1. I think this episode highlighted for me the difference between the editing of the US and Aus versions. While the result was hinted at during the scramble, it wasn’t clear at all that this would happen.

    I presume that Hannah was able to convince Adam of the reliability of the majority (GenXs), so that he felt comfortable enough not to play the idol. I’m beginning to think he was a bit of an idiot, trying to blackmail Taylor about the food, and then, quite strangely, telling him about the advantage. If he felt the need to do that, why not invent a relatively harmless advantage?

  2. I don’t think Adam will make it to the end. His style of play is too risky. Why try and get Taylor on board after the Figgy vote out – as if he wouldn’t tell Jay. I am glad Zeke is fitting in with the Gen X alliance. They were all very restrained not to confront Taylor over the food stealing. People have been voted out over much smaller quantities of food. Shows they are not letting emotion rule the votes. How impressive was Jess in that immunity challenge!

    • Yes, you could tell that Bret (?) was annoyed by the selfishness of eating the food, but he played the game very well. Maybe he has millenials in his own home, and knew that they wouldn’t consider it a big deal. He managed to let everyone know who stole, without looking like he was dobbing. Very clever.

  3. I enjoyed this week’s episode. I have changed my mind on who I liked. Adam is p,aying like a fool, and now I think Jay just seems too cool for school. Taylor is still an egotistical drip. I will be wanting a gen x to win now.

  4. It seems like we now have the male equivalent of our mean girls alliance. All the pretty boys have banded together (Zeke calls them the cool kids alliance). They have made a mistake thinking that they were automatically entitled to the votes of the misfit millenials.

  5. Zeke is in a good spot. Gen Xers Chris and Dave like him and they have ties to Ken, Jess, Bret etc and he has his Millennial nerd alliance. And I don’t think Jay has noticed Zeke is a threat. He’s sociable, strategic and good at challenges but not in a Michaela or Joey Amazing powerhouse way.

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