Survivor US – Thurs, Nov 17

Will Taylor be punished tonight for his “medical emergency” AKA food stealing? Do the Gen Xers plus Hannah and Zeke and Adam (if he can stop scrambling) they have enough people to split the votes between Jay and Will? Surely that’s the logical move.



  1. Someone needs to tell Probst they’re not in the US & most other countries the drinking age is 18 so Taylor could have legally drank alcohol.
    I would have skipped that challenge & ate the food too. No way could I have done that.
    Hannah was hilarious at tribal council when Taylor admitted to hiding all that food. She looked like she was hyperventilating.

    • I read online that because in the US they screen it at a decent hour (unlike here) they didn’t want to have fellow 18yos watching Will drinking. Plus it gives Probst a chance to harp on about the generation gap again. I was happy with the vote and glad Jay lived to fight another day, since we wants it so badly. That “Sunday hates Jess” thing was a surprise. She is also going to have to get Chris and Bret back on board if she wants to make that happen. So we would have:
      Sunday, Jay, Will, Brett, Chris
      David, Ken, Jess, Hannah, Zeke and Adam??

    • I thought it was really odd that Jeff mentioned that Will couldn’t drink. If I was Will, I would’ve said “I’m out of the country – that law doesn’t apply here”.
      (Of course, Will might be the sort of 18 year old who does not drink for religious reasons or something.)

      • It says a lot about our/US culture that the expectation is that the Survivors would be missing alcohol the most. That going a month without alcohol is a huge hardship. I’m sure that there are many others for whom certain foods would be more desirable, and that they would be quite happy with soft drinks or juice. I thought Jeff’s comments about Will were gratuitous.

        Quite clear that Bret has a problem with alcohol after this episode, too.

        • They are also pretty dehydrated, alcohol would just make you even more so, it would be the last thing i would want.
          Mucking about the pool after all those drinks didn’t seem like a good idea to me either…

        • I know from SBS docos that sugar in whatever form is highly sought after in jails….and along with tobacco is a currency of it’s own.

          In fact, just the other day Dr. Phil showed shots of a sugar addict’s brain and a cocaine addict’s brain and they were pretty much the same.

          You’re right, Erin. Alcohol plus water isn’t very smart and I used to swim across the Murray to get home from the pub way back. No concept of mortality then, but I “survived”

  2. Thank god ‘Tails’ is out! Dude does my head in. Jay is pretty painful too, hoping he’s out next. I’m still on the Xers.

    • “Tails” is bad enough, but at least they didn’t say “Tay Tay” which has become so common where I live, for anyone called Taylor/Tayler/Tayla/Taylah. Really glad now that I didn’t use that name for my kids!

    • Yeah, Taylor had been holding a grudge against Adam for voting his girl Figgy out & had been wanting revenge on him. He knew he was being voted out & saw this as his chance to cause some trouble. No one trusted Adam & it was a case of he said he said.
      Next weeks show looks hilarious with someone telling they have an idol & then it gets passed on to the whole tribe.

      • Taylor encapsulated the word juvenile. It’s weird how they can all scheme and lie but some stink more than others. The gen xers are getting a lot less camera time. Ken will have to watch out soon for being too good at challenges.

      • Taylor seemed to think that the Gen Xers would react like millenials to his lies. He had no insight into how an older person would view his selfishness.

        Did anyone else notice that Will voted for Jay? Did he have insider knowledge, or just hung his vote on one of the two? If it was the latter I would have expected him to vote Taylor ahead of Jay. I wonder what’s going through his mind. Maybe he saw a chance to sneakily get rid of Jay, as it would be very clear to him how strategic Jay is.

        • Wasn’t that just part of the vote split plan. I noticed Jay wrote Taylor but Taylor wrote Adam, proving once again his stupidity.

          • I didn’t think the three boys were in on the split plan, I expected them to vote Jess, even though Sunday had told them that she couldn’t swing enough votes.

            I was quite impressed with Sunday in this episode. She seems to be able to work quietly behind the scenes. Her aborted plan of voting Jess didn’t leak out at all. Juz, I didn’t see the Sunday-Jess thing as a “hate” at all – Sunday just thinks that Jess will be gunning for her because of the long ago vote in the GenX tribe. Sunday seems to quite like her, but is aware that she needs to be proactive in case Jess puts her up.

  3. No Fijane, Jay and Taylor weren’t in on the split but Jay had some nouse about how to play. He wld have known it was going to be between the two of them so he increased his chances of it not being him.

    • Fair enough, but I’m still confused about why Will voted Jay and not Taylor. Was he hoping that a threat would be eliminated without him having to betray his friend?
      He will have to keep that vote very close to his chest.

  4. Good news, Survivor is moving to Go at 7.30 from next week. Better late then never I guess. Hopefully this means we’ll get the live finale again.

    • My TV guide is still showing it as late at night, with RBT scheduled for 7.30.
      It might be best to set the recording for both times this week, just in case.

      • It’s not until the start of December. And forget this week’s is a double Ep – presuming 9 actually gives us the both

        • According to the guide it’s a double ep, but crickets on so I would tape extra time. Last time it was on nearly an hour late.

