watched the final episode of Poldark last night. Season 2 was so excellent. It has been my viewing highlight, that and Great British Bake off.

    Nice drawing Daisy. Will be doing a Botanical art course next year as I have reduced my working hours. Looking forward to it.

    • I am genuinely excited for you Lola. I hope we get to see some of your work. I am looking fd to being able to spend more time on pottery next year. Good luck with your classes. 😊

    • It’s good to hear someone praise the final Poldark, Lola. While I loved the overall effect, I like most of the book fans, am very diappointed with the way Demelza was portrayed in the last three episodes. It is a pity they chose to change her personality so much.

      • I loved the original Poldark but didn’t like the new leads especially Demelza. I did however enjoy a couple of the recent episodes.

        • Daisy, I love the new leads, probably mainly because I could never get past the first few eps of the 1975 series. It is just that in the last three episodes, suddenly they made Demelza very angry, shrewish and belittling, which was completely opposed to her character in the books. And there were events added to the last ep that made no sense to the story.

  6. Oh and I watched all of the most recent season of GBBO on YouTube. Brilliant, as always. But that’s the last one with all the hosts so boo hoo.

    • I watched about 4 episodes of Westworld and stopped. Based on what you’ve written Juz I guess I will watch the remaining ones. I thought it was very interesting but for some reason I found it difficult to get into the program.

      For all the GBBO fans, Mary Berry is now one of the judges on the Great American Baking Show. Seems like the show is not doing well but it’s competing against Thursday night football. I watched the 1st episode and the best thing about the show is Mary. Don’t like her co-judge and don’t like the hosts. Wish they would provide historical background like on GBBO. Also the critiques of the baking products seem to be limited but that is probably due to editing.

      • Smythe, WW is slow moving and extremely violent, so it’s not for everyone. I just like sci fi shows with mysteries – Mr Juz and I were huge Lost fans, even if the ending was meh. I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch Mary on a US cooking show. The hosts on US TV are always so “shouty”.

        • Juz, the hosts on the US baking show are terrible as is Mary’s co-judge.
          Lost…I liked it at first and then just gave up on it. I did watch the ending and that was just BAD, IMO. I like sci-fi but good sci-fi and that is becoming harder and harder to find.

  7. The series Dr Foster in ABC on Thursday nights is really good. If you haven’t been watching you will need to get it on line or somewhere but it’s worth it.
    It stars the brunette actress from Scott and Bailey.

    • I’ll see if I can find that, Daisy.
      I’ve been watching the Murdoch Mysteries. It’s been on for a few years (Canadian show). Found the episodes on the ‘net. This is their 10th season.

  8. Thanks Daisy.
    Will try Dr Foster on ABC on a Thursday.

    Watched the 1970’s version of Poldark as well.
    Have read all the books a long time ago. The new version is great in my opinion- look forward to Season 3.

    • Plenty of women would draw the line at dating a dumb, shallow stripper with Ikea tattoos, I’d say. Hey he’s got pretty big ears and snoz, consider him well hoist on his own petard.

      I’m not getting the “Hollywood” part of his stripper schtick, either. I hope $anta brings him a personality for Xmas.

    • I have no clue, what that show is and I really regret that I clicked on that link (damn that curiosity!!!). But what a shallow individumbass… And he is not attractive physically.

      Regarding male strippers… One of my best friends decided to celebrate her 30th several years ago while watching Chippendales. This was one of the most horrible night outs ever. Those greasy overly muscled guys are really not my thing. I was squishing myself into the smallest corner at our table just to prevent being danced at by one of those greasy guys. Every woman in the room though was cheering at the guys and wanted to put bills into their g-strings…

    • So he wants natural and not-fake, but likes fake boobs? And he thinks that the petite high-heeled beauties he admires just fall out of bed in the morning like that? Obviously a kangaroo short in the top paddock.

  9. I watched The Brokenwood Mysteries. It was a bit of a hoot. If you would like something light and murdery, it’s worth a catch up.

    • Now there’s an idea. We’d better come up for a decent name for the thread, though. maybe Did you hear so and so died? Or, Yet another ex-parrot

      • The Dead Thread

        I just finished watching a DVD of The Rolling Stones destroying Havana in 2016. Those old dinosaurs are peerless entertainers. Journalists have predicted the death of Keith Richards since 1970. “Havana Moon” is a great concert.

      • I enjoyed it BUT I still think Episodes V and then IV were the best. It was better than 1-3, 6 and 7, IMHO. Not going to write here what I thought looked weird because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

    • I have just heard the NPR reviews. They liked it but didn’t love it. Odd, was the most consistent comment. And more in line with the Star Wars animation series.
      I suppose it is difficult to grab the feel of the first few movies.
      Interestingly, my mother has not seen any of the movies. I suspect that they are dated and it would be difficult to recapture that initial joy.

      • Never saw the animated series so can’t comment about that. Does connect directly to episode IV. I wonder what they mean by “odd”. Maybe the parts I thought were weird??
        The audience applauded when the movie was over.
        I am probably going to see it again.

        • Ta. They nearly put me off seeing it. I don’t know why, given that they liked it. I suppose I was hoping for epic.
          They said the balance was wrong ( my words). Too many names to remember, very skewed towards action and blowing things up, and a bit of a downer at the end (because of the needs of Ep IV).
          But I will definitely see it. I am a Grade 2 Star Wars fan. Over the first 3 and the ewoks. Not a fan of the prequels.

          • I don’t think any of them will ever have the awe that the first one did and the amazement of the second one. There were a lot of names and a lot of places and sometimes difficult to keep them straight. Ending….yes, downer but also last few minutes amazing.
            There really isn’t a lot of character development and characters pop in and pop out whereas with the first 3 we had time for the characters to develop over the episodes although we did know a lot about each one in “A New Hope”.
            The prequels…if they ran them again in the theatre I wouldn’t bother. Midi-chlorian, Jar Jar Binks, young Anakin, older Anakin, etc….why bother. Episode VI with the silly Ewoks….why bother with that one either.

  10. Speaking of cleansing, Channel Ten are apparently bringing back The Biggest Loser in 2017. They may have bitten off more than they can chew but I have to admire their nerve. It’s such rubbish I’m attracted to it like a fly to a leftover hamburger.

      • The plumbers will be happy to know that. Thanks for the heads up or should it be arse up on that, Maz.

        I dunno. This alleged “innovation” makes it easier for cheats to pig out before the show and then shed.

        And also, aren’t the morbidly obese most in need of being on the show,( fake as it is), because they’ve ‘ken tried everyfink else and don’t wanna die. If I lost a kilo for every time I’ve heard that…..

        The show is there to sell dodgy vitamins, shakes and snake oil, The contestants are collateral damage. Why are they rarely (a) rich? (b) smart?

  11. RIP Rick Parfitt from Status Quo.

    Fabulous rhythm guitar player. Dry sense of humour. I have so many of their CD’s, just ask the neighbour about the relentless racket that is “Piledriver”

    Well played.

  12. And George Michael.
    I am feeling so old, like everyone I know is preceding me. And perplexed, because this is all so random.
    The world as we know it is ending.

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