  5. I think poor Jess was hampered in that wriggly worm sand challenge by her ample cleavage. I wonder if they had the option to flip on their backs?

    • My immediate thought was to rolly polly! But maybe that wasn’t allowed either!
      I noticed on Green team, Ken was all just focusing on their puzzle and what they had to do and other two, i think it was Jay and Will, were too busy trying to see what the other teams were doing. I always think teams who just focus on their puzzle / task etc always do better.

      • It was a fun double Ep. Can’t believe David didn’t see through the misdirect of the Ken whispers, but at least Ken knows he has a loyal ally. And knowing David he’ll find another idol.

    • Some of the players were able to get their hands a long way forward, that was a big advantage. Maybe they puffed their stomachs out when the strap was being placed, so that it was loose later.

  6. Efffing Channel 9!!!! Starts late one week so miss half. Unscheduled double ep that starts early so get 2 halves 😠😠😠
    Who was voted out in the 2nd ep please?

    • Polly – you have to watch it online. It was thrilling. Jessica ended up going but only because a tiebreaker meant they drew rocks. An immunity idol was played for the wrong person and the vote was tied between Zeke and Hannah.

        • I felt so sorry for Jessica, she was so upset. It was so unfair. Jeff even said the game has spoken rather than the tribe has spoken because technically she wasn’t voted off. This is what happened at the finale last season. I still don’t understand why the 2 everyone wanted to vote off are exempt when they draw rocks. And poor David wasted his idol on Ken who had no votes.

  7. Me too, Polly. I deliberately ran the recording way overtime but I still missed the end. Woolif streamed it for us. I was disappointed. I prefer team David to team Zeke. That Brett is aggressive. I don’t like him at all.

    • I’m Team David, too. If Hannah wasn’t such a bad liar Zeke may never have realised he was in danger. Zeke has done well socially until now.

    • I kept checking when 20 to 1 started so I could guess when Survivor would start. Won’t be an issue any more now it’s moved to Go. They must have got complaints.

  8. That was pretty awesome! Have not seen a TC like that before. I prefer Zeke to David at this point. Happy to see Jessica gone, but Jay is still there, which makes feel uncomfortable for some reason I can’t figure! How many Xers left? David, Bret & Sunday only? I like young Will. Lets hope Go keep to the schedule.

    • If Jay lasts, then I think he deserves to be there given how he has been in the danger zone for a while. It will show he outsmarted the genX. Tying himself to Taylor was not a good look for him.

    • That type of TC outcome was threatened recently (I think in the Aus version) but it didn’t go through. It wasn’t a surprise.
      It doesn’t seem fair in the end, but they all contributed to playing the Russian Roulette. Ironic that it was Jess that they were all trying to turn in the revote, and if she had turned she would have saved herself.

  9. If David makes it to the final he can be guaranteed of 2 votes, Ken assuming he isn’t alongside him & Jessica for playing his idol for them.

  10. Ken, yes Ken. I forgot him, anothrr Xer. I like him too. He can win I think. I hope the next Aussie season is a little more robust. Watching both series highlights the cultural difference – we really are so laid back in comparison. I’m happy about that for our lives, but it makes for boring TV 😊

    • There should be much more strategy in the next Aussie one, just as there was in season 2 of US Survivor. And hopefully the producers won’t do sill things like the “pick your own tribe”, so there should be no one coasting for weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

      • Let’s hope they read comments about the spoiler music crescendo, designed to create suspense when actually giving away the next winner or loser.

    • I didn’t see the Aus version as boring, just different, and I enjoy both the styles.

      At this point, I would like to see a predictable vote in this version just for some variety. Continual blindsides are starting to feel quite manic.

  11. Finally got to catch up, and like most of you, lost the last bit despite a huge amount of padding added.

    Oh my…Oh my… Oh my. We really have no idea of the outcome of each TC, even though we did see quite a lot of scramble.

    I’m finding that I am changing alliances (like the players) with every episode. The only two that I have liked consistently from the start are Ken and Sunday. Jay won me back this week, I think because he showed some humility, without taking the big revenge line. I liked Bret at the start but not now. Jess I couldn’t make up my mind about. I think Will is being clever, but loyalty doesn’t seem to be his strong point (yet noone has called him out on it so far).

    David and Zeke, as they said, are peas in a pod, although Zeke is more stable. I admire them both, but don’t like their tactics that have created factions. Hannah is a favourite, but I can’t help but feel she will crash and burn. I’m no longer keen on Adam, he seems quite weak to me.

    I loved Ken and Hannah watching the sunrise, and her faltering commentary on whether Ken would ever be attracted to her. I’d like to think that with his lovely personality that he would not reject her based on her looks. What do you think?

  12. Why did Bret (?) whisper “Ken” up the left hand end of the line? Was he deliberately trying to throw a red herring? Surely he couldn’t have predicted that Adam would call it out, and that it would change David’s mind about the idol. Or was he innocently answering some other whispered question, and it just happened to drop into the lull?

    I didn’t like the fact that the seating was arranged with the two factions on either end and the possible swing votes in the middle – so contrived. And it had an effect on the voting.

